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Broad Financial
Broad Financial is a crypto IRA firm based in Montvale, New Jersey. They have been in the industry since 2004 and have more than 20,000 clients in 50 states. The company allows clients to open IRA Trusts and IRA LLCs. They have received an A+ rating on BBB and avail the custodial services of their sister company, Madison Trust. However, the company doesn’t disclose the available assets for its customers and has received complaints for charging hidden fees.
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Broad Financial Review – A Quick Overview

Broad Financial is a crypto IRA firm based in Montvale, New Jersey. They have been in the industry since 2004 and have more than 20,000 clients in 50 states. The company allows clients to open IRA Trusts and IRA LLCs.

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They have received an A+ rating on BBB and avail the custodial services of their sister company, Madison Trust. However, the company doesn’t disclose the available assets to its customers and has received complaints for charging hidden fees.


  • Highly experienced leadership
  • Specialized services
  • 100+ positive reviews


  • Received complaints for charging hidden fees
  • No mention of available assets on the website

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What is Broad Financial?

Broad Financial is a crypto IRA firm based in Montvale, New Jersey. Their office is located at 1 Paragon Dr #270, Montvale, NJ 07645 and their contact number is 833-342-1992. 

The company has over 20,000 clients in all 50 states. 

Founded in 2004, Broad Financial was originally a private real estate investment company. 

However, the company expanded into other horizons with time and began offering self-directed gold, Roth IRAs, simplified employee pensions and real estate IRAs.

Now, the company specializes in crypto IRAs. They offer their unique self-directed IRAs through their sister company, Madison Trust.

Broad Financial website

Unlike BitIRA or Bitcoin IRA, this company is not a full-service provider. Instead, you have total control over most of the processes of your new IRA. 

In January 2009, the company noticed how many of their clients had lost a significant portion of their IRA and 401k accounts in the 2008 financial crisis thanks to conventional investments like stocks and bonds. 

So, the company began focusing on alternative investments to help people avoid losing their savings in a similar crisis. 

Their unique IRA offering allows their customers to decide where they want to invest their savings. According to their website, the company’s IRA services allow customers to preserve their wealth and accelerate their growth at the same time.

The company has a decent online presence with hundreds of Broad Financial reviews available online. They offer multiple free resources to consumers to help them learn about self directed IRAs and investing. 

Through their sister company, the company is able to offer customers chequebook control of their IRA without hindering the investing experience. 

People Behind Broad Financial:

Broad Financial is quite transparent when it comes to sharing information about its leadership team. 

The company has a dedicated page on its website listing its top executives. Such transparency helps investors trust the brand more and it’s something you wouldn’t find in many other crypto IRA companies.

E. Brian Finkelstein

Broad Financial chairman E. Brian Finkelstein

Mr. Finkelstein is the Chairman of this IRA firm. 

Before joining Broad Financial, Mr. Finkelstein was the President and CEO of Helix Financial Systems, a Cantor Fitzgerald subsidiary. There, he handled the development of systems which were subsequently sold to numerous major financial institutions. 

Prior to that, E. Brian Finkelstein was the Managing Director of Global Finance Operations at UBS. There, he was responsible for building the global repo and money market business at the bank. 

According to his profile on the website, his decisive leadership and team-building professionalism have helped the company tremendously. 

Daniel Gleich

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Daniel Gleirch is the CEO and President of Broad Financial. He oversees the company’s vision and culture. 

Daniel is responsible for the company’s “employee-first” culture. He received his training from Disney Institute, Kim Scott’s Radical Candor and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence. 

His first venture was Creditline, a company focused on helping customers repair their damaged credit and open new credit accounts. Later, he became a part of Time Equipment Corporation and led the company to success. 

After graduating from college, he worked as the Managing Director of R.B. Miller & Associates. 

Afterwards, he launched a venture with Klein called Hudson Development LLC. 

This partnership led to the founding of Broad Financial. 

Apart from being a Partner at this IRA firm, he is the President, Board Member and Shareholder of Madison Trust Company.

Mervyn Klein

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Mervyn Klein is Partner at Broad Financial. He is a serial entrepreneur and has held multiple positions in various organizations. 

Kleien founded Hudson Development LLC with Daniel Gleich. There, he helped the company develop multiple commercial projects including the New York Distribution Facility for Anheuser-Busch and the North American Distribution Center of Prada.

Afterwards, he acted as a consultant for MK Read and Company. 

