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Capitalist Exploits
Capitalist Exploits
Capitalist Exploits is one of the highest-performing investing newsletters in the market. I have received great results from it and I believe others would benefit from it too.
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Consistently High Returns
Low-Risk Recommendations (Good Sharpe Ratios)
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In the vast world of investment opportunities, a new name is fast gaining recognition: Capitalist Exploits. This investment research service, created by the experienced investor Chris MacIntosh, promises to transform the traditional investment process, offering high-reward investment opportunities.

But is it worth the investment for professional investors? This review will explore the key features of Capitalist Exploits and its unique investment strategy, and assess its potential value for professional investors.

What is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is an elite investor network that provides its members with timely, actionable, and profitable insights into the stock market. With its focus on asymmetric risk and proven track record, it is a valuable resource for novice and experienced investors.

Capitalist Exploits review page

It is led by experienced investor Chris MacIntosh and focuses on exploiting asymmetric risk, a strategy popular among successful hedge fund managers. 

With impressive results and a remarkable 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, Capitalist Exploits is a valuable resource for investors of all levels, striving to maximize rewards with a calculated approach.

Capitalist Exploits offers a variety of features and resources to its members, including a weekly newsletter (Insider Weekly), real-time investment alerts, access to proprietary research, detailed analysis of global markets, stock screener tools and a vibrant Investor Forum. 

The premium tier of Capitalist Exploits provides members with even more valuable resources, including access to real-time investment alerts and a weekly newsletter.

By identifying investment opportunities with the potential for high returns and minimal downside risk, Capitalist Exploits helps its members maximize rewards with a calculated approach.

Whether you’re an aspiring investor or a seasoned pro, Capitalist Exploits can help you make more informed investment decisions. With its focus on asymmetric risk, proven track record, and comprehensive suite of resources, Capitalist Exploits is a great option for investors of all levels.

Who runs Capitalist Exploits?

The company has a total of 2-10 employees but Chris MacIntosh and Brad McFadden are the key individuals who run Capitalist Exploits, contributing their wealth of expertise to the newsletter’s success:

Chris MacIntosh

Capitalist Exploits newsletter

Chris MacIntosh stands as a highly accomplished hedge fund manager, renowned for his ability to generate impressive returns for investors. His notable career includes stints at esteemed financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase. 

In 2016, he founded the successful hedge fund, Glenorchy Capital, showcasing his entrepreneurial insight and deep understanding of the financial markets. 

Chris possesses extensive knowledge in various areas such as investing, venture capital, and private equity. His track record speaks volumes about his strategic prowess and ability to navigate complex market landscapes.

Brad McFadden

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Brad McFadden has extensive experience catering to high-net-worth clients, with a background at institutions like Henry Ansbacher. He also managed a proprietary trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa and Australia.

He specialises in executing strategies that yield asymmetric payoffs based on specific investment theses. Collaborating closely with Chris, and Brad is vital in identifying promising opportunities across diverse global markets and asset classes. 

His expertise in devising and executing effective investment strategies adds depth to Capitalist Exploits’ analytical approach.

Chris MacIntosh and Brad McFadden make a dynamic team at Capitalist Exploits, offering subscribers valuable investment advice and analyses through their industry expertise and strategic insights.

Their combined experience underscores the newsletter’s credibility and positions them as trusted authorities in the realm of investment.

Capitalist Exploits Features 

Capitalist Exploits offers a range of distinctive qualities that set it apart within the realm of investment:

