Goldco vs Noble Gold

In recent years, the global economy has experienced fluctuations and unpredictable market conditions, influenced by factors such as the pandemic, rising inflation, and other macroeconomic elements. 

In response to these uncertainties, many investors have turned to precious metals like gold as a stable and secure long-term investment strategy. If you’ve made the decision to explore a gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account), the next crucial step is selecting the right company to meet your specific needs. 

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Goldco and Noble Gold stand out as two of the most popular gold investment companies. In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth comparison and analysis of Goldco vs Noble Gold, drawing on my personal research and experiences with both.

Overview of Goldco 

Goldco, a precious metals dealer situated in Calabasas, California, operates from 24025 Park Sorrento Suite 210, Calabasas, CA 91302. Established by Trevor Gerzst, Goldco boasts over 15 years of industry experience, focusing on assisting clients in setting up self-directed IRAs. 

Goldco vs Noble Gold

The company has cultivated a sizable customer base, evident in their extensive online presence with over 1000 positive reviews across platforms like Google, BBB, and ConsumerAffairs.

Goldco has gained recognition through celebrity endorsements from Chuck Norris and Sean Hannity. Additionally, they have collaborated with other firms to provide IRA custodial services and bullion storage, offering a diverse collection of gold and silver products for inclusion in precious metals IRAs.

Their catalog extends beyond IRAs, featuring various non-IRA precious metals products, including collectible rare coins. 

Goldco has garnered numerous accolades and awards since its inception, earning a place on the Inc 5000 list of top American firms. The Los Angeles Business Journal also recognized them as the 22nd fastest-growing company in LA.

Overview of Noble Gold

Noble Gold Investments, headquartered in Pasadena, California, is situated at S Fair Oaks Ave Suite 200-A, Pasadena, CA 91105, US. 

Goldco vs Noble Gold

Founded by two former employees of Regal Assets, Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume, Noble Gold is a relatively recent entrant in the precious metals industry. Despite its newcomer status, the company has successfully established itself as a prominent and well-received brand.

Noble Gold prioritizes client education, aiming to empower clients to make informed decisions regarding their IRA needs. Unlike Regal Assets, Noble Gold offers IRA custodianship through its partners, distinguishing its approach.

The company provides access to three IRS-eligible vaults and boasts a diverse collection of bullion coins, including a wide range of rare precious metals coins. Additionally, for those interested in storing physical bullion at home, Noble Gold offers suitable products.

Despite being in the industry for a relatively short time, Noble Gold Investments has earned a near-perfect rating on various consumer review platforms. 

Platforms like BBB, Consumer Affairs, and BCA have featured hundreds of positive reviews within the last few years, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing a satisfactory experience for its clients.

Continue reading to discover which company, between Goldco and Noble Gold, emerges as the optimal choice for your precious metals investment needs. I will provide detailed insights to assist you in making an informed decision based on their unique features and offerings.

Factor 1: Product and Service Offering

Comparison of Product and Service Offerings: Goldco vs Noble Gold

Services Offered by Noble Gold:

  • Precious Metals IRAs: Noble Gold provides services for setting up Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), allowing investors to include precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in their retirement portfolios.
  • Direct Precious Metals Purchases: Clients have the option to directly purchase precious metals from Noble Gold, offering flexibility and control over their investments.
  • IRA Rollovers and Transfers: Noble Gold facilitates the seamless transfer or rollover of existing retirement accounts into Precious Metals IRAs, streamlining the process for investors.
  • Royal Survival Packs: Unique to Noble Gold, these packs are specially curated collections of precious metals designed for emergency use, providing a distinct offering in the market.

Noble Gold’s Investment Options:

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Noble Gold’s investment options encompass a diverse range of precious metals, including:

  • Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars.
  • Gold and silver coins, featuring popular choices like American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrands.
  • Specialty coins such as the Gold American Buffalo and the Australian Kangaroo.

