BGASC Complaints

Are there any BGASC complaints? Should you be concerned?

BGASC, which is an organization that stands for Buy Gold and Silver Coins, has established itself as a major and well-known participant in the market for precious metals during its existence.

In addition to this, they have set a benchmark of excellence that other businesses have replicated. It is a direct result of the firm’s dedication to offering services that are unparalleled in the industry, manufacturing items that are of exceptional quality, and making certain that its clients are entirely satisfied that the company has earned such an amazing reputation.

This in-depth investigation will delve into the complexities of BGASC, investigating its history as well as the products and services it offers. We will also investigate the products and services that it offers. 

The purpose of this endeavor is to get a full understanding of the reasons why BGASC is held in such high esteem within the industry and to uncover the factors that contribute to the fact that it has been so successful. 

You’ll find out if there are any BGASC complaints you should be concerned about:

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BGASC Complaints: Everything You Need to Know

There aren’t any significant BGASC complaints. The company has a good reputation. Regarded as a reliable provider of individual retirement funds that include gold and silver assets, they are trustworthy.

The BGASC complaints brought against them are uncommon because they are highly regarded and the majority of their customers are satisfied. Moreover, a sizeable proportion of them have provided positive feedback on websites that are widely recognized for their advocacy on behalf of consumers.


There are 7746 customer reviews on Trustpilot, and the company has received 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Additionally, the company has been validated. 


Better Business Bureau

The NR rating for the BGASC account on the Better Business Bureau is 4.1 stars out of a possible 5. 

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With 4.8 stars out of a possible 5, the ShopperApproved account for the company has received positive feedback.

BGASC complaints on SA

Some BGASC Complaints I Found- 

BGASC complaints on BBB

The consumer warned about BGASC, LLC in their complaint, noting possible shipment delays longer than a month, cancellation costs due to errors on the part of the company, and expected management issues after an acquisition by another business.

On December 8, 2022, BGASC Complaints, LLC replied, apologizing for the concerns that had been noted and asking the client to supply an order number so that a thorough inquiry could be conducted. The reply struck a sympathetic note, recognizing the client’s experience and pledging to formulate a suitable answer after carefully analyzing the circumstances.

BGASC complaints online

The person reported that the wrong address persisted even after several adjustments. On September 1, 2022, they relocated to 93 Griffith Road, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39402, and they made it clear that this is now their exclusive and permanent address.

It was requested that no more correspondence be sent to the old Florida address because it is no longer relevant. The person conveyed appreciation for following the new information.

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About BGASC : 

Buy Gold and Silver Coins, often known as BGASC for short, is a well-known internet dealer specializing in selling a wide range of precious metal commodities, including such precious metals as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

A physical address for the company can be found at 6125 Luther Lane 474, Dallas, Texas 75225. The company began itself in the year 2012. Its headquarters are located in California, in the United States of America.

The reputation of BGASC as a provider of low prices and a company that is committed to ensuring the pleasure of its customers has resulted in the company receiving positive recommendations and ratings.

By offering free shipping on all orders that are greater than $50,000, the corporation makes itself more appealing to shareholders who are interested in precious metals.


BGASC is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that has been in operation for more than 11 years. The company was established on February 7, 2012, and it came into existence.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) file for BGASC, which was opened on October 1, 2013, reveals that the company has been accredited since February 4, 2016. 

To ensure that BGASC satisfies any professional license, bonding, or registration requirements that may apply to its business, the Better Business Bureau recommends that customers verify this information with the appropriate government.

Managing BGASC’s commercial operations is the responsibility of Thomas Fougerousse, who serves as the Vice President of Operations and is the primary point of contact for customers. Over more than 10 years, BGASC has established itself as a reputable and trustworthy provider of services in the retail precious metals business.

Unique Highlights of BGASC Complaints:

BGASC Complaints – Fees and Pricing

The company charges a variety of fees, which vary according to the type of goods and the mode of payment that has been chosen. The following is a list of some of the fees that customers could be required to pay:

The product premiums are the additional costs that the BGASC adds to the pricing of a product to recoup its expenses and provide a profit to the company. The premiums are influenced by several factors, including the quantity of products, the type of goods, and the market conditions.

Costs associated with the shipment: BGASC offers customers a variety of shipping options, each of which has a different cost, depending on the order amount, the destination, and the manner of shipment.

BGASC reserves the right to apply additional fees based on the mode of payment that is selected. In the case of purchases made with a credit card, for instance, there may be a convenience charge involved, and there may be costs imposed by the bank for wire transfers.

Clients who choose to invest in gold and silver through an individual retirement account (IRA) may be subject to additional fees that are imposed by the IRA custodian and/or administrator.

Taxes on sales: Orders that are shipped to states in which BGASC maintains a physical presence are subject to sales tax charges.

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BGASC Complaints – Website and Social Media

BGASC Complaints is an excellent business. It has a perfect webpage. On its website, you can review several corporate details.

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In addition, BGASC maintains a Facebook page with all the information one may need. The BBGASC Complaints page has 3.2K followers and 3.1K likes.

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BGASC Complaints – Conclusion: 

The BGASC stands as a legitimate and reputable company in the realm of precious metals, having never faced any lawsuits itself. The investigation’s findings demonstrate that, although not being sued, BGASC has sued two other gold IRA companies for various reasons, demonstrating its commitment to respecting industry standards and resolving issues when they come up.

In addition, investors in precious metals have come to see the BGASC Complaints favorably because of the numerous positive testimonies it has gotten on reliable consumer advocacy websites.

Even if there are occasionally strange complaints and unfavorable reviews, they appear to be uncommon and inconsequential when compared to the vast majority of clients who have utilized BGASC Complaints and have had positive overall experiences.

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