Charles Luther Manson

It has been reported that Charles Luther Manson, the son of the late infamous criminal Charles Manson, changed his name to Jay Charles Warner. Speculation arose when news of his death in 2007 surfaced.

Charles Luther Manson, offspring of the late infamous criminal Charles Manson, is known for the Manson Family, the cult which his father led in California. This cult was responsible for the murders of nine people between July and August of 1969.

Charles had multiple conventional family situations in which he was a father and a husband. Though, unfortunately, none of the relatives who were part of those unions — either his former spouses or offspring — had an ongoing bond with him.

It was obvious that they showed very little concern for the convicted criminal. They were able to keep their identities hidden from the public and not even the death of some of them made it to the media, one of them being Charles Manson‘s second son, Charles Luther Manson.

The profile summary of Charles Luther Manson reveals that he was born in the ’60s, with his mother being a sex worker from Los Angeles. To avoid prison times, Manson married Charles Luther’s mom, which was a sham marriage. He never got the chance to meet his infamous dad Charles. People are curious to know the whereabouts of his mother Candy Stevens. Charles Luther had another brother and many other siblings. People are also wondering if he is still alive and if he ever got married.

A Summary of the Characteristics of Charles Luther Manson

charles luther manson
  • Full Name: Charles Luther Manson
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: September 24th, 1960
  • Age: 62-Year-Old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Faith: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Parents of Charles Luther Manson: Charles Manson and Leona Candy Stevens
  • Sibling of Charles Luther Manson: Charles Manson Jr.
  • Height: 5ft 10inches/178 cm
  • Net Worth: $100,000

Charles Manson Saw The Light Of Day In The Decade Of The 1960s

According to The Life And Times of Charles Manson, Charles Manson was born in early September 1961, however, other records indicate that he was born on September 24, 1960.

The Individual’s Parent Was An Escort Who Was Based In The City Of Angels

According to Jeff Guinn’s Manson, The Life and Times of Charles Manson-Simon & Schuster (2013), Luther’s mother, Candy Stevens, born Leona Rae Musser, was born around 1940.

In March 2018, the Kern County Superior Court in California allowed Jason Freeman, the grandson of Charles Manson, to have the deceased’s body. Manson passed away from cardiac arrest, which was caused by respiratory failure, on the 19th of November, 2017. He was also battling colon cancer at the time. Source: Corcoran Prison, California

Though her exact origins and family background are unknown, sources have indicated that Manson and she first crossed paths in Los Angeles, California, where she was working as a prostitute. It is not known if she was already a sex worker when they met or if Charles encouraged her to pursue the job.

Ed Sanders, the author of The Family: The Story of Charles Manson’s Dune Buggy Attack Battalion, reports that according to police reports, Stevens presented as a Caucasian woman.

Charles Manson Wed Charles Luther’s Mother To Escape Doing Time in Jail

Estimates suggest that it was probably during the mid-1950s when Luther’s mother was employed by Charles on the street. Reports and biographies verify this.

In order to get her husband’s murderer off the hook, Candy once falsely claimed that she was expecting a child. She promised that if the court let him go, she and Manson would wed and begin their own family.

In December of 1959, following his release from prison, Charles drove Candy and a female companion from California to New Mexico. Unfortunately, they were caught by the police, and the ringleader of the Manson family was charged with a federal offense of breaking the Mann Act, which forbids transporting women across state boundaries for immoral purposes.

The Union Of The Parents Of Charles Luther Manson Was A Fraudulent One

In an effort to prevent Stevens from giving evidence against him, Manson tried to marry her after his arrest. Under the law of the time, wives were not allowed to bear witness against their husbands, so he and Stevens’ parents married them in 1959.

Leona testified against her then-spouse, resulting in the latter going to jail again. It appears she did this in order to have her own accusations dismissed, thus becoming a “material witness.”

In the spring of 1960, Leona became expecting Charles Luther Manson’s child. Subsequently, in the fall of that same year, she had her son and Charlie’s son.

In January 1964, Leona and Manson’s union was formally dissolved and Candy was granted full legal guardianship of Luther.

He was never acquainted with his notorious father, Charles.

It is unfortunately not uncommon for a child to never meet their father- a reality that was the case for Luther, who was born while his father Charles was already behind bars. During his upbringing, Charles continued to be in and out of prison.

Leona acted as a single parent to Charles, bringing him up alone. It could be speculated that he had the desire to meet his felonious father, but upon being informed of the severe wrongdoings he had done, this might have been a thought he abandoned. It is possible that Charles Luther had no wish to be associated with his dad.

