Gainesville Coins Complaints

Gainesville Coins is a full-service precious metals dealer. They buy and sell precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) domestically and internationally in over 70 countries.

Their employees have a thorough understanding of the precious metals industry and have between 20 and more than 40 years of market experience. They have transacted billions of dollars in throughput. Their specialization is in government-issued gold and silver coins. However, the company also produce its own silver coins with unique designs.

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The American Numismatic Association (ANA), the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE), the Industrial Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), and Coin Net are all members of Gainesville Coins.

The company is a government-approved distributor for a number of Mints worldwide. The Royal Mint (UK), the United States Mint, the Perth Mint (Australia), the Royal Australia Mint, and the Monnaie de Paris (France) are among them.

Gainesville claims that because of its extensive inventory, they are able to offer wholesale prices. These are more competitive than those of smaller dealers. They offer tiered pricing on many of their products. This means that you can benefit from discounts if you purchase more significant amounts. Gainesville Coins have no minimum order requirements when you are either buying from them or selling to them.

They offer their own storage option to their customers. For this, they charge annual scaled fees. These can work out quite costly when compared with the flat fees which are offered by some of their competitors. However, many customers have reported Gainesville Coins Complaints, and we will look into whether or not they are legitimate in this article.

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Gainesville Coins Complaints- Reputation

Gainesville Coins has benefits and drawbacks like any other investing firm. To make a sensible choice, consider both the pros and cons. 

Gainesville Coins offers a comprehensive range of gold, silver, and platinum products. They make excellent companions if you’re a collector. The business sells a variety of historic coins. 

Gainesville Coins products

Gainesville Coins is well-recognized for creating gold, silver, and platinum coins that are IRA-eligible. The business doesn’t, however, currently offer any palladium-based products for sale. The majority of the products are frequently marked as “out of stock” by the company. On occasion, customers will gripe about the hefty commission costs. 

Gainesville Coins is a trustworthy company, however, we do not advise doing business with them.  They are not a scam. But Gainesville Coins Complaints indicate that they are not the best choice for IRAs or gold investments.

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Gainesville Coins Complaints

Gainesville Coins have been accredited with BBB since November 2006. They have been awarded an A+ rating which on a scale from A+ to F is the highest achievable.

Gainesville Coins BBB

BBB mentions that the only information of note provided by the BBB is that the company’s business started in January  2000 and it was incorporated in July 2006 in Florida. At the time of our most recent check, there had been 87 complaints closed with the BBB in 12 months. BBB categorized these complaints as issues regarding Delivery (6), Product or Service (3), Billing/collections (2), and Advertising/ Sales (1). 

Let’s have a look at some of the complaints shown below:

  1. One of the customers of Gainesville Coins says in his complaint that he Ordered on May 10, 2023, and his funds were refunded. On July 4, he sent Gainesville an email, and he was informed that the order would be shipped out in the next two days. No order, no follow-up. When he called them once more last week, he was told that he would receive the item the following week. No purchase was made. To cancel his transaction and request a refund, I called them today and spoke with ***. They said they will be mailing my check today. He is registering this complaint after reading the previous complaints to ensure that he gets a complete refund.

What other complaints say:

2. One of the customers mentioned that – they “Placed order #******, on 4/29/2023 for 380 ounces of silver, they said would be delayed till 6/19/2023 and as of today 7/12/2023 still have not received them. They received and cashed my certified check on 6/1/2023. My first phone call was to ****** that answered (I feel bad for her) and is very nice but she obviously has no control. Her answer was that they will ship out in 2 weeks and I should have received that email.

After the phone call, she did send an email stating they would ship in 2 weeks and they ship and, but the items didn’t ship as stated, and still no shipping date on their site. Made an additional call today and waited on hold for 15 minutes and ****** stated nothing she can do, to try to contact shipping.

I have sent an email to **************************** in shipping but his email came back undeliverable. What gets me is they are still taking orders for these exact items. Should they still be selling orders for the items until they get the ones already sold out the door? This looks suspiciously like the “robbing ***** to pay ****”, many companies in trouble engage in this type of practice right before they go bankrupt.”


Mote Gainesville Coins Complaints:

3. Another customer says that – “ {May 29, 2023 – I placed an order for Silver Bullion and paid with a credit card. I received a confirmation email of my order from Gainesville Coins. The email indicated that the order would ship in approximately 3 weeks on June 19, 2023.} {May 30, 2023 – The payment cleared my bank account.} {June 20, 2023 – I have not received any correspondence from Gainesville Coins about a delay or shipment.

I sent an email asking for the status of the order.} {June 21, 2023 – Receiving no reply to my email, I called Gainesville Coins. Was told there was a 2-week delay and that they sent me an email explaining the delay. I told them I never received an email and asked them to send me the email again. I still have never received an email updating my order

And also noted there was nothing in my spam.} {June 29, 2023 – I called Gainesville Coins again and asked when my order would ship. And I was told that my order was in the queue. Was asked if the item was even in stock. I was told that there was no way for them to check their stock. I was told that my order could ship in 1 day, 1 week, or 2 weeks. There’s no way for them to know. They are extremely backed up in shipping out orders.

I asked them to cancel my order, and was told that they aren’t accepting cancellations right now.} ************ is still taking orders online for these silver bars and still indicating that they will ship them in 3 weeks. I believe that they are cash-strapped and are using customers’ money to settle previous debts. They don’t answer emails and give you the run around when you call.”


Interesting Facts about Gainesville Coins

  • Gainesville Coins has consistently ranked among the top dealers in Consumer Affairs evaluations and is the only bullion dealer to get a five-star rating from the National Inflation Association.
  • Gainesville Coins, as a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), adheres to a high standard of moral behavior. An outside party routinely examines the business, and it must pass each audit to maintain its status as a trustworthy dealer.
  • The Royal Mint (UK), the US Mint, Monnaie de Paris (France), the Royal Australia Mint, and the Pert Mint (also in Australia) have all entrusted this organization with the impressive duty of providing precious metals on a global scale. Investors might feel safe dealing with a company that has a long list of satisfied customers. 

Gainesville Coins Complaints- Summary

There are several issues in this company.

One is that there are only 12 people employed by the business, including the founder, co-founder, IT manager, and storage supervisor. Therefore, there may be times when an investor does not receive a prompt answer from them, particularly during times of high activity.

Additionally, some investors have expressed dissatisfaction with the incorrect sizes of their coins and rounds as well as some grading irregularities that resulted in them receiving less than what they had anticipated or paid for. Although the company has taken steps to remedy these problems, there may occasionally still be inconsistencies with some goods.

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