  • Sector-Based Approach: Capitalist Exploits focuses on identifying opportunities at the sector level, conducting rigorous research to pinpoint potential market explosions. Their investment recommendations are chosen at the company level within these sectors, allowing them to track multiple market movements simultaneously and provide detailed expertise.
  • Personal Investment: The team at Capitalist Exploits invests their own money in every stock and asset they recommend. This commitment ensures that they have a vested interest in their recommendations, aligning their interests with the subscribers’.
  • Industry Connections: Leveraging their extensive experience in the finance industry, the Capitalist Exploits team utilizes their wide-reaching network of colleagues and experts from around the world. This network provides valuable insights, enabling informed decisions on various topics such as global markets and industry trends.
  • Thoughtful Capital Allocation: Capitalist Exploits takes a serious approach to capital allocation by providing specific guidance on how much of a portfolio should be invested in recommended assets. This approach aids subscribers in managing their investments effectively.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Subscribers receive detailed reports, spanning numerous pages, behind every recommended asset. These reports include macroeconomic analyses, industry trends, historical performance data, expert interviews, and more. Capitalist Exploits emphasizes in-depth research to enhance subscribers’ knowledge and potential returns.
  • Community Engagement: Capitalist Exploits has cultivated a unique community of high-performing investors. Subscribers can engage with fellow members through live private forums and Slack communities, discussing trades, organizing meetups, and sharing insights.
  • Q&A Sessions: Capitalist Exploits offers a platform for subscribers to ask questions about investing, the Insider program, or related activities. The team of professional money managers conducts live Q&A sessions, addressing subscribers’ inquiries.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: All services provided by Capitalist Exploits come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Subscribers can request a refund if they are unsatisfied with the insights provided, ensuring customer satisfaction.

These attributes collectively make Capitalist Exploits an appealing option for investors seeking a unique and insightful approach to their investment endeavors.


How Capitalist Exploits Works

Capitalist Exploits operates through Insider Weekly, a weekly newsletter that delivers investment advice, stock picks, and insights from seasoned investors and hedge fund managers. 

Subscribers of Capitalist Exploits Insider receive timely email alerts about specific investment opportunities, providing real-time access to the investment process.

Capitalist Exploits provides the Investor Forum, where successful investors and money managers collaborate. This virtual venture capital platform allows members to evaluate stocks and investment opportunities, akin to hedge fund strategies.

Capitalist Exploits Review: Investment Strategy

Capitalist Exploits employs a strategic approach centered around asymmetric trade opportunities and sectors showing potential growth. 

Their focus on sectors rather than individual companies aims for stability and predictability, allowing for risk diversification. 

The team emphasizes avoiding speculative investments, pot stocks, startups, growth stocks, and S&P-listed stocks. Instead, they concentrate on sectors like mining & rare earth, shipping, energy, and agriculture. 

Exploring their research material provides insights into their unconventional yet carefully considered choices, offering a foundation for a diversified portfolio.

What are Capitalist Exploits Products & Services?

Capitalist Exploits offers a range of products and services geared towards empowering investors with valuable insights and strategic opportunities. 

Subscribers gain access to a comprehensive set of tools and resources designed to enhance investment strategies and potentially maximize profits. Let’s explore what’s included in the subscription to elevate your investment approach.

1. Paid Newsletter 

Insider Newsletter stands as Capitalist Exploits’ premier paid service, priced at $1999 annually. This subscription provides an array of exclusive benefits to subscribers.

You can sign up for a $1 trial of this newsletter here.

Capitalist Exploits insider newsletter

Members gain access to timely market insights and potential opportunities, including exclusive private placement deals and prospects, allowing investors to participate in unique ventures. Additionally, subscribers receive expert advice and insights to navigate complex investment landscapes effectively.

A standout feature is the members-only forum, which fosters lively discussions, idea sharing, and valuable perspectives from both peers and experts. This collaborative platform enhances the learning experience, enriching subscribers’ understanding of diverse investment sectors.

Designed to empower investors with actionable information, the Insider Newsletter equips subscribers to make well-informed decisions and seize lucrative opportunities, making it a valuable resource for serious investors.

Capitalist Exploits offers its Insider Newsletter subscribers exclusive access to a range of valuable resources:

Regular Stock Ideas

Subscribers gain access to a curated selection of compelling investment opportunities, collectively known as “The Big 5.” These meticulously researched stock ideas, sourced globally, are presented within the Insider Newsletter. Each recommendation is carefully examined, enabling subscribers to explore them further through their online brokerage accounts.