What Has Happened to Candy Stevens, His Mom?

Following the divorce, Leona Rae Musser had very limited contact with her former spouse. It is reported that she worked hard to keep her son and herself away from the public eye and any notoriety.

Up to this point, she has not been in the news.

Candy Stevens, the former wife of criminal Charles Stevens, was born Leona Rae Musser in roughly 1940. She was a sex worker in Los Angeles, CA, and married Manson in the late 1950s but they eventually split in the early 1960s. The two had one child together.

In November 2014, the late father of Luther became betrothed to a 26-year-old woman from Illinois, Afton Elaine Burton. Despite this, Manson and Burton were unable to marry. That was because the former thought his fiancée was only using him for publicity. Burton’s explanation of why the marriage could not take place was that Charles’ marriage license had expired.

On November 19, 2017, Luther’s father passed away.

The Sibling of Charles Luther Manson

Jay White (initially known as Charles Manson Jr) was the half-brother of Luther. He was the product of Charles Manson’s first marital union with Rosalie Jean Willis.

The half-brother of Charles Luther Manson, Jay White (formerly Charles Manson Jr.), was born to Charles Manson and his first wife, Rosalie Jean Willis. In 1993, Jay White passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Burlington, Colorado. Source: Biography

In 1993, Charles White committed suicide in Burlington, Colorado by shooting himself in the head. Jason Freeman, White’s estranged son, told CNN that he believed his father’s death was due to the fact that he was Manson’s son, yet White left no suicide note.

Jason had a similar upbringing to his grandfather; he is said to have had several stays at juvenile detention centers, county jails, and ultimately prison in his youth. Since then, he has been living a life free of criminal activity.

His Sibling

Charles Manson’s third son, Valentine Michael Manson, was born in 1968 to Mary Brunner, a UC Berkeley campus librarian, who had devoted herself to joining The Manson Family cult group. The birth took place in a house located in Topanga Canyon.

Valentine Michael Manson, the son of notorious criminal Charles Manson and his follower Mary Brunner, was born in 1968 – one year prior to the infamous Sharon Tate murders. (Source: Jessica Q. Chen / Los Angeles Times)

It has been said that Manson gave his son the name of Valentine as a tribute to the main character in Robert Heinlein’s book Stranger In A Strange Land.

Valentine’s life was not long-lived with his father’s name. In 1970, Mary’s parents took action to gain the guardianship of Valentine, and the court granted them their wish. Subsequently, they changed his name to Michael Brunner. According to reports, Michael viewed his father as a wicked person and was thankful to be raised by his grandparents in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

What Was the Number of Charles Luther Manson’s Other Siblings?

When a journalist asked Mason in 1981 how many progenies he had, his response was vague. The now-deceased murderer did not give a precise answer to the query.

“Hm, I’m not sure. I have a lot of kids, you know. In fact, occasionally I even suspect that you could be one of them.”

According to Romper, Charles Manson’s children lead quiet lives nowadays.

Right up until his passing, there were people professing to be Manson’s offspring. Nonetheless, each of the paternity tests did not back up those statements. Notable examples included Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz (born to Susan Atkins), Phoenix (born to Catherine Share), and Ivan (born to Sandra Good).

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Matthew Roberts from Los Angeles, who aspired to be a rock musician, declared himself to be the inheritor of Charles Manson. Jason Freeman also asserted that he was Manson’s grandson, though a DNA test was able to confirm his relation to the criminal. Rebecca Evans-Bonyadi, who is also from Los Angeles, alleged that she was Manson’s daughter. However, there is yet to be any solid evidence.

Is He Still Existing?

Out of Manson’s progeny, Luther was the most skilled in avoiding recognition. In 1976, he supposedly transformed his name to Jay Charles Warner; the first name was in memory of his late half-brother. It is said that he passed away in 2007 at the age of forty-seven. It was said that Warner was a tall individual with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Did Charles Luther Manson Enter into Matrimony?

Very little info is available about the clandestine life of Charles’ younger son. Some people still persist in the conviction that Jay is still alive, while others are convinced he has passed away.

In 2017, Manson Blog reported that Charles Luther Manson had a family with at least one daughter. This daughter showed a blurred image of him. However, there is not much known about Charles’ second son. Some people still believe Jay is alive.

In 2017, a blog reported that Charles Manson had a family which included a daughter. Despite this, there is still a lack of DNA evidence to support this theory.