Mervyn Kelin specializes in operation structuring while enhancing company performance. His specialized approaches have played a huge role in helping the company enjoy a strong and positive reputation in the IRA industry.

How to Invest with Broad Financial Crypto IRA:

The signup process with this company is quite simple. You just need to follow these steps: 

Step #1: Open an IRA

Broad Financial offers IRA

To start, you would need to get in touch with the company. You can join their free newsletter while signing up or simply give them a call. 

The company’s representatives will get in touch with you and help you choose from their multiple IRA services. You can choose from the following account types:

  • Traditional IRA: Your contributions would be tax-deductible but qualified distributions would be taxable. 
  • Roth IRA: Here, your contributions would be taxable while qualified distributions would be tax-free. 

Once you have chosen your preferred account type, you will need to submit the necessary paperwork. The account representative will guide you through the entire process. 

After your form submission, you would need to wait for its approval. Once that’s done, the step would be complete.

Step #2: Fund the IRA

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Now that your IRA is set up, you would need to add funds to it. Self-directed IRAs require you to have a custodian and with this firm, your custodian would be Madison Trust

They would ask you to add funds to your new IRA which can be done through a rollover or direct transfer. 

Rollover involves the transfer of funds from an existing retirement account. 

Step #3: Establish an IRA LLC or Trust


After you have added funds to your new IRA, the company will establish an IRA LLC or an IRA Trust for you depending on your preference. 

You will get a designated checking account at your chosen bank and the funds will move there. 

Broad Financial lets you select from the following options in this section:

  • Self-Directed Checkbook IRA
  • Self-Directed IRA LLC
  • Self-Directed IRA Trust
  • Solo 401(k)

Step #4: Begin Investing

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Now that you have established your chequebook IRA LLC or IRA Trust, you can begin investing. You would have complete control over which assets you invest in. 

Having a chequebook IRA would let you invest through a wire or check. 

Broad Financial Products:

This is probably one of the most unique highlights of this company. Unlike other crypto IRA companies I have covered, Broad Financial doesn’t limit its clients to just cryptocurrencies. 

Instead, the company lets its clients invest in all kinds of alternative assets. This includes precious metals, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and others. 

You would have complete freedom over what you want to purchase by using your IRA funds. What’s interesting about this facility is you would be able to hold your investments in a tax-deferred or tax-free account. 

While such freedom might seem attractive to some people, it can certainly be overwhelming for many. 

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the company doesn’t share any information about the available products on its website. You must discuss this with your account representative once you sign up. 

This can certainly be cumbersome for many investors as it makes it difficult to get an idea of what they can actually invest in.

Sharing no information about which cryptocurrencies are available with them is not a good sign. Certainly, it doesn’t instil confidence in consumers.

Broad Financial Fees and Pricing:

Broad Financial follows a flat fee structure. Their charges depend on the kind of IRA you open with them. The setup fee of their IRA Trust is 1,195 while for IRA LLC, it’s $1,295.

You would need to pay a quarterly custodial fee of $95 as well which comes out to be an annual charge of $380. 

Because their custodian is their sister company, the company doesn’t charge any asset-based fee. Also, there aren’t any transaction fees here.

Initial Set Up Fee$1,195 (IRA Trust) / $1,295 (IRA LLC)
Initial Set-Up Fee$380
Account Minimum$0

Additional Highlights of Broad Financial:

Apart from offering a unique IRA service, there are plenty of qualities which help this firm stand out in the market. Here’s a detailed overview of those qualities:

Tax-Deferred Investing in Cryptocurrencies and Real Estate:

A prominent highlight of Broad Financial is its unique chequebook IRAs. The company acts like a broker for you and lets you invest in various alternative investments including real estate, cryptocurrencies and precious metals. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t invest in conventional investments such as stocks and bonds. 

Because you’ll be using your IRA funds to make these investments, your assets would either be tax-free or tax-deferred. Certainly, this can help you boost your savings while expanding the portfolio at the same time. 

Education Center:

Broad Financial has a dedicated Education and Information Center where they share multiple guides on retirement investing. 

These guides cover numerous topics including:

  • Real Estate Retirement Investing
  • Chequebook Control
  • Self Directed Solo 401(k)
  • Self Directed IRAs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Rules and Regulations

If you’re new to retirement investing, this can be the perfect place to get started. You will learn about all kinds of alternative investments and get an idea of where you can invest (and where you can’t). 

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Alternatively, if you’re not keen on reading, you can check out Broad Financial’s channel and go through its video library. The company has published videos on many relevant topics ranging from retirement savings to cryptocurrencies. 

