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BullionMax Giveaway- Introduction

BullionMax is a company that offers trading services with the goal of selling precious metals. Customers can buy gold coins, silver coins, platinum bars, and other related items directly from the company without the need for middlemen.

This article focuses on their giveaways.

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A subsidiary of the parent firm JM Bullion, a Dallas, Texas-based operator of an online precious metals retailer, is BullionMax Giveaway. The company works directly with mints and distributors to provide customers with insured bullion delivered discretely to doors throughout the USA. It also offers physical gold and silver items, including bars, rounds, and coins.


In order to build a business that is focused on the client experience, BullionMax Silver invests in top-notch customer service, innovation, and leadership. This will provide their customers peace of mind that BullionMax Giveaway will keep their end of the bargain.

The main objective of the BullionMax Giveaway is to establish long-lasting client relationships by offering value through fair pricing, ease of use, a variety of products, and attentive support. According to BullionMax Silver, a safe portfolio must contain investments in precious metals. Investing is convenient, secure, and safe with BullionMax Silver.

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BullionMax Giveaway- What is Bullion Silver?

The term “bullion” refers to gold and silver that have received official government certification that they are at least 99.5% and 99.9% pure, respectively. Bullion can be in the form of bars or ingots. Gold is commonly kept on hand by governments and central banks as a reserve asset.

BullionMax Silver coins

Before being transformed into bullion, gold must first be discovered by mining companies and extracted from the earth as gold ore, a mixture of gold and mineralized rock. Subsequently, chemicals or high temperatures are used to extract the gold from the ore. It is common to refer to the last pure silver as “parted bullion.” The term “unparted bullion” refers to bullion that contains many metals.

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BullionMax Giveaway- A unique way to invest in silver

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It should not be surprising that silver still offers investors a worthwhile alternative because it has been a part of human history for a long time. If you want to invest in silver, you may buy it in a number of different forms, including bars, coins, and rounds.

Normally, silver’s value depends on its weight, such as a troy ounce, gram, or kilogram. Furthermore, many experts price 999-percent pure according to its weight.


BullionMax Giveaway- Silver Bars

Silver bars have long been a pillar of private silver investments. All across the world, private mints (and certain sovereign mints) make silver bars. There is always enough silver available to meet the demands of investors and collectors because there are various mints and refineries that produce silver bars. There are many different designs for silver bars, including beautiful pictures and mint insignia.

BullionMax Bars

A big benefit of purchasing silver bars is their availability in a variety of weights. As a result, a wide range of investors can purchase silver bars. Bars are weighed and marked using Troy ounces and grams. Typical examples of well-liked silver bars are:

  • Royal Canadian Mint Bars
  • PAMP Suisse Fortuna Bars
  • Geiger Edelmetalle Bars
  • Monarch Precious Metals Bars
  • SilverTowne Bars
  • Sunshine Minting Bars
  • Minted ingots and cast/hand-poured bars are the two primary forms of silver bars.

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BullionMax Giveaway- What is a Bullion market?


Trading in precious metals like gold and silver takes place on a bullion market. A bullion market is where over-the-counter and futures transactions of gold and silver take place. The bullion market is always open for business. There are marketplaces for gold all around the world, and the majority of transactions take place over the phone or online.

The prices of precious metals depend on the numerous and varied uses of silver and gold, particularly their industrial usage. Also, bullions are popular as a safe investment or a way to protect money from inflation.

BullionMax Giveaway- What is a Giveaway?


A giveaway is something that a business or organization provides to its clients for no charge in an effort to raise their brand’s visibility or boost sales. It is a marketing tool that comes in a wide range of sizes and prices.

They fall into two categories:

  • Contests—where the sponsor provides a prize to the winning entry that meets a set of requirements.
  • In sweepstakes, the winners are determined by chance and there are no winning conditions.

That being said, a giveaway can be anything from offering the product or service for free to an all-inclusive five-day vacation, depending on the scope and purpose of the giveaway.

BullionMax Giveaway

BullionMax starts a 10,000 Silverback Sweepstakes in an effort to host the largest silver giveaway in the world.

By introducing a 10,000 Silverback Sweepstakes, wholesale direct-to-public precious metals dealer BullionMax introduces the Silverback, a unique new Silverback Inc. collectable. Ten thousand Silverback notes will be awarded to ten thousand lucky winners of this no-cost sweepstake, which is open until November 30.

Only 100,000 SilverDragon Silverbacks with unique serial numbers are in existence, according to Andy Klein, Chief Marketing Officer at BullionMax. 10,000 of this limited-edition collectible are being given away for free, and we are overjoyed about it.

Why are there so many? BullionMax is aiming for the largest silver giveaway in history, at least in terms of winners.

BullionMax giveaways were held for BullionMax Silver which was organized for prizes for up to 10,000 winners. This was all over their Instagram accounts. 


BullionMax Giveaway- Describe the Silverback

The Goldback® 24k gold bullion notes (an Aurum® product), which were first produced and struck by Goldback Inc. and Valaurum, are now available as limited-edition physical silver collectibles called Silverbacks.

Many of the cutting-edge proprietary innovations you can see in Goldback gold notes are also present in Silverback.

Additionally, Silverbacks use a fresh coating to stop tarnishing and discoloration.

“Ordinarily, silver would tarnish and the note would disintegrate through the oxidation process. Valaurum has developed a complex, proprietary recipe that protects the pure silver to allow for unprecedented durability of the Silverback.”

Transparency is Important

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Although Silverback notes are equally as beautiful and high-quality as Goldback notes. However, you should use them as a last resort. The 1/1000th troy oz of pure silver included in each note is not a useful bartering unit at the present values. Instead, according to Jeremy Cordon, president of Goldback Inc., this is a trial run to gauge potential future demand.

“They are a limited-edition collectible and are proof of concept of the Silverbacks’ viability as a future silver currency when silver prices merit that.”


BullionMax is a company that offers trading services with the goal of selling precious metals. Customers can buy gold coins, silver coins, platinum bars, and other related items directly from the company.

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