Edward Jones Investments

What is Edward Jones Investments?

Edward Jones Investments is a complete investment management company with locations in both the United States & Canada. It was established in St. Louis in 1922. Throughout the twentieth century, the company established an excellent reputation as one of the most renowned portfolio managers by investing extensively in all of its customers.

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Edward Jones Investments began its business in the United States without moving into Canada. The company presently professes to have approximately 15,000 sites & roughly 19,000 highly skilled and knowledgeable financial analysts.

This firm presently serves roughly 7 million clients & has nearly $1.7 trillion in AUM (Assets Under Management). The firm concentrates mostly on investments with long-term prospects.

The founder, Edward Jones, became a well-known figure in the field of personal investment in money, as well as he is largely responsible for the company’s continued success after decades of operation.

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People Behind Edward Jones Investment: CEO, Owner, Co-Founders & More

Edward Jones, founder of Edward Jones Investment employs around 19,000 advisors in total and includes a management team, writing approximately individuals thoroughly is difficult, therefore these are some of the prominent employees of the organization.

Penny Pennington: Managing Partner

Edward Jones Managing Partner

Edward Jones Investment’s chief executive officer is Penny Pennington. Pennington, the firm’s sixth operating spouse, is guiding the business via an organizational rejuvenation and strategic shift that is driven by purpose, leader-led, and collaborative as Edward Jones enters the second half of the decade.

Pennington joined Edward Jones in 2000 as an advisor to investors and rose to principal in 2006. She performed various managerial duties in the firm’s St. Louis office until becoming a managing partner in 2019.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and also an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Lisa Dolan: Principal, Chief Operating Officer

Edward Jones Investments COO

Lisa Dolan is the COO of Edward Jones Investments, where she oversees the company’s Operations and Management section, along with Firm Data analysis, Strategic Enabling, Organizing, as well as Workforce Resources.

Why Are Investors Diversifying Their Portfolio?

Experts agree that the financial market is now even more fragile than pre-2008. Will your retirement portfolio weather the imminent financial crisis? Threats are many. Pick your poison..

bank collapse

The financial system would be in great peril if one or more big banks fail.

“When we get to a downturn, banks won’t have the cushion to absorb the losses. Without a cushion, we will have 2008 and 2009 again.”

student loans 1

Student debt, which has been on a steep rise for years, could figure greatly in the next credit downturn.

“There are parallels to 2008: There are massive amounts of unaffordable loans being made to people who can’t pay them”

national debt

The US national debt has spiked $1 trillion in less than 6 months!

“If we keep throwing gas on flames with deficit spending, I worry about how severe the next [economic] downturn is going to be–and whether we have enough bullets left [to fight it],”

private debt

Total household debt rose to an all-time high of $13.67 trillion at year-end 2019.

“Any type of secured lending backed by an asset that is overvalued should be a concern… that is what happened with housing.”

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Edward Jones Investments Products: All products offered by Edward Jones Investements

Independent Gold IRAs or another sort of self-directed account are not available from Edward Jones Investments. This means you won’t be able to contribute to your IRA with physical metals that are precious via Edward Jones. Yet, the corporation has a choice of investing in gold mining companies or in metal-related traded funds.

Edward Jones Investments Products

Paper Gold

Edward Jones Investments claims to have one kind of investment referred to as Paper Gold. This primarily entails not purchasing gold bullion or any other kind of precious metals such as palladium, platinum, & silver.

In reality, if somebody is interested in acquiring a paper-based picture of the desired precious metals. So it is assumed that an individual is selling you gold coins in a safe setting with rigorous restrictions in place to prevent fraud.

Apart from an immediate paper trail to gold or other types of precious metals, mutual funds are another option. Custodians administer the metals that are precious for the brokers of the fund.

Edward Jones provides Roth and standard IRAs, along with a variety of other fundamental investing alternatives such as:

  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Mutual Funds
  • Commodities
  • Units Investment Trusts
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Additional Services provided by Edward Jones InvestmentsAll services offered by Edward Jones Investments

  • Planning for Retirements
  • Wealth Strategies
  • Education Savings
  • Planning you Estate
  • Savings, Cash and Credit
  • Insurance Annuities
  • Business Solutions
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Edward Jones Investments Fees and Charges: Do they overcharge?What are their fees? Do they have hidden fees?

Portfolio Strategy Fees

These fees are computed based on the level of risk in your portfolio and the sum that you decide to invest in stocks or other types of investments.

Therefore, for greater-value investors, the company’s investment management fees may vary from 0.09% in the case of the Advisor Solutions Fund Plan to an additional 0.19 percent for the Advisory Solutions Universal Market Access (UMA) Plan.

Edward Jones Investments fees & charges

Management Fees

Management fees at Edward Jones vary depending on the kind of account and strategy for investing. This fee is determined by the total value of assets handled. The bigger the value associated with these investments, the smaller the proportion of charges payable.


Social Media Presence of Edward Jones Investments:Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram

Twitter Handle of Edward Jones

The organization has a Twitter account. They have 193,000 followers along with 107 accounts. In 2009, Edward Jones joined Twitter.

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Facebook Page of Edward Jones

Edward Jones Investments has 83K followers on its Facebook account.

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LinkedIn Page of Edward Jones

The company has a LinkedIn profile with 231,244 followers.

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Youtube Page of Edward Jones

The company has 9.44K subscribers on its Youtube channel and they have posted around 54 videos.

Is Edward Jones Investments Legit? Should You Invest With Them?Is Edward Jones Investments a scam or legit? Are they worth it?

Edward Jones Investments, in my opinion, is not a legitimate company. It is entirely up to you whether or not to invest.

Edward Jones Investments is a widely recognized investing firm that strives to give outstanding client service while charging hefty fees. Its target market is affluent people, and the approach to gathering is clearly long-term.

Although the organization does not offer true Gold IRAs, it does offer a basic range of financial services that the majority of consumers ought to be acquainted with.

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