Idea Database

The comprehensive database grants subscribers easy navigation through all previously published stock ideas. Whether oil & gas stocks or listings on exchanges such as NYSE or ASX, the database provides convenient access to a wealth of stock recommendations. Each entry includes links to the original issues, offering detailed insights into the rationale behind these favoured stocks.

Rational Analysis

Subscribers experience unbiased analysis of significant global market issues, free from political correctness and convoluted jargon. This rational analysis provides unique perspectives and deep insights, enhancing subscribers’ understanding of intricate market dynamics, a feature not commonly found elsewhere.


Subscribers are treated to an exclusive 5-part video series guiding them through the complete investment process. Covering stock selection methods, portfolio management strategies, and determining optimal exit points, this educational content equips subscribers with essential knowledge and tools to maximize the value derived from the service.


Valuable insights into international investing are provided, coupled with expert guidance on setting up brokerage accounts, both for subscribers and their clients. This guidance offers practical steps and expert tips, ensuring subscribers can confidently navigate the complexities of international investments with ease.

2. Insider

Capitalist Exploits’ premier offering, The CapEx Insider, stands as their premium service, priced at $2,499 annually. Understanding the significance of this investment is crucial, given the price point. 

Fortunately, a one-month trial is available for just $1, allowing potential subscribers to thoroughly explore all the premium features and determine if they align with their needs.

Check them out here.

Capitalist Exploits insider page

This service offers a personalized and comprehensive investment experience. Subscribers benefit from a diverse range of investment options carefully curated by industry experts.

One of the standout features of Resource Insider is the one-on-one tutoring sessions provided by Jamie and the team. These sessions offer investors personalized guidance, helping them understand market trends, assess investment risks, and develop effective strategies. 

Subscribers receive step-by-step investing instructions, ensuring they execute investment decisions accurately and strategically.

Resource Insider aims to empower investors with insider knowledge and hands-on guidance, enabling them to explore high-potential opportunities and make informed investment choices in the resource sector and beyond.

With the Capitalist Exploits Insider subscription, you gain access to a wealth of resources:

  • Capital Gains Portfolio: Subscribers have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of asymmetric investments, each personally endorsed by Chris and the team. These investments target extraordinary returns of 300% and above, spanning various industries.
  • Diversified Income Portfolio: The long-term portfolio features 70-80 international, diversified stocks, aiming for an approximate 8% annual income. Emphasizing consistency and safety, this portfolio offers subscribers stable investment options.
  • Research & Guidance: Subscribers can access comprehensive research on all investments, coupled with expert guidance on portfolio construction. Detailed insights into buying and selling decisions empower subscribers to manage their investments at their own pace.
  • Education: Benefiting from decades of professional money management experience, subscribers have the opportunity to learn about the complete investment process. This includes trade identification, portfolio management strategies, understanding optimal selling points, and effective emotional management.
  • Monthly Q&A: Subscribers can have their investment queries addressed by experienced hedge fund managers with diverse global market expertise. Access to a database of approximately 1000 existing answers further enhances subscribers’ knowledge base.
  • Weekly Newsletter: Subscribers receive ongoing commentary from fund managers on various investment themes. The newsletter includes bonus asymmetric stock positions aligned with the themes or offering attractive dividends.
  • Community Forum: Subscribers are encouraged to connect with like-minded peers through the instant messaging forum. The community facilitates in-person meetups, allowing members to expand their networks and benefit from collective experiences.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Capitalist Exploits offers a risk-free 30-day refund policy, ensuring subscribers’ peace of mind. If dissatisfied, subscribers can claim a refund without any questions asked.
  • Peace of Mind: Subscribers can rest assured knowing that Capitalist Exploits invests personally in all recommendations and manages significant client funds. This commitment reflects the dedication of the service to building generational wealth for its subscribers.