Here’s one of the many videos you can find on their YouTube channel:

Dedicated FAQs Page:

image 6

Apart from offering a large selection of free guides to investors, the company has a dedicated FAQ page as well.

It covers all the doubts a beginner might have while also explaining the fundamentals of self-directed IRAs.

The company has tried to cover as many popular questions as possible including:

  • What is a Self Directed IRA?
  • What Can You Invest in With a Self-Directed IRA?
  • What is the Broad Financial Fees Structure?

And many more.

Surely, it is a helpful resource for anyone interested in checking out their services and facilities.

Free Webinars:

Broad Financial free webinars

As part of their client education endeavours, Broad Financial conducts free webinars for consumers. They are highly educational and help consumers get deeper insights into retirement investing. 

On their website, you will find all of their upcoming and recorded webinars. 

Some of the webinars available there are: 

  • Real Estate in Your IRA in Uncertain Times
  • Crypto in Your IRA
  • How to Buy Real Estate with Your IRA or 401(k)
  • Why You Should Consider a Self-Directed Solo 401(k) If You’re Self-Employed
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These webinars can be a great resource for beginners and those who are new to alternative investments. 

Broad Financial Reviews and Complaints:

While crypto IRAs are a relatively new concept, Broad Financial has been in the industry for nearly 2 decades. Over the years, they have received hundreds of reviews across multiple consumer platforms. 

Most of the reviews on the company are quite positive. 

Broad Financial BBB Rating:

Broad Financial reviews on BBB

On BBB, this company enjoys an A+ rating and a customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 48 reviews. 

Their BBB listing doesn’t have any complaints which is a good sign. 

Broad Financial Reviews on Google:

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On Google, this investment firm has received over 250 reviews. Based on these reviews, the company’s aggregate rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

Most of their customers praise the company’s helpful guidance. For example, Wayne White shares that his experience with the company was very favourable. He says the company set up his IRA Trust and guided him throughout the process. 

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Wayne highlights that he will be using them to form his IRA LLC in the near future. He ends the review by praising the company’s communication and follow-up. 

Broad Financial Reviews on Other Platforms:

Apart from BBB and Google, this company has received reviews on several other consumer platforms. 

tvJkdUaNDTvCiU2sPiawwBvqL1gYazpfgBd4vRlU8CTTolW5dICzathRFeQ45Lub9ocsrTMTqMNdrUu27XvvIiwJGPqQRYJ4Ux3Kn4g4ciJcxDbjhyOY2eioE280Pfr6dVtF3chWKBo5hYL5AazKCSwLj ExkOZpUCQlioRYlEdpJfpjcJA9q eEWeH vA

For example, their Sitejabber listing has over 750 reviews and their overall rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

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Also, they have a profile on Yelp which has received 27 reviews and has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Are There Any Broad Financial Complaints?

Among the numerous positive reviews, there are certainly a few complaints about the company as well. 

Most of the complaints are regarding slow response times and hidden fees. 

While the company responds to every negative review, the serious nature of some complaints might bother certain investors. 

Is Broad Financial Legit?

Yes, Broad Financial is a legitimate crypto IRA firm. They have been in the industry for nearly 2 decades and have succeeded in carving a unique niche for themselves. 

The company allows consumers to set up chequebook IRAs and use their retirement funds to invest in various kinds of alternative investments. That’s why I think limiting the company to merely a ‘crypto IRA’ firm would do a disservice to their services. 

The firm specializes in offering self directed IRAs to consumers where clients can invest in real estate, precious metals and cryptocurrencies. 

They have received hundreds of positive reviews across different platforms and enjoy an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, the company offers a plethora of free resources to consumers including multiple guides, free webinars and videos. 

However, the lack of transparency in their available assets might be a red flag. Also, Broad Financial has received several complaints for charging hidden fees and having slow response times. 

These issues can add up over time and are a big reason why I personally can’t recommend working with them. 


Finding the right crypto IRA firm is crucial for any retirement investor. Over the years, cryptocurrencies have proven themselves to be a fantastic growth instrument. 

Using your IRA to invest in cryptocurrencies allows you to enjoy tax savings while growing your portfolio. 

Still, the IRA provider you choose will have a huge impact on your earnings. Their fees, asset selection and services would affect your returns. 

That’s why I recommend checking out our list of the best crypto IRA companies before selecting one. 

Have you dealt with Broad Financial in the past? How was your experience? Share it below!