Ryan Reveals His Fitness Secrets in His Latest HobbyJam Interview

Ryan Paulson, chief editor of IRAEmpire recently shared about his hobbies in an exclusive interview with Hobby Jam

Let’s start with this interview to learn more about Ryan Paulson’s Hobbies.

But first, we need to know who is Ryan Paulson and how he has helped Americans secure their retirement assets.

Who is Ryan Paulson?

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The editor-in-chief of IRAEmpire.com is Ryan Paulson. He has helped tens of thousands of Americans secure their retirement assets via 401(k) accounts, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. IRAEmpire was founded by Paulson and his business partners as a one-stop shop for finding the best retirement investments.

Paulson previously served as a freelance retirement counselor for individuals looking for alternatives to typical IRAs. He wants to help people who are striving to safeguard their retirement savings from a downturn.

IRAEmpire.com received its $50,000 seed money from a group of private investors who were quite impressed with his platform. 15 full-time staff are currently employed by Paulson and his group in their Sheridan, Wyoming, office.

Ryan Paulson shared with Hobby Jam that his hobby is Weightlifting.

How did Ryan Paulson get started with Weightlifting?

Ryan said that it is a witty story. He was first introduced to lifting by his wife because he had become a little out of shape. He had always run, but due to laziness, he had stopped paying attention to his fitness. Ryan thus put on 10 pounds in just one winter. In 2018, his wife essentially coerced him into joining her at the gym. He has been going to the gym twice a week ever since.

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His posture, which is still fairly terrible due to the nature of his employment, has improved with lifting. And having defined arms on the beach is helpful!

What Ryan Paulson loves about Weightlifting

He enjoys the outcomes he achieves after completing a 12-week exercise regimen and viewing the before and after photos. How much our bodies can change in just three months is simply amazing.

What types of things/equipment has Ryan Paulson spent money on for Weightlifting

He claimed to be frugal and hadn’t spent much on exercise equipment, but he must acknowledge that he had. He had spent a lot of money on BCAAs and protein powders, among other supplements. Those items are surprisingly costly. He estimates that his total spending on supplements was $300.

Ryan Paulson’s favorite places to shop for Weightlifting

Amazon.com. He usually purchases the majority of his items from Amazon, so he also buys his supplements there. He has also been experimenting with nootropics from Gorilla Mind, a small supplement business run by fitness YouTuber Derek.

How much money has Ryan Paulson invested into this? How much would a beginner have to invest to get started?

He’s undoubtedly spent over $10,000 on his quest for fitness. This includes the cost of vitamins, exercise plans, physiotherapy, and personal training. Beginners don’t need to invest any money to get going. Start by altering your diet and performing pushups.

Good Books for Beginners

It’s essential to read “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss. Please read this book if you don’t have much free time in your schedule (as he did). He may be prejudiced because he likes Tim, but the book offers amazing tips for accomplishing more in less time. This is the link:

Online Videos Of Weightlifting Helping Beginners

One should start watching AthleanX if they intend to get in shape. Jeff offers no BS fitness guidance and is genuinely brilliant at what he does. Even his programs are reasonably priced. His videos assisted me in recovering from a shoulder injury Ryan sustained as a result of improper lifting. His channel can be found at this URL:


Weightlifting changed Ryan Paulson’s life

His personal life has greatly improved because he feels more energized after work and has more time to spend with his children. He used to run out of gas after just 10 minutes of jogging before he started lifting. Somehow, lifting weights has improved his cardiovascular health as well.

Advice Ryan Paulson has for Others Starting with Weightlifting

Embrace the procedure. After a week or two, the majority of people stop attending the gym. Believe him; it does work; all you have to do is keep turning up. Even five minutes of exercise will make you feel a thousand times better.