Bold Precious Metals Complaints

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Do you like to invest in precious metals? Assuming this is the case, you first should look for a respectable precious metals firm with the same goals and objectives as you do. The fact of the matter is that there are many competitors, making it challenging to choose the most excellent service provider to work with.

During the past few years, Bold Precious Metals has become one of the businesses that has gained more in popularity. Because we are aware of how vital it is to be aware of the people with whom you are collaborating, we conducted a more in-depth investigation on this company to assist you in determining whether or not it would be beneficial for you to purchase gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

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In this all-encompassing analysis, we will investigate the Bold Precious Metals complaints in great detail, including an investigation into its history and its products and services. In addition, we will investigate the Bold Precious Metals complaints to acquire a more in-depth comprehension of the reasons why it is held in such high esteem within the respective business.

As we continue to delve deeper into the world of this remarkable firm, we will discover the factors that have contributed to its success as well as the characteristics that have established it as a reliable brand in the precious metals sector.

Bold Precious Metals Complaints: Everything You Need to Know

Bold Precious Metals is an authentic business entity. They are a reliable provider of retirement funds for individuals who hold gold and silver. Since they have a good reputation and the majority of their clients are satisfied, lawsuits against them are uncommon. Moreover, a significant percentage of them have posted favorable evaluations on reputable consumer advocacy websites. You won’t find many Bold Precious Metals complaints online.

Are There any Bold Precious Metals Complaints on Trustpilot?

Bold Precious Metals has a rating of 3.9 stars out of a potential 5-star on Trustpilot based on just 11 customer reviews. Most reviews are positive, with customers praising the company for its expertise, quick shipping, and amiable customer support. They are in great shape on this website.

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There aren’t any Bold Precious Metals complaints on Trustpilot. Almost all of the reviews I found there were praising the company. After all, you won’t consider a 4-star review a complaint.

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Are There any Bold Precious Metals Complaints on Better Business Bureau ?

Based on 42 customer reviews, Bold Precious Metals has an A+ rating and 3.86 stars out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau website. There are mixed reviews—some good, some awful. They have worked in the industry for seven years. Thirteen Bold Precious Metals complaints have been settled in the past three years. This business is also accredited by the BBB.

Bold Precious Metals complaints rating on BBB

Are There any Bold Precious Metals Complaints on Google Review?

Bold Precious Metals has a 4.0 star rating out of 5 on Google based on user reviews. There are fifty-five Google reviews, most of which are positive and praise the company for its expertise, professionalism, and outstanding customer service.

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Complaints – 

Bold Precious Metals complaints on BBB

However, there are a few complaints. The person above in the comment said that Although the company’s website looks professional and has good rates, they have poor communication and slow shipping following payment approval. Google Maps indicates that their office is housed within a convenience shop, indicating that they are a possibly small, one-person business. After a small purchase, unclear email responses and a lack of confidence deter further transactions.

In response to your review, Bold Precious Metals Complaints explains that the delivery delay was caused by a 5-day hold time for purchases made using paper checks, which is explicitly mentioned on the website.

They draw attention to the eCheck option for quicker processing. About their location, they make it clear that, for safety concerns, operations take place in a secure warehouse. Highlighting their family-run company with a committed workforce, they respond to grievances and encourage more inquiries or contact.

Bold Precious Metals complaints on Trustpilot 2

Another person said that after receiving supportive communication from the business, the customer—who was first irate over the delayed shipment—updated their experience. They thank the business for going above and to guarantee on-time delivery and praise improved shipping. They promise to close their account after their two outstanding orders arrive, but they still express discontent with the first slow delivery experience.

The business quickly recognizes and resolves the customer’s concerns. They apologized for the first delay and proactively increased the shipment to guarantee the order arrived on time. They apologize for any misunderstanding and explain the electronic check payment hold procedure.

One item is described as having a slight delay, which increases processing time. Independent of the customer’s evaluation, the decision to expedite shipping was made, highlighting their dedication to customer happiness and providing ongoing support for any future concerns.

Bold Precious Metals complaints on Trustpilot

This person said that the buyer, who placed an order with Bold Precious Metals Complaints, is upset that there has been a shipping delay of one week. They reached out to them several times, but they didn’t respond until September 11th. 