3. The Blog

Capitalist Exploits’ blog serves as a valuable resource for investors seeking market analysis and stock trading guidance. While the blog provides general insights into market trends and investment strategies, it primarily offers an overview of the broader market landscape.


Readers can access free market analysis information, gaining a foundational understanding of key market developments. However, for in-depth and specialized insights, investors are encouraged to explore the paid subscription options, such as The Insider Weekly and Resource Insider. 

These premium services offer curated content, expert analyses, and exclusive opportunities, providing subscribers with a deeper understanding of market dynamics and access to potentially lucrative investments.

Capitalist Exploits Review: Key Selling Points

The following features are what the Capitalist Exploits team believes distinguishes it from other investment newsletter services:

  1. Wide Range of Investments: Capitalist Exploits offers a diverse selection of over 60 ‘buy’ rated investments spanning 12 sectors. This extensive variety allows subscribers the flexibility to explore different markets and industries based on their investment preferences.
  1. High-Profit Targets: One of the standout aspects of Capitalist Exploits is their ambitious profit targets, aiming for returns exceeding 300%. This focus on high-profit opportunities showcases their dedication to identifying and recommending lucrative investments for their subscribers.
  1. Large Community: With a robust community boasting over 2,000 satisfied members, Capitalist Exploits provides a platform for investors to connect, share insights, and discuss investment strategies. The substantial subscriber base indicates a level of trust and satisfaction among the community members.
  1. Ongoing Support: Subscribers benefit from continuous support and guidance for their investments. The Capitalist Exploits team is dedicated to assisting its members in navigating the complex world of investments, ensuring they stay informed and confident in their financial decisions.
  1. Exclusive Insights: Subscribers gain access to the personal investments of experienced hedge fund managers, offering unique and valuable strategies. These exclusive insights provide a rare glimpse into the tactics employed by seasoned professionals, enhancing the overall investment knowledge and decision-making process for subscribers.

Capitalist Exploits Investment Recommendations

Capitalist Exploits offers distinctive investment opportunities that differentiate them from traditional “stock picks” newsletters. Some of the market prospects they recommend include:

Shipping Sector 

Despite the recent oversupply of ships worldwide, Capitalist Exploits anticipates a significant surge in demand over specific trading routes. They suggest investing in shipping companies that serve these routes, with a focus on Pacific Basin Shipping, which they believe could yield substantial gains.

Energy Market 

Capitalist Exploits expresses optimism about various segments of the energy market. They are particularly bullish on hydrogen, owing to its increasing adoption in electric vehicles. Additionally, they view coal and uranium as undervalued compared to other energy sources, indicating potential investment opportunities.

US Dollar

Capitalist Exploits emphasizes the low risk of owning US dollars via T-bills or UUP. Despite rate cuts, they assert the USD’s outperformance over other currencies, making it an attractive investment.

Natural Resources

Natural resources have experienced a prolonged decline, but Capitalist Exploits believes that macroeconomic factors could trigger a significant upward movement in the price of gold in 2021 and beyond.

Japanese Markets 

Capitalist Exploits identifies Japan as an undervalued market due to its low debt levels and strong purchasing power. They see potential investment opportunities within the Japanese markets.


Capitalist Exploits has recommended investing in Bitcoin since 2014. They emphasize this choice as fiat currencies depreciate and cryptocurrencies gain increasing prominence, making Bitcoin an appealing long-term investment option.

Capital Exploits Performance

This investment newsletter has consistently demonstrated strong performance since its establishment, delivering impressive returns on investments to its subscribers.

With an average annualized return of over 14%, Capitalist Exploits has outperformed the national average of 8.7% for macro stocks, nearly doubling the expected returns.

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Over the past 5 years, the portfolio compounding rate has averaged 13.5%, showcasing a steady growth trajectory. 

Alongside these robust returns, Capitalist Exploits maintains low-risk indicators, ensuring a balanced and secure investment environment for its subscribers.