Services Offered by Goldco:

  • Precious Metals IRAs: Similar to Noble Gold, Goldco offers services for establishing Precious Metals IRAs, enabling investors to include gold and silver in their retirement portfolios.
  • Direct Precious Metals Purchases: Clients can directly purchase precious metals from Goldco, providing them with the opportunity to take direct control of their investment choices.
  • IRA Rollovers and Transfers: Goldco assists investors in smoothly transferring or rolling over existing retirement accounts into Precious Metals IRAs.

Goldco’s Investment Options:


Goldco’s investment lineup is designed to offer a wide array of precious metal options, including:

  • Gold and silver bars for investors seeking tangible assets.
  • Gold and silver coins, featuring popular choices such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrands.
  • Specialty coins like the Gold American Buffalo and the Austrian Philharmonic.

Both Noble Gold and Goldco provide similar services such as Precious Metals IRAs and direct purchases, but Noble Gold stands out with its Royal Survival Packs. 

Goldco distinguishes itself through a diverse range of precious metal investment options. Investors can choose based on their specific preferences and investment goals.

Factor 2: Pricing & Fees 

Noble Gold Pricing and Fees:

Noble Gold stands out for its transparent pricing structure, appealing to both new and experienced investors. The company charges an annual fee of $80, providing a straightforward and affordable option for those entering the precious metals market. 

Additionally, there is a flat storage fee of $150 for all accounts, ensuring simplicity and predictability. This fee structure is advantageous for investors making their first gold purchase, minimizing initial outlay and associated risks.

Goldco Pricing and Fees:

Goldco’s pricing information is not readily available on their website, requiring prospective clients to inquire directly. Upon reaching out to Goldco, it was revealed that a minimum purchase of $25,000 is required to start a gold IRA. 

The company’s preferred Custodian imposes a flat annual account service fee, inclusive of a one-time IRA account set-up fee of $50 and a $30 wire fee. Annual maintenance fees amount to $100, while segregated storage incurs a $150 fee, and non-segregated storage is priced at $100. 

Importantly, fees for gold storage and custodianship can vary depending on the selected company to handle these services, as required by the IRS.

Storage fees with Goldco can range from $10 to $60 per month or, as a percentage of assets, from 0.35% to 1% annually, depending on the Custodian chosen. Notably, Goldco does not charge storage fees for cash transactions over $25,000.

While both companies offer transparency, investors may find Noble Gold’s simpler fee structure more accessible, especially for those entering the market with smaller investments. 

Goldco, with its higher minimum purchase requirement, may be better suited for investors with larger portfolios who can take advantage of potential fee waivers for transactions over $25,000.

Factor 3: Customer Support 

Goldco Customer Support:

Goldco excels in customer service, boasting a near-perfect rating on Trustpilot. Clients appreciate the responsiveness and knowledge of Goldco’s support staff. 

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to educational resources, providing clients with valuable insights into investment strategies and market dynamics.

Noble Gold Customer Support:

Noble Gold consistently receives high ratings for personalized service and educational resources, aligning with Goldco’s client-centric approach. Trustpilot reviews highlight Noble Gold’s hands-on and personalized customer support, fostering strong relationships with clients. 

The company’s educational initiatives empower investors with valuable knowledge for informed decision-making.

Both Goldco and Noble Gold prioritize exceptional customer support, reflected in their Trustpilot ratings. Goldco stands out for its responsiveness and knowledge, complemented by educational resources. 

Noble Gold excels in personalized service and education, fostering strong client relationships. Investors can choose based on their preference for a knowledge-focused or hands-on customer support experience.

Factor 4: Security and Storage Options 

Goldco Security and Storage Options:

Goldco ensures the safety of your funds by providing highly secure storage options for precious metals. Partnering with reputable entities like Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services USA for storage adds an extra layer of security and reliability. 

This strategic collaboration emphasizes Goldco’s commitment to safeguarding clients’ precious metals. Investors can have confidence that their assets are well-protected with Goldco, benefitting from top-tier storage solutions.

Noble Gold Security and Storage Options:

Noble Gold, too, prioritizes the security of your funds and offers highly secure storage options for precious metals. While specific details about their storage partnerships are not provided, the company is known for its commitment to secure and reliable storage solutions. 

