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Orion Metal Exchange
Orion Metal Exchange is a precious metals company based in Los Angeles, California. They have received plenty of positive reviews.
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Received plenty of positive reviews
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Looking into Orion Metal Exchange reviews? This guide will help you get started:

Orion Metal Exchange is among the most popular names in the precious metals industry. They offer clients a large selection of features including insured and discreet delivery, fee-free buyback programs, and an impressive catalog of gold and silver products.

You can find both IRA-eligible as well as numismatic coins and bars in their product catalog.

But what do their reviews say? Can you trust this gold dealer?

This detailed Orion Metal Exchange reviews analysis will help you get started.

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Orion Metal Exchange is a precious metals company based in Los Angeles, California. They have received plenty of positive reviews.

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What is Orion Metal Exchange? 

Orion Metal Exchange is a company that specializes in the buying and selling of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Orion Metal Exchange website

The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Orion Metal Exchange offers a variety of investment options for individuals looking to diversify their portfolios, including physical bullion coins and bars, as well as precious metal IRA accounts. The company also offers storage solutions for customers who prefer to keep their precious metals in a secure location outside of their homes.

Also, the company has put in a lot of effort into client education. They have a large selection of informative resources on their website so interested consumers can learn more about precious metals.

People Behind Orion Metal Exchange:

Orion Metal Exchange CEO Jacob Blalock

Jacob Blalock serves as the CEO and Principal of OME. The team at Orion Metal Exchange brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company and is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and support.

Moreover, there is no information about the company’s management team on its website. The information given above is according to LinkedIn.

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How to Invest in Orion Metal Exchange IRA?

Orion Metal Exchange offers IRA

Investing in a precious metal IRA through Orion Metal Exchange is a simple process. You can complete the process within a few steps.

The company offers a range of services, including the sale of bullion bars and coins, the purchase of precious metals from individuals and institutions, and the storage and safekeeping of precious metals in secure facilities.

Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Contact Orion Metal Exchange and speak with one of their IRA specialists to discuss your investment goals and options. You can reach them by phone at 1-800-559-0088 or by email at info@orionmetalexchange.com.
  1. Choose a precious metals custodian and depository to store your IRA investment. Orion Metal Exchange can help you with this process, and they work with several reputable custodians and depositories.
  1. Fund your IRA account with cash or transfer funds from an existing IRA account.
  1. Purchase the precious metals you want to invest in through Orion Metal Exchange. They offer a variety of IRA-approved products, including gold and silver bullion coins and bars.
  1. Once your precious metals are purchased, OME will ship them to your chosen depository, where they will be stored on behalf of your IRA.

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Orion Metal Exchange Products:

Orion Metal Exchange is a precious metals dealer that offers a variety of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

Some of their products include:

  1. Gold bullion coins: American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, Australian Kangaroo, and Austrian Philharmonic coins.
Orion Metal Exchange Gold Products
  1. Silver bullion coins: American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, Australian Kookaburra, and Chinese Panda coins.
Orion Metal Exchange Silver Items
  1. Platinum coins: American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Australian Koala coins.
image 233
  1. Palladium coins: Canadian Maple Leaf and American Eagle coins.
Orion Metal Exchange Palladium products

Orion Metal Exchange offers IRA-approved products, fractional coins and bars, and numismatic coins. They provide free shipping and insurance on all orders. Their products can be purchased for personal delivery or storage in a secure vault.

For their existing customers, Orion Metal Exchange offers a unique fee-free buyback program. This allows their customers to sell the precious metals they had bought from OME, back to the company at a relatively good rate.

Their buyback program reduces a lot of your hassle as you can easily liquidate your gold IRA in a short period of time.

Orion Metal Exchange Fees and Charges:

Orion Metal Exchange fees & charges

According to my research, OME’s fees are on par with the industry standard but a bit steep.

Their fee structure includes annual storage fees ranging from $75 to $100 depending on the storage location of your precious metals.

To learn more about their fees, you’d need to get in touch with one of their representatives. It’s quite common in the precious metals industry to keep their pricing and fee-related information on a ‘need to know’ basis.

After all, the precious metals industry is also among the most cometetive sectors in the finance world.

The storage fee also covers insurance for your precious metals. Furthermore, the minimum investment amount is $5,000.

Orion Metal Exchange Reviews and Complaints:

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

On the Better Business Bureau website, this business has an A+ rating. They also have 5 stars out of 5-star ratings based on 51 customer reviews. There are both mixed positive and negative reviews. They are since 5 years in the industry. This business has 0 complaints. They are also BBB accredited on Better Business Bureau website.

Orion Metal Exchange reviews & ratings on BBB


On Yelp, Orion Metal Exchange has again 5 stars out of 5-star ratings based on only one customer review. The review is positive. The customer praised their services and products.