Interested in Capitalist Exploits? Start your investing journey here.

Capital Exploits Track Record 

This newsletter has established an impressive track record with a series of successful investments documented publicly over time. 

Their investment advice, shaped by a strategy of exploiting asymmetric risks, has resulted in high returns for numerous members. The service consistently emphasizes value, evident in its offerings such as the weekly newsletter and the Investor Forum.

How to Get Started With Capitalist Exploits 

To get started with them and make the most of your membership, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Capitalist Exploits’ website and go to the home screen menu. You can choose from the Paid Newsletter, Insider, or Free Signup options. Simply click on “Getting Started” after making your choice.

Step 2: Provide your account details and payment information if applicable. Click on “Activate” to begin your free trial period.

Step 3: After joining, you’ll receive the current issue via email. For Insider Membership subscribers, take advantage of Capitalist Exploits’ reports and portfolio analysis tools to enhance your investment knowledge.

Step 4: Engage with the online investor community. Join discussions, share experiences, exchange ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals to improve your investment strategies.

Step 5: Utilize the free resources available on the site. Explore Capitalist Exploits’ reviews on top picks, analysis reports, blog posts, podcasts, and videos to gain a better understanding of investment opportunities and market insights.

Capitalist Exploits Pricing 

CE offers an affordable investment service with a 30-day trial at $1. Subscribers receive 5 stock ideas, past suggestions, global investment guidance, and education during the trial.

Afterward, it costs $35/month, ensuring continuous access. Subscribers are notified before the trial ends, promoting transparency and easy cancellation.

This flexibility benefits both beginners and experienced investors seeking valuable insights.

In Short: 

  • The Insider Newsletter subscription begins at $35 per month following a $1 trial discount provided by Capitalist Exploits.
  • Also, it provides an annual membership program known as CapEx Insider, with an annual fee of $2,499.

This membership package offers a range of benefits, including education, mentorship, a community, handpicked stock recommendations, and more.

When compared to traditional college investing courses, Capitalist Exploits’ offerings are generally more cost-effective and come with added advantages. 

However, in comparison to other investment news and analysis platforms like Alpha Picks, which costs $99 per year, and Motley Fool Stock Advisor, priced at $199 per year, Capitalist Exploits may appear relatively more expensive.

Is there a Minimum Investment Required?

Capitalist Exploits offers a flexible and accessible investment service that doesn’t impose a specific minimum investment requirement. The service aims to cater to a diverse range of investors, regardless of the size of their portfolios. 

Whether you have substantial funds and experience in investing or are just starting with a smaller capital base, the insights, strategies, and advice provided by Capitalist Exploits are intended to assist in making well-informed and potentially profitable investment decisions.

However, it’s essential to recognize that all investments carry inherent risks. Therefore, regardless of your intended investment amount, it’s prudent to ensure that your investment choices align with your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and investment timeline. 

If you have uncertainties, seeking guidance from a financial advisor can be a wise step to help navigate your investment decisions.


Capitalist Exploits Refund Policy 

If you’re hesitant about committing to the full membership, Capitalist Exploits offers a $1 30-day subscription to their premium accounts, providing a comprehensive overview of their services.

In case the subscription doesn’t meet your expectations, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

This policy allows potential subscribers to assess the value of the service without financial risk, ensuring a transparent and risk-free experience for those interested in exploring their offerings.

Who is Capitalist Exploits Best For?

