Wylda Rae Johnson

Wylda Rae Johnson is a well-known celebrity child in the film industry. She is the first child of Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson. These are two of the most dedicated actors in the English film industry (British filmmakers).

She is a young lady who spends the majority of her time at school. Wylda’s parents, Sam and Aaron, have been married for over ten years. Which is making them one of the most powerful couples in the industry.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s parents are well-known British actors Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson. She is Sam’s third kid and Aaron’s first daughter. Her father is an actor in British films. Her mother is a filmmaker and photographer.

Wylda Rae, one such famous child, drew a lot of media attention as soon as her arrival was announced. Wylda is still too young to become renowned on her own. However, her famous parents receive almost all of the media attention.

Getting to Know Aaron taylor-johnson’s Offspring, Wylda Rae Johnson

Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s daughter, Wylda Rae Johnson, has been kept out of the limelight by her parents. While she’s already 12 years old.

The firstborn of director Sam Taylor-Johnson and actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Wylda Rae Johnson, made her parents a talking point due to the large age gap between them.

The parents of the 12-year-old renewed their vows after having been in a relationship for a decade.

We recently discovered some details about the daughter of one of the most prominent personalities in Hollywood, Wylda Rae Johnson.

The birthplace of Wylda Rae Johnson was London.

The day Wylda Rae Johnson arrived in this world was July 7, 2010 and her astrological sign is Cancer. Her dad, Aaron, was just 20 when he had his first child, Wylda. Sam, Wylda’s mother, was 43 at the time of her birth.

At a young age, Aaron became a father, yet he never stops showing his caring nature. He thoroughly enjoys reading to his daughter Wylda. He was even invited to the Hammer Museum to read one of Wylda’s beloved books to an audience.

It was in the summer of 2020 when Wylda had an unfortunate incident resulting in a broken arm. Her mother made this known in an Instagram post that was shared halfway through the year.

More About Wylda Rae Johnson’s Parents

The post shared by Sam about her daughter’s injury did not display Wylda’s face, a practice that her parents have been implementing for some time. They have made an effort to keep Wylda away from the public eye.

In contrast to her eldest children from her first marriage, Wylda’s mom has chosen to keep the lives of her younger daughters out of the public eye. However, the 55-year-old filmmaker has released pictures of her older girls.

In 2010, Aaron’s father spoke on “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” about how they withheld the gender of their first child when Sam was pregnant. Prior to Wylda’s birth, Aaron had already experienced fatherhood as the father of Sam’s daughters from her prior marriage.

Wylda and her sisters were taken by their father to see “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and they were elated upon recognizing Andrew Garfield.

In December 2011, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson attended the world premiere of “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” in London. | Source: Getty Images

It was two years after Wylda was born that her parents got married. Her mom is a strong woman who has beaten cancer twice. Her dad has stated that he was brought up by women and is now raising women, of which he believes Wylda’s mom to be the best.

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The celebrity of “Kick-Ass” fame has maintained that Sam is a positive influence on Wylda. Expressing his admiration of Sam, he commented that his daughters have “an exemplary female to emulate,” and that they will ultimately become strong women.

When Wylda was six, she was friends with Amy Adams’s daughter. During Aaron Taylor Johnson’s win of the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2017, Wylda and Amy’s daughter had a play date. Entertainment Tonight reported that the girls were “good friends” and “hanging out.”

Wylda Rae Johnson’s dad is almost a quarter of a century younger than her mom.

The parents of Wylda Rae Johnson are involved in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Sam, is a well-known producer and director, having worked on popular films like “Love You More” (2008), “Nowhere Boy” (2009) and the globally-recognized “Fifty Shades of Grey” (2015).

Thespian Aaron, her dad, has acted in film, television, and on the stage since he was six. His most known works include “All My Sons” (a play) and the films “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging,” “Godzilla,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

The bond between Wylda’s mother and father caused a stir due to their large age gap. Aaron, 19 at the time, encountered and started dating director Sam while they were collaborating on the movie “Nowhere Boy”.

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The parents of the 12-year-old demonstrate an abundance of love for one another. In June 2022, the couple celebrated their renewal of vows after getting married in 2012. The “Bullet Train” actor posted a heart-warming photo of the two on Instagram, captioning the post:

Yesterday was an exceptionally wonderful day – the summer solstice, and our 10th anniversary. We exchanged our vows for a second time and professed our love in the presence of our closest friends and family members. It was a celebration of love and delight!

The actor, aged 32, expressed his amazement at the day, and how lucky he felt. He concluded by declaring, “Sammy, you are the one I adore, the one I live for, my mate, my partner and my entire universe!”

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On October 29, 2009, Sam Taylor-Wood (the director) and actors Aaron Johnson, Abby Greenheart and Angelica Jopling attended the Closing Gala premiere of “Nowhere Boy” in London. | Source: Getty Images


Johnson’s parents, who get a lot of criticism for their age gap, have chosen to keep the details of Wylda Rae’s life confidential.

As parents, they choose to keep the details of their children’s lives guarded. They don’t join functions with them or post photos on social media. Only a few infrequent images of Wylda with her parents during their strolls can be found.

Despite the many objections expressed concerning Wylda’s parents’ union, they have remained content and devoted to one another.

In 2017, the director Sam Taylor-Johnson opened up about people’s curiosity concerning the age gap in her marriage, saying that she would remain unhappy if she paid attention to what others thought.


Wylda Rae Johnson has a single brother, Romy Hero Johnson, and two sisters, Angelica and Jessie Phoenix, who were born during her mother’s previous nuptials with Jay Jopling.

Angelica, the eldest of the siblings, was born on April 24, 1997. Jessie arrived after her on November 2005 and the family was completed by Romy, the youngest, on January 18, 2012.

Wylda’s sister Angelica is now associated with the arts as the founding director of “Incubator.” Although her older sisters are not biologically related to her father, he raised them as if they were his own. Angelica is only seven years younger than Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

At Buckingham Palace on December 14, 2011, Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson were accompanied by their kids, Angelica and Jessie, for an Investiture Ceremony in London. | Source: Getty Images

Wylda and her extraordinary family have decided to live their lives in their own special way, regardless of what others may think. We offer them our best wishes of joy and contentment!