Orion Metal Exchange ratings on Yelp

Google Reviews:

On Google, this company has 4.9 stars out of 5-star ratings based on customer reviews. There are a total of 200 customer reviews on Google. Most of the customer reviews are positive. With customers praising the company’s excellent customer service and professionalism.

image 247


On the Trustpilot website, Orion Metal Exchange has 4.9 stars out of 5-star ratings based on customer reviews. There are 164 customer reviews on the website. The majority of feedback is positive. With customers expressing high appreciation for the company’s exceptional customer service, professionalism, and expertise.

Orion Metal Exchange reviews on Trustpilot

Consumer Affairs:

On Consumer Affairs, they have 4.9 stars out of 5-star ratings based on 171 customer reviews. The majority of the reviews are favorable. With customers commending the company’s customer service, knowledge, and prompt delivery.

image 248

Are There Any Orion Metal Exchange Complaints? Should You Be Concerned?

Like any major gold IRA provider, OME has received a handful of complaints as well. Hwoever they are no cause for concern as their quantity is extremely limited in comparison to theri vast number of positive reviews.

I’m sharing a few of the Orion Metal Exchange complaints I found online.

Some complaints are given below:

#1. Dave G claims that he is being harassed with constant sales calls.

image 249

#2. According to Steve Smith, his personal phone conversation with CEO/Owner Jacob Blalock several weeks ago left him with an unfavourable impression of the company due to his constant messages.

He reached out to him to resolve the matter. But he got disappointment with his conduct and the way he communicated with him during the call. Consequently, he decided not to do business with Orion Metal Exchange. He holds him solely responsible for turning him away from his company, and for that reason, he cannot recommend it.

image 250

However, it’s also worth noting that the company has addressed and resolved most of the Orion Metal Exchange complaints available online.

This goes to show that they have one of the most proactive customer support teams in the industry. You should only deal with bullion dealers that have an excellent support staff as they can help you resolve any doubts quickly and make the entire process much more smoother.

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Some Positive customer reviews from various online business rating websites:

#1. Jessica Cruzz expressed her appreciation for the regular updates I provided throughout the order processing, stating that it was very helpful. She also commended my excellent communication skills.

image 252

#2. Ventura expressed his complete trust in the company, stating that he feels well taken care of at all times.

image 253

#3. According to Bob Bentley, the company has consistently been responsive to his inquiries, providing him with assistance whenever he requires it.

image 254

#4. Ray F stated that the people he dealt with were great and they simplified the process for him.

image 255

#5. Moe A highly recommends this company due to the numerous investment benefits and the high level of professionalism displayed by the employees. Overall, Moe A had a very positive experience and highly recommends this company.

image 256

#6. Lynn D expresses satisfaction with every transaction, noting good prices, great service, and friendly staff.

image 257

#7. Rosalie F expresses that her experience of working with Blake Turner, Senior Accountant, was delightful and informative, as he was knowledgeable and honest.

image 258

#8. Thomas T states that this company is easily accessible, and they always keep their promises.

image 259

#9. Micah B highly recommends Orion Metal Exchange to anyone who wants to diversify their financial portfolio. The company’s service, reliability, and capability are all top-notch, with a 10/10 rating in each area.

image 260

#10. Avery Berard expresses that Orion was able to assist him in making an informed investment, and he was highly satisfied with their customer service and pricing. As a result, he plans to trust Orion with his future precious metal purchases.

image 261

Orion Metal Exchange Lawsuits

When looking into Orion Metal Exchange reviews, I also found a few legal battles this company was involved in.

However, it’s worth noting that the company had used other gold IRA dealers in most of these lawsuits:

Orion Metal Exchange lawsuit

Orion Metal Exchange has encountered many legal consequences, both for being sued and for suing its clients. Which could be a huge red flag for potential clients.

  • Orian Metal Exchange sued the unidentified National Gold Group in a contract-related lawsuit on August 18, 2021. The Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California, where this case was filed.
image 212
  • Orion Metal Exchange sued Michael Mcgaughy for breach of contract on August 18, 2021.
Orion Metal Exchange lawsuit
  • On August 18, 2021, this firm once more sued Halt Gold Group, Patriot Gold Group, and two other parties under the Contract – Business Act.

Is Orion Metal Exchange Legit? Should You Invest with Them?

Orion Metal Exchange is a legitimate precious metals dealer and IRA custodian. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is registered with the United States Mint as an authorized purchaser of precious metals.


  • No setup fees for IRA
  • Received plenty of positive reviews


  • Quite new in the industry

Additionally, Orion Metal Exchange has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction and trust.

Before you make any final decisions, you should see what other companies have to offer. This way, you’d be able to make a well-informed decision.

Hence, I recommend checking out our top gold IRA companies. There, you can find what the industry’s best has to offer.

Have you dealt with Orion Metal Exchange? Let us know in the comments!