How We Review Companies

We understand how valuable your time is. That is why our team is dedicated to providing you and millions of other people with honest, accurate, helpful, and comprehensive evaluations of a wide range of products and services.

How We Make Money

Transparency is important to us at

Our material is free because we may be compensated if you click on a link or make a purchase through our website. We want you to understand how we generate money and who pays us, therefore we have taken steps to ensure that each advertiser with whom we have a paid relationship is branded as “Our Partner” across our website. We may gain compensation if you opt to click on the links on our website. We will not be rewarded if you do not click or call the phone numbers mentioned on our website. Finally, the decision is yours.

How We Rank Our Partners

We examine many additional aspects, regardless of partner or pay, as a consequence of the 200+ hours of research our Editorial Team does on average to provide insights and recommendations for each category presented on our website.

Companies included on our website must first pass a quality test. They must be honest and fair in their dealings and have no recent history of major legal or ethical concerns.

Companies that match those criteria are then assessed by our Editorial Team. Bias, conflicts of interest, or financial factors have no bearing on our editors’ decisions. We want our writers and editors to evaluate each firm independently of internal and external constraints.

Other factors that influence our ranking include historical data such as the number of consumer visits to a partner site, the proportion of sign-ups and purchased services, the user device, operating system, location, day of the week, and time of day.

Our site’s ranking, ratings, and order of firms are subject to change. The performance and/or compensation of our partners may influence their position on our website, including the order in which they appear. For example, our partners may receive premium or additional placements on our website and in our marketing materials from time to time.

Our site’s analysis and opinions are our own, and our editors and staff writers adhere to editorial integrity principles. advocates for accuracy and useful information. We understand that we can only be effective if we value your faith in us.

While we strive to include as many products as possible on our website, we are unable to include every product available. If you believe we have overlooked something, please let us know by contacting us.

Our Research Process

The first question we address is “what’s the difference?” We identify the primary factors that we believe signal quality in a certain product or service and compare them to the main rivals in an industry. Once we have this information, we assign numbers to each factor. Some factors are more important than others. Because this is subjective, we’ll explain why we chose the weights we did.

  1. Our team is dedicated to becoming the go-to source for honest, accurate, useful, and in-depth product and service evaluations. To gain and keep your trust, we adhere to editorial independence standards that support our primary objective of assisting consumers in making easy, smart decisions.
  2. Our website’s content is unique, trustworthy, and easy to understand. Bias, conflicts of interest, or financial reasons do not impact our editors’ reviews. We expect our writers and editors to make autonomous decisions that are free of internal and external influences.
  3. Despite our best attempts to provide correct facts, there is a potential that we overlooked some details or that new information becomes available after publishing. If an error is discovered, our editors will swiftly fix the information. Companies may also contact our Editorial Team on a regular basis to request factual changes to our content, however our writers and editors reserve the right to publish this content in accordance with their Editorial Guidelines.
  4. Our Editorial Team operates independently of our Marketing and Business Development divisions. Our advertising arrangements have no bearing on our editorial evaluations or opinions.
  5. Our writers and editors are not permitted to take any form of payment from individuals or businesses who are or may be featured on our website. Companies may loan us things or provide free services to support our Editorial Team’s job, but our decisions are made independently and not based on these free products and services. We will occasionally hold a review unit for an extended amount of time in order to completely analyze it and over time. Acceptance does not imply or entail endorsement, either implied or actual.
  6. It is prohibited for our Editorial Teams to take money or other advantages from individuals or entities as a condition or inducement to write any form of content on our site, whether favorable or unfavorable. Our material, on the other hand, is free because we may gain compensation if you click or make a purchase through our site. This information is all prominently displayed. Our Advertising Partners may choose which material to pay us for, but we do not allow our Marketing or Business Development teams to control or interfere with our Editorial Team’s editorial integrity or the content they create.
  7. Threats, bullying, or intimidation will not impact what we print.
  8. We value intellectual property and will not repost information that is not legally ours without permission. If you have any issues or need to contact us about the ownership of anything on our site, please contact us at [email protected].

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We make it easy to compare

We compile all of the data into lists, tables, charts, and videos to provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of our research. We also provide top ten lists with links to full reviews, allowing you to receive a high-level overview or go into the intricacies.