Both Goldco and Noble Gold prioritize the security of your investments with highly secure storage options. Goldco stands out for its explicit partnerships with Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services USA, which may provide investors with an added sense of security.

While Noble Gold doesn’t disclose specific storage partners, its commitment to secure storage aligns with industry standards. 

nvestors seeking an extra layer of assurance may find Goldco’s explicit partnerships appealing, whereas Noble Gold provides a secure storage environment without specifying partner details.

Factor 5: Customer Reviews and Reputation

Goldco Customer Reviews and Reputation:

Goldco has garnered highly positive reviews from customers, showcasing a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Trustpilot reviews and personal feedback consistently highlight Goldco’s commitment to providing exceptional service.

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The company’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, along with a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, underscores its dedication to maintaining a stellar reputation.

Noble Gold Customer Reviews and Reputation:

Noble Gold has received largely positive reviews from customers, contributing to its favorable reputation in the precious metals industry. Trustpilot ratings and customer feedback affirm the company’s commitment to client satisfaction. 

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With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a AA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, Noble Gold demonstrates a strong commitment to ethical business practices. 

Similar to Goldco, Noble Gold has above-average consumer ratings, reflecting a positive overall perception among its clientele.

Both companies enjoy positive customer reviews and strong reputations in the industry. Goldco’s reputation for going the extra mile for customers gives it a slight advantage in this domain, as reflected in Trustpilot reviews.

Both Goldco and Noble Gold hold A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau, indicating a high level of trustworthiness. Goldco’s AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, compared to Noble Gold’s AA rating, adds another layer of distinction.

However, it’s important to note that both companies have above-average consumer ratings and maintain strong reputations for ethical business practices. Investors can confidently choose either based on their individual preferences and priorities.

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Conclusion: Which company is right for you? 

Goldco and Noble Gold are prominent choices for individuals considering a gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Goldco, with over 15 years of industry experience, boasts credibility and celebrity endorsements, while Noble Gold, a newer entrant, has quickly gained recognition for its client-centric approach.

Both companies offer Precious Metals IRAs and direct purchase options. Noble Gold introduces unique Royal Survival Packs, catering to specific emergency-oriented collections, while Goldco stands out for its diverse array of precious metal investment options.

Considering pricing and fees, Noble Gold’s transparent fee structure may appeal to those with smaller investments, while Goldco, with a higher minimum purchase requirement, may be better suited for larger portfolios.

Customer support is crucial, with Goldco emphasizing responsiveness and knowledge, and Noble Gold focusing on personalized service and education. Both prioritize secure storage for investors’ precious metals, with Goldco explicitly partnering with Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services USA.

Customer reviews and reputation play a pivotal role. Goldco’s extra-mile approach contributes to a slightly advantageous position, but both companies maintain positive reviews and uphold high ethical standards.

In conclusion, the choice between Goldco vs Noble Gold depends on individual preferences, investment goals, and portfolio size. Both offer reliable pathways to a secure future through Precious Metals IRAs, and investors should consider their specific needs when making this important decision.

Frequently Asked Questions: Goldco Vs Noble Gold 

Q. Which company is more suitable for a first-time investor in Precious Metals IRAs?

Both Goldco and Noble Gold offer extensive educational resources and personalized services to assist first-time investors in navigating the world of Precious Metals IRAs. However, Noble Gold’s lower minimum investment requirement of $2,000 may make it a more accessible option for beginners.

Q. Do both companies provide segregated storage for my precious metals?

Yes, both Goldco and Noble Gold offer segregated storage options, ensuring that your precious metals are kept separate from other investors’ assets.

Q. Can I diversify my investments with cryptocurrencies through Goldco and Noble Gold?

While Goldco offers cryptocurrency IRA options, Noble Gold currently does not provide this feature. If you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio with digital currencies, Goldco may be the more suitable choice.

Q. Are Goldco and Noble Gold accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Yes, both companies are accredited by the BBB and have received top ratings for their commitment to client satisfaction and ethical business practices.