Capitalist Exploits caters to a diverse range of investors, including both beginners and seasoned individuals. It is particularly appealing to the following groups:

  1. Experienced Investors: This category includes individuals well-versed in financial markets, comfortable with risks, and seeking high-reward investment opportunities. Capitalist Exploits offers an investment strategy focusing on exploiting asymmetric risk, akin to successful hedge fund managers’ approaches.
  1. Professional Money Managers: These are individuals managing funds for others and require accurate and timely information for sound investment decisions. Capitalist Exploits provides a weekly newsletter, Insider Weekly, offering investment advice, stock picks, and insights into hedge fund managers’ investment processes. It also facilitates interactions and knowledge sharing among these professionals.
  1. Aspiring Investors: Newcomers to the investing world seeking guidance and a thoughtful investment strategy find value in Capitalist Exploits. The service offers a trial period, allowing them to explore the platform, learn from experienced investors, and practice paper trading without risking personal investments.
  1. Individuals Interested in Global Markets: Capitalist Exploits offers insights into global investment opportunities, making it beneficial for individuals interested in diversifying their investment portfolios. Founder Chris MacIntosh’s extensive international experience adds depth to the service’s global market perspectives.

Additionally, Capitalist Exploits is valuable for individuals who appreciate a global perspective on investments. 

Founder Chris MacIntosh’s diverse experience, including his tenure at Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa and involvement with institutions worldwide, equips the service to provide insights into international markets. 

This global focus allows investors to explore opportunities beyond their local markets, fostering a broader understanding of the investment landscape. Moreover, the service’s community aspect creates a supportive environment for investors to engage with like-minded individuals. 

The shared knowledge and diverse backgrounds of members enhance the learning experience, making it an ideal platform for networking and expanding one’s understanding of various investment strategies.

Capitalist Exploits Customer Reviews 

Capitalist Exploits has received notably positive reviews from users, particularly on platforms like Trustpilot, where they have received 424 reviews and a 4.8 rating.

image 45

Users commonly emphasize the service’s ability to deliver strong investment returns and commendable customer support.

Users who have shared their experiences in Capitalist Exploits reviews often appreciate the company’s transparency and the prudence of their low-risk recommendations. This aspect is particularly valued in the context of selecting a stock research and analysis company.

Capitalist Exploits takes pride in their approach, claiming to provide unfiltered facts and analysis without the influence of political correctness. They appear to maintain a non-offensive stance, excluding politics from their evaluations unless it directly relates to the analysis at hand.

Capitalist Exploits Reviews on Trustpilot 

Here are some customer reviews of Capitalist Exploits from Trustpilot:

  • Jeff K, a satisfied customer, praised Capitalist Exploits for its straightforward approach and effectiveness, mentioning that he found success using their strategies.
  • Ralph commended the service for its data-driven research and clear investment ideas, expressing satisfaction with the valuable insights provided.
  • Keith L., a retired Army Colonel, appreciated the team’s risk assessment methods, comparing them to military techniques and recommending Capitalist Exploits as a well-prepared team.
  • Rob Culbertson found value in the service’s advice during uncertain times, highlighting its guidance in wealth protection and its relevance amid ongoing market challenges.
  • Robert Coughlan highlighted the newsletter’s comprehensiveness and straightforward approach, recommending it for its simplicity and transparency, making it accessible and understandable for investors.

Potential customers should consider this aspect and seek comprehensive feedback from various platforms before making an informed decision about their investment choices.’

Is Capital Exploits Legit?

Yes, Capitalist Exploits is legit and boasts an impressive track record. Investors are mostly satisfied with them, as evidenced by their strong rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot. 

With a solid reputation and a loyal customer base, it continues to be a trusted choice for investors seeking reliable financial guidance and strategic investment opportunities.


  • Consistently High Returns
  • Low-Risk Recommendations (Good Sharpe Ratios)
  • Comprehensive Research and Analysis
  • Transparency
  • Active & Engaged Community
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 30-Day Trial


  • Technical Complexity
  • Lack of Live Trading Capabilities

Is Capital Exploits Worth It?

Capitalist Exploits offers a robust suite of services catering to a diverse range of investors, from beginners to experienced professionals. 

With its focus on exploiting asymmetric risk and its track record of delivering consistent and reliable investment returns, the platform has received positive reviews from its customers on Trustpilot. 

The service provides valuable resources, including a weekly newsletter, real-time investment alerts, proprietary research, and access to a vibrant investor community. 

