Gold IRA Approved Depositories 2023: Why & How to Choose an IRA Approved Depository 

Suppose you’re an investor in precious metals or have ever considered investing in precious metals. In that case, you might be curious to learn how people safely store their physical gold or silver. Gold IRA Approved Depositories can be a beneficial resource for owners of precious metals bullion. 

Companies that manage precious metal storage vaults have seen a rise in revenue from both existing customers and new investors in recent years. Operators of these depositories are opening new facilities and expanding across North America and Europe to meet the ongoing demand.

gold ira approved depositories

The federal government’s Gold IRA Approved Depositories allow investors to safely store all major precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and platinum-group metals such as rhodium and palladium, for long-term appreciation potential.

If you’re concerned about inflation, precious metals have historically served as a safeguard against the inflationary devaluation of your money.

What is Gold IRA?

Investors constantly look for new places to invest their money to earn a profit. One of the most popular places to invest in recent years has been one of the oldest assets. In 1997, the United States government approved the inclusion of precious metals in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

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A gold IRA is an individual retirement account (IRA) that enables participants to hold gold as an eligible retirement investment. Investors can have physical metals such as bullion or coins, as well as precious metals-related products, in gold IRAs.

A gold IRA should be kept separate from any other type of retirement account. However, the laws regarding contribution limits and distributions remain the same. Gold IRAs can be opened through a broker-dealer or other custodian.

Benefits of Gold IRA

A gold IRA provides investors with numerous advantages that make these investment strategies appealing to both beginner and experienced investors, including:

  • Protection from inflation, instability in society, and worldwide disasters.
  • The one-of-a-kind opportunity to purchase precious metals in numerous forms.
  • Several tax advantages that will assist you both now and in the future.

What are Gold IRA Approved Depositories?

Precious metals purchased as part of an IRA must be legally held in Gold IRA Approved Depositories.

A depository is a firm with a highly secure building to safeguard investors’ assets. It is a safe house where investors can deposit their precious metals with the security of a bank vault. 

gold ira approved depositories

This gives investors peace of mind knowing their money is secure and eliminates the need to store these valuables at home. 

Among the measures used by depositories to protect the safety of investors’ assets are:

  • Constant supervision
  • Structures that are resistant to natural disasters
  • Armed security insurance protects the assets of investors to a considerable extent.

You have the option of not having your precious metals in the Gold IRA Depository mixed with those of other precious metals. Also, your gold will be kept separate from everyone else’s in the vault, usually on a specifically designated shelf. This is referred to as segregated storage. This contrasts with a bank, which will collect all deposits and record everyone’s holdings. This is known as allotted storage or commingled or non-segregated storage.

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If an investor wishes to open a gold IRA, they must hold their precious metals in an IRS-approved depository. The IRS has sanctioned and regulated certain specialized depositories.

Types of Gold IRA Approved Depositories

Depositories can store metals in two ways: allotted or unallocated. Also, they often hold the metals in designated accounts, where they keep the actual precious metals in a separate area, similar to a safety deposit box. When the point of distribution is reached, the identical precious metal deposited will be sent out of the facility.

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Another alternative for storage is unallocated storage, where depositories mix metals based on the size/weight and refinery of the coins and the year they were produced. The metal will be the same size/weight, refinery, or year coins at the time of distribution, but not necessarily the exact metal you ordered.

Fees differ from one depository to the next, so do the research to compare. Budget-wise, investors should remember that annual depository fees must be paid from Self-Directed IRA money. These fees cannot be paid in person.

IRA-approved gold storage

Although there are many depository providers, only a few have been certified by the Gold IRA as your IRA storage alternative. Working with Gold IRA Approved Depositories has two major advantages:

1. IRA regulations dictate that taking delivery of gold in an IRA constitutes a taxable payout. To avoid this, most investors prefer to have their gold shipped directly to the depository from a third party.

2. Using an IRA-approved depository provides peace of mind regarding security. The organization undergoes a secure auditing process, ensuring that your funds are being stored with the utmost care.

How to do Gold IRA Approved Depositories Work?

A precious metals depository works similarly to a high-end storage facility. Bullion investors begin by creating an account with a depository. Account holders must fill out a deposit form, which outlines the things that will be housed in the depository, in order to deposit their bullion.

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Owners can deposit bullion in their possession or have recently purchased precious metals sent directly to the depository for storage. Precious metals depositories also keep bullion safe with advanced security and insurance in the unlikely case of a loss. Customers will pay storage costs in exchange for these services.