To alleviate any inconvenience, Bold Precious Metals Complaints confirms that the package was sent out on August 31st. They promise the client that they should get in touch with them right away if the package hasn’t arrived. BOLD agrees that things could be done better, pledges to fix any problems, and looks forward to the chance to do so in the future.

About Bold Precious Metals: 

Bold Precious Metals is a company that is run by a family and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company’s main specialties are in the delivery and sale of precious metals. They have been employed in the precious metals sector for the previous seven years. 

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Bold Precious Metals is a business that specializes in the distribution and selling of precious metals, particularly bullion made of gold and silver. They offer a wide range of goods accessible. This category includes coins, bars, rounds, and collectibles. Reputable producers and mints from all around the world provide these products.

Bold Precious Metals’ main goal is to provide investors and individual collectors with superior-quality precious metals suitable for investment.

Both of these services are aimed at clients who are looking to diversify their financial portfolios or who want to buy real goods to preserve value.

The company takes great pride in offering a wide selection of products, keeping prices fair, and giving its clients exceptional service.

There is a lot of effort being put into improving the accessibility, transparency, and security of the precious metals acquisition and ownership process. Bold Precious Metals provides additional services, such as market research and instructional materials, to help customers make knowledgeable decisions about their precious metal investments.

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Unique Highlights of Bold Precious Metals Complaints:

Bold Precious Metals Complaints – Fees and Pricing

Bold Precious Metals (BPM) distinguishes itself in the precious metals market by offering customer-friendly delivery policies and clear, simple pricing. It’s interesting to note that BPM makes itself an inexpensive option for investors with free shipping on qualifying domestic US orders of $200 or more. It’s crucial to know that the value of the merchandise and welcome pack cannot be used to satisfy the shipping requirement. For orders under $200, BPM charges a fair $6 delivery fee. At checkout, customers can opt for expedited shipping for an additional $7.

BPM goes above and beyond by offering a complimentary option to obtain a signature on orders exceeding $760, thereby enhancing security throughout the delivery process. Furthermore, buyers may opt to add signature confirmation for an extra $3 for transactions under $760. This extra security feature aligns with BPM’s goal of preventing delivery loss or theft and meets USPS standards that need an adult’s signature to validate the delivery.

One notable aspect of BPM’s customer-focused approach is that no state levies sales tax on bullion or numismatic products, except Texas. This open pricing strategy makes the purchasing process easier and more clear for the consumer. BPM knows that a few factors influence product pricing, including demand, design, mint origin, and total mintage. Consequently, these variables could lead to variations in the cost of comparable goods.

In addition to offering a multitude of payment options, including bank cards, checks, and PayPal, BPM also takes into account the diverse interests of its customers regarding the completion of transactions.

BPM’s approach combines low pricing, clear costs, and a range of payment alternatives, making it an alluring choice for investors navigating the world of precious metals; however, some companies, like Augusta, might provide fee-free options for prolonged periods.

Bold Precious Metals Complaints – Website and Social Media

One of the best-rated companies is Bold Precious Metals Complaints. It has a perfect webpage. On its website, you can review several corporate details.

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Apart from that, Bold Precious Metals Complaints has a Facebook page with all the facts one needs to know. The Bold Precious Metals Complaints has 4.1K followers and 3.9K likes on the page.

BOLD Precious Metals complaints on Facebook

Bold Precious Metals Complaints – Conclusion:

Despite being a relative newcomer to the industry, Bold Precious Metals has built a solid reputation for itself since its founding in 2017. Delivery, customer service, and other related concerns should be reasonably anticipated, as with any new dealer.

The information we have obtained indicates that Bold considers every complaint seriously and responds appropriately to any issues raised. This company is forced to grow now that it provides IRA services. It should not be surprising that we thought its website was excellent. It is quite easy to use and browse, and it has a wealth of information that is especially helpful for those who are new to investing.

It is worth a try because of the large selection of items, the easy checkout and account creation procedures, and the affordable prices of coins, rounds, and bars.

Before investing with any company, make a list of your requirements and investigate various vendors. It is highly recommended that you do this before making any investments. By using this process, you can be sure that the dealer you choose will be the best fit for your needs and expectations.

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