Subscribers also benefit from educational content, mentorship opportunities, and personalized guidance, enhancing their understanding of investment strategies.

However, it’s essential for potential subscribers to consider the higher fees associated with Capitalist Exploits compared to other similar platforms. Additionally, the technical complexity of the service might pose challenges for novice investors. 


The limited online presence and lack of live trading capabilities on the site could also impact user experience, and the service may not be available in all countries.

Ultimately, whether Capitalist Exploits is worth the investment depends on an individual’s level of expertise, investment goals, and preferences. Prospective users are encouraged to explore the platform’s 30-day trial period for a nominal fee to assess its suitability for their specific needs before making a commitment.

Final Word 

Capitalist Exploits provides a valuable investment platform with comprehensive research, a strong community, and the potential for high returns. The 30-day trial offers a risk-free experience, allowing investors to explore its offerings. 

It’s essential for individuals to weigh the benefits against the technical complexity and higher fees before making an informed decision aligned with their investment goals.

Anyone who’s interested in getting investment recommendations, can try this newsletter. Alternatively, if you’re looking to safeguard your wealth against inflation, check out our top recommended service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is Chris MacIntosh, the founder of Capitalist Exploits?

Chris MacIntosh is the founder of Capitalist Exploits. He is also an accomplished fund manager with a rich history in financial markets. 

His expertise stems from years of experience as a proprietary trader for Henry Ansbacher and as a senior fund manager for the proprietary trading book at Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa. 

With this extensive background, Chris established Capitalist Exploits, an investment service dedicated to exploiting asymmetric risks in the market. His deep understanding of market dynamics and risk management strategies informs the valuable insights provided through the service.

Q. How does Capitalist Exploits work?

Capitalist Exploits operates through Insider Weekly, a comprehensive newsletter that subscribers gain access to. 

This weekly publication serves as a treasure trove of investment advice, curated stock picks, and valuable insights sourced from seasoned investors and hedge fund managers. 

Subscribers not only receive expert analyses in written form but also benefit from timely email alerts highlighting specific investment opportunities. 

Furthermore, they can actively participate in discussions on investment strategies through the Investor Forum, fostering a collaborative and knowledge-sharing community.

Q. Who can benefit from Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits caters to a diverse audience, making it accessible and beneficial for a wide range of investors. 

Whether you are a novice looking to delve into the world of investments or an experienced investor seeking advanced insights, this service is tailored to meet your needs. 

It particularly appeals to seasoned investors, professional money managers, and aspiring investors eager to explore and understand global markets. 

The service’s versatility ensures that individuals at various stages of their investment journey can find valuable information and strategic guidance.

Q. How much does a subscription to Capitalist Exploits cost?

Capitalist Exploits offers a cost-effective subscription plan, making high-quality investment advice accessible to all. 

The service provides a 30-day trial period for a nominal fee of $1, allowing potential subscribers to explore the offerings risk-free. After the trial period, the subscription is priced at an affordable $35 per month. 

This competitive pricing ensures that valuable insights and expert recommendations are within reach for investors seeking to enhance their portfolios without breaking the bank.

Q. Is there a minimum investment amount required to use Capitalist Exploits?

One of the standout features of Capitalist Exploits is its inclusivity, regardless of the size of your investment portfolio. There is no specific minimum investment amount required to access the service. 

Whether you are managing a modest investment or a substantial portfolio, Capitalist Exploits is designed to offer valuable advice and insights tailored to your unique financial situation. 

This accessibility ensures that a wide range of investors can benefit from the expertise and recommendations provided by the service.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Capitalist Exploits prioritizes customer satisfaction and confidence. For new members who may have reservations, the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that individuals exploring Capitalist Exploits for the first time can do so without any financial risk. 

If, within the initial 30 days, a member finds the service unsuitable or does not meet their expectations, they can avail of the money-back guarantee, providing them with a risk-free opportunity to evaluate the service and its offerings. 

This assurance underscores the service’s commitment to delivering value and ensuring customer satisfaction.