Why are Gold IRA Approved Depositories more secure?

Gold IRA Approved Depositories are considered more secure due to their high-level security measures and constant monitoring by security professionals. They hold extremely valuable precious metals that are internally and externally secure.

The premises are regulated and recorded to control entry, and there are further layers of protection once inside. To ensure safekeeping, depositories plan for almost any circumstance and implement security redundancies.

Furthermore, depositories have strong internal accounting measures to accurately record and track the holdings of all depositors at all times.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Gold IRA Approved Depository?

To begin with, a depository should have top-tier security and precious metals insurance. A trustworthy precious metals repository will also regulate climate and humidity which ensures that your precious metals are kept at the right temperature and moisture levels to avoid tarnishing.

Looking for a depository that has regular audits can help reassure you that high-quality standards are upheld through regular evaluations.

Individuals who want to physically check in on their precious metals bullion must use a local depository, so proximity to one’s home or company may be a factor in selecting a depository. Another consideration is privacy and secrecy.

Why do you need Gold IRA Approved Depositories?

An IRA-approved depository is an important consideration for individuals who possess tangible assets such as precious metals.

A gold IRA-approved depository is essential for long-term precious metals investors. These depositories must meet federal and state regulatory requirements.

The IRS’s strict vault criteria, such as size, service area, administration, and record-keeping skills, also benefit precious metals investors.  

Below we have provided a list of top gold IRA-approved depositories:

1. Delaware Depository Service Company

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The CME Group has certified Delaware Depository IRA-approved firm as an exchange-approved depository for the COMEX and NYMEX markets. It provides all-risk insurance coverage of up to $1 billion, including up to $100,000 per item for mail or express carrier shipments.

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The customer base of the Delaware Depository is diversified. The corporation primarily serves brokerage firms, IRA custodians, refiners, manufacturers, retailers, coin dealers, and commodity trading houses. Their clients can also take advantage of some of their numerous unique business tax incentives.

2. Brinks Global Services

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Brinks Global Services has authorized depositories in London and New York. Most clients prefer Brinks because it offers unique benefits not found in other depositories. These advantages include:

  • All stored assets are fully liable.
  • Customize Precious metal preparation, acceptance, storage, and release 
  • Clients may perform third-party assays and inspections if facilities are available.
  • Weighing practices that are accepted in the industry
  • Client metals are delivered quickly to secure storage facilities.
  • Inventory management that is internationally approved and accessible via an online portal.

3. HSBC Bank USA

hsbc bank usa - gold ira approved depository

This organization is a well-known and preferred precious metal holder around the world. HSBC Bank is the world’s largest bullion clearer. Since 2003, HSBC Bank has been voted the top gold and silver dealer in an annual study conducted by Risk and Energy magazine.

Since its inception in 1817, the organization has been a precious metals industry leader for decades. As a result, the IRS recognized it as a trustworthy as well as legitimate precious metals depository. This financial institution’s characteristics and benefits include the following:

  • It boasts the largest commercial vault in the world.
  • It is the world’s largest precious metal custodian.
  • It is the leader of the top six worldwide precious metals exchanges.
  • It offers round-the-clock international customer assistance.

4. JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

gold ira approved depositories of jp morgan chase

The organization has over three decades of experience supplying clients with precious metal-related services. JP Morgan Global Metals’ clients all benefit from risk management solutions. The company has state-of-the-art vault facilities in Singapore, London, as well as in New York.

JP Morgan stores and controls precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, rhodium, and palladium. However, because JP Morgan was only recently approved as a depository, its holdings account for less than 10% of the COMEX.

5. ScotiaMocatta Depository

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ScotiaMocatta Depository is a component of Scotiabank, also known as Canada’s gold bank, with investing and finance roots dating back to 1671. Scotia Capital Markets formed the depository in 1997 after it purchased Mocatta Bullion and Base from Standard Chartered Bank (SBC).

It is a COMEX-approved depository that offers global market coverage. Also, it offers various precious metal-related services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services include certificate programs, coinage, rate agreements, stored metal physical delivery globally, as well as leases/consignments/loans.


In the end, deciding if Gold IRA Approved Depositories are the best option for you depends on several factors. Anyone with a precious metals IRA or significant bullion should use a Gold IRA Approved Depository.

Individuals concerned about security or insurance might consider a Gold IRA Approved Depository. On the other hand, banks or third-party storage facilities may be viable substitutes.

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