JM Bullion vs APMEX

Looking to add physical gold to your investments? Well, not everyone can find a trustworthy local dealer, so many people turn to online options. 

In this article, we’re comparing JM Bullion vs APMEX, two popular online gold dealers. 

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They offer more than just gold bars – you can find coins, collectibles, and even set up gold IRAs. But since each dealer has its own deals and services, it’s smart to check them out before deciding. 

We’ll be looking at prices, services, storage options, and more to help you figure out which one might be better for you.

What is JM Bullion?

Established in 2011 and based in Texas, JM Bullion has become a significant player in the precious metals market. Founded by Jonathan Wanchalk and currently led by CEO Michael Wittmeyer, the company is committed to helping investors diversify their portfolios with precious metals.

JM Bullion vs APMEX

JM Bullion specializes in buying and selling various precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Their focus on portfolio diversification makes them a valuable resource for investors looking to safeguard their retirement or add diversity to their investments.

With a decade of experience, JM Bullion has earned a reputation for reliability and professionalism in the precious metals industry, positioning itself as a trusted partner for investors navigating the complexities of the market.

What is APMEX? 

Headquartered in Oklahoma City and previously known as the American Precious Metals Exchange, APMEX holds a prominent position in online precious metals trading, ranking among the largest internet retailers in the United States. 

JM Bullion vs APMEX

Since its establishment in 2000, APMEX has been led by President and Chairman Scott Thomas, alongside CEO Kenneth Lewis.

APMEX sets itself apart through its commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience in the precious metals domain. Whether it’s their exceptional service, high-quality products, secure storage options, prompt delivery, or other offerings, APMEX provides a host of benefits to its users.

The company’s customer support is also noteworthy, offering various channels, including chat support, which is particularly beneficial for those with urgent queries. 

Factor 1: Precious Metals Offered

JM Bullion – Precious Metals Offered:

JM Bullion boasts a diverse and extensive selection of precious metals to cater to the needs of investors and collectors. They offer gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper products from well-known mints worldwide. 

Investors can find popular coins like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and American Silver Eagle. For those interested in bars and rounds, JM Bullion provides a range of sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, sourced from trusted private mints like PAMP Suisse and Johnson Matthey. 

Collectors have options too, with limited-edition and customizable products, including engraved bars and coins.

APMEX – Precious Metals Offered:

APMEX matches and surpasses JM Bullion’s product lineup. Similar to JM Bullion, APMEX offers a diverse array of physical bullion, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and even rare metals like rhodium. 

Their catalog includes coins, bars, and rounds from internationally recognized mints, such as the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint. APMEX’s selection of investment-grade bullion is comparable to JM Bullion, with popular coins like the American Gold Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. 

However, APMEX stands out with its larger selection of international coins, making it a more diverse marketplace for investors interested in a wide geographical range of bullion coins. 

APMEX also excels in offering rare and hard-to-find items, including vintage coins, rare editions, and exclusive series like the Lunar Series coins.

JM Bullion vs APMEX Comparison:

Both JM Bullion vs APMEX provide a comprehensive range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper. 

While JM Bullion emphasizes a diverse selection catering to various needs and budgets, APMEX stands out with an even wider variety of international coins and a robust offering of rare and exclusive items. 

APMEX’s exclusivity in offering unique and limited edition pieces makes it a preferred platform for collectors seeking distinctive items.

Factor 2: Shipping & Storage, and Pricing

JM Bullion – Shipping, Storage, and Pricing:

JM Bullion, known for its exceptional customer service, offers good shipping and storage options. They charge $9.95 for shipping on orders below $199, while orders over $199 qualify for free shipping, with all orders insured. 

The company also provides secure storage options through Transcontinental Depository Services, offering the first six months of storage for free (for assets exceeding $3,000 in value). 

Unfortunately, JM Bullion doesn’t disclose the storage fees on their website. They use Transcontinental Depository Services for storage, but the exact cost isn’t specified. However, they offer a map of different storage facilities worldwide.

Pricing transparency is a bit lacking in terms of storage.

APMEX – Shipping, Storage, and Pricing:

APMEX charges $9.95 for shipping on orders below $199, and orders over $199 qualify for free shipping, with insured shipping. APMEX offers secure storage through Citadel Global Depository Services, Inc., a subsidiary of APMEX. 

Citadel is known for safe, fully insured storage with remarkably low annual fees, around one-third of the cost charged by some competitors. The storage fees are transparently published on their website and vary based on the total value of the portfolio. 

APMEX provides an easy-to-use slider tool on their website for calculating exact storage costs based on the portfolio amount. 

They offer various payment methods, including wire transfer, credit or debit card, paper check, eCheck, PayPal, or supported cryptocurrencies.

JM Bullion vs APMEX Comparison:

Both JM Bullion vs APMEX offer free shipping for orders over $199, charging $9.95 for orders below that amount. Both provide insured shipping. 

In terms of storage, APMEX’s partnership with Citadel offers more transparency and lower fees compared to JM Bullion’s storage options through Transcontinental Depository Services, where exact costs aren’t specified. 

APMEX’s clear pricing structure for storage and the user-friendly tool for calculating costs provide a more transparent and straightforward approach for customers.

Factor 3: Additional Services

JM Bullion – Additional Services:

JM Bullion provides several additional services to enhance the investor experience. They offer a buyback program if you decide to sell your precious metals, and prices can be obtained by calling the company. 

They assist in creating an IRA using precious metals and provides a loan program powered by CFC, allowing investors to access equity built up in their precious metals portfolio.

APMEX – Additional Services:

APMEX offers a variety of additional services to investors. Their Portfolio Management tool allows investors to track the day-to-day value of their precious metals portfolio and set up pricing alerts. 

The company provides “The Bullion Card,” a credit card offering 4% cash-back on all APMEX purchases. They also offer an “AutoInvest” program, allowing investors to set up automatic investments and leverage the benefits of dollar-cost averaging (DCA).

JM Bullion vs APMEX Comparison:

Both JM Bullion vs APMEX offer additional services to cater to investor needs. JM Bullion provides services like a buyback program, assistance with creating an IRA, and a loan program against precious metals. 

On the other hand, APMEX stands out with unique tools like Portfolio Management for tracking portfolio value, “The Bullion Card” with cash-back benefits, and an “AutoInvest” program for automatic investments, leveraging dollar-cost averaging. 

The choice between JM Bullion vs APMEX may depend on the specific additional services that align with an investor’s preferences and goals.

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Final Thoughts: JM Bullion vs APMEX

Choosing between JM Bullion vs APMEX depends on what you’re looking for. Both companies have a variety of products and good reputations. 

APMEX has a slightly wider selection, especially for unique items, and offers secure storage through Citadel. Their AutoInvest feature and The Bullion Card are appealing. 

On the other hand, JM Bullion is known for great customer service and flexible options like collateral loans. They have a diverse selection too.

To decide, visit both websites, see what they offer, and choose the one that fits your goals. Both JM Bullion vs APMEX provide a lot of information to help you make a smart choice. Remember, diversifying your investments is essential, and precious metals can be a valuable part of that strategy.