Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins – Expert Buying Guide for 2023

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins have both aesthetic and historical designs. It is not difficult to see why these rather uncommon Ottoman Empire coins. Continue to enjoy such high demand among the collection of historical global gold coins today. This is some of the best Middle Eastern gold that is currently on the market.

Background of Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins

turkey gold 100 kurush coins

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins are a nod to the powerful Ottoman Empire’s heyday. This ultimate Muslim superpower formerly stood in for either the Middle East’s or Europe’s single-largest empire for several centuries. It once stretched practically from North Central Africa through Libya and Egypt. The vast majority of the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans. All the way up to the gates of Vienna in Austria. Even in its final years as the so-called “sick old man of Europe”. The empire continued to cover Turkey and much of the Middle East. Until its forced dissolution due to being on the wrong side of the conflict in World War I.

About 5,000 years have passed since the first gold coins were struck inside the borders of present-day Turkey. The first gold coins were minted in Sardis, the opulently wealthy capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lydia. These 7th century B.C. Greek-style coins prove that gold and Turkey have a combined history of more than 2,500 years. Turkey has minted a broad variety of different gold coin denominations. Which should not come as a huge surprise given the country’s long-standing historical link to the yellow metal and its borders. Sultani, Yarim, Serifi, Cifte, Istanbul, Tek, Dort, Onluk, Luk, Mahbub, Altin, Lire, and Piastres are a few of them.

History of Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins

The Ottoman Empire’s closing years, in the later part of the 19th and early part of the 20th century. Saw the production of these exquisitely calligraphed coins, particularly under Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s rule. One hundred Kurush coins weigh 7.2160 grams and have a precious gold content of.2127 ounces.

Today, investors and coin collectors alike are highly fond of these coins. Because of the misunderstanding caused by the earlier series’ Arabic-styled Turkish writing, some investors have shunned Turkish gold coins. Turkish coin collectors can find inexpensive Turkish coins that may be rare and valuable. Without the vendor being aware of this because modern Turkish coins can be challenging to recognize.

Physical Features of Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins are comparable in size to modern Swiss, French, and Belgian 20-franc counterparts. Appear in a single denomination and have a higher gold content.

Coin Design

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Obverse is a term used globally to describe the front side of coins. The Toughra, the emblem of the Sultanate of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Is shown on the obverse of the Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins. Stars and sprigs surround this Toughra.

The back side of coins is referred to as the “reverse.” Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins include an inscription surrounded by a single star at the top. All of these coins were manufactured in the renowned Constantinople Mint. Which produced many gold Byzantine coins over the Byzantine Empire’s thousand years of the rule before becoming the Ottoman Empire’s mint.


Dimensions of Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins are as follows:

7.2160 grams22.3 mm1.4 mm91.67% gold0.2127 troy oz gold

Pricing of Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins Even though the Ottoman Empire has long since been thrown to history’s proverbial dustbin. Kurush Coins are still accepted as legal money in the present Republic of Turkey. Using a coin containing more than a quarter of an ounce of gold on necessities and purchases. Would be the height of foolishness in a nation that has long used the Turkish lira. And has no idea what its actual face value is. These are worth more than $250 only for the gold they contain. This indicates that spot gold prices on international marketplaces are where the pieces’ intrinsic value originates from. Their historical significance from the last days of the then-vast Ottoman Empire also attracts a small premium.

The coin’s market value is made up of this intrinsic worth. This is crucial since it determines the coins that add value to any investment or retirement portfolio. That’s mainly because of the expenses invested by the Constantinople Mint. Over a century ago for the production and circulation of the coins. They also trade at a slight premium to world gold prices. The daily fluctuations in gold prices. They trade six days a week in London, Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, and other significant commodities in complex financial hubs throughout the world.

Can Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins Be Held in IRA Accounts?

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins are really historic artifacts from a regal past. They are both unique and rare. This ought to cause you to pause and consider whether the formal Internal Revenue Service will let you accumulate them inside of your precious metals IRA. They are the only ones who can decide on this. The IRS bases its decision on whether or not to include a potential candidate for a bullion coin primarily on two criteria: the minimum gold purity and the maximum collectability value.

You must first place an initial order for $5,000 or more of IRS-qualified gold and/or silver bullion coins and/or bars in order to start this kind of self-directed IRA account. Once you’ve completed this, you can only add subsequent purchases in amounts of $1,000 or more. If you currently have a standard IRA vehicle, you can use an IRA rollover to convert it to a precious metals IRA. 

Your new account administrator must actually buy the coins and keep them in a third-party vaulting depository that specializes in IRA precious metal holdings. These businesses look after and protect your gold coin treasures. In order to keep the gold eligible for inclusion in your IRA account, you must not handle it at any point during the buying or storing procedure.

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A coin must meet the IRS’s minimum gold purity standard of.995 in order to be accepted in these retirement vehicles.

According to the IRS, these Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins have a gold purity of only.9167, excluding them from IRA accounts. If only they had a high enough gold purity, their collectability factor wouldn’t be too high to enable them. Even though they might not be included in your precious metals IRA.

They are a great way to diversify your other retirement and investing portfolios. These lovely, antique objects are available for purchase from gold bullion and coin shops all over the world.

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