Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins – Ultimate Buying Guide (2023)

The Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins stand out in the historical bullion category as some of the most well-known gold coins ever produced anywhere in the world. These beautiful works naturally appeal to a broad audience in Europe. However, their stunning historical portrayals make them popular beyond the educated continental crowd.

swiss vreneli gold coins

In the late 1800s, Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins first appeared. The 12-ounce gold coins are stunning because of their eye-pleasing Swiss design and craftsmanship. These coins, which contain over a fifth of an ounce of gold and also feature traditional portraiture, continue to rank among investors’ and collectors’ most cherished global gold coins.

History & Background of Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins

The Swiss Vreneli gold coin is one of the most sought-after gold coins worldwide. Investors in Europe have a natural affinity for the Swiss Miss, while investors in other parts of the world purchase the coin for its beautiful portrayal of history.

The Swiss Vreneli Gold Coin was designed after “Verena,” the personification of Switzerland, then was made legal in 1896.

Global supply and demand forces influence the attractive coin’s market value. There is a limited supply of Swiss Vreneli coins due to the 1949 production halt of these gold coins.


The Swiss government produced all of these exquisite golden Vreneli Helvetias in Bern’s exclusive Swiss National Mint. They were produced between 1897 and 1936, after which they underwent two structural changes in 1947 and 1949. Due to the catastrophic impact of the Great Depression, the manufacture of these “Swiss Miss” coins was discontinued in 1936.

Due to their widespread collection appeal in modern times, these iconic and cherished global gold bullion pieces have significantly increased in value compared to their gold content. 

The premiums on these coins have shockingly reached a 25 percent premium over spot gold prices, but in recent years, they have fallen to under 10 percent. All cantons (provinces) in Switzerland recognize these magnificent Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins as legal tender for 20 Swiss Francs.

Physical Characteristics of Swiss Vreneli Gold Coin

Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins are produced with 90% pure gold. Before the main series, 29 distinctive, unusual pieces made of brilliant Valasan gold from the Gondo source were coined in 1879.

Coin Design

Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins’ obverses feature the Vreneli bust. This attractive Swiss Lady derives from Swiss mythology and history.

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The artwork is incredibly intricate and appears against a breathtaking Swiss Alpine setting. The word “HELVETIA” is floating over her head.

Reverses of Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins feature the renowned Swiss shield above an oak branch additionally with ribbon-tied leaves. On the reverse of the coin is the “B” mint mark, along with the face value of 20 FR and the date of mintage.

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Only the Swiss Vreneli Gold Coin is now available to precious metals collectors as a gold bullion coin.

The specifications of the Swiss Miss are:

  • Mass: 6.4516 grams
  • Diameter: 21 mm
  • Thickness: 1.4 mm
  • Content: 0.1867 Oz gold
  • Purity: 90.0% gold

Pricing of Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins

Swiss Vreneli Coins had a set face value of 20 Swiss Francs when first released nationwide. However the face value is a large sum, it is not equivalent to the coins’ intrinsic value, which is in the range of several hundred dollars. 

These exquisite coins’ true market value is based on the current global gold prices as well as the levels of supply and demand.

Despite a slightly constrained supply, demand is rising with global geopolitical issues and economic unrest.

swiss vreneli gold coins

The market prices of these coins determine the valuations of portfolios that include them. These coins have consistently traded at a reasonable premium to the spot gold price because they are both historical and collectible simultaneously. 

Every day of market trading sees changes in the actual market prices of these gold bullion gems, reflecting changes in the price of gold.


The Swiss government produced these coins from 1883-1949.

The front of the coin has the words “Helvetia” written on it and a picture of a woman called “Swiss Miss” additionally with the Swiss Alps in the background.

All the Swiss Vreneli coins available in the market are second-hand because the minting of the coin was stopped. The fair market value of the Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins is derived from their intrinsic value.

The actual market values of these gold bullion gems change daily due to market trade, reflecting fluctuations in the price of gold.

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