Israel Tower of David Coins – History, Design, Pricing And More (Updated 2023)

Israel proudly unveiled its first gold bullion in the shape of the .9999 acceptable Israel Tower of David coins to the world in 2010. For the first time, the Jerusalem of Gold series has a 20 New Sheqalim face value as well as is destined to be popular with investors and coin collectors worldwide.

Israel Tower of David Coins

Background of Israel Tower of David Coins 

There is always more to discover. In terms of its historical significance and geographic location, the Tower of David is among the most significant buildings.

The Old City of Jerusalem is rich in history. Archaeological discoveries have been made throughout the region, Tunnels, coins, as well as more. These artefacts tell stories and reveal historical facts.

The Old City of Jerusalem

The Holy Land Mint made a wise decision after they saw the new Bank of Israel backed Jerusalem of Gold series in 2010. They chose to have the Royal Dutch Mint strike their first-year issue of Israel Tower of David coins with an extremely limited mintage of only 3,600 coins. The coins quickly sold out in the first year. All the coins are legal and have a stated face value of 20 New Sheqalim. 

Also, each piece is made of.9999 pure gold. The price of Israel’s original gold bullion coins varies with the international daily gold price and also plus a premium over the spot metal price.

Both Investors and collectors will value the new bullion coins. All of the bullion gold coins in the new series depict a beloved historical landmark in Jerusalem’s eternal old city. Furthermore, the Israel Tower of David coins, each year featured a single theme. All coins present their original box as well as come with an authenticating document. Meir Eshel designed the coins.

Physical Characteristics of Israel Tower of David Coins

Design of Coins

The front side of these coins is called the “obverse.” The obverse depicts a portrait of the Tower of David. This important ancient world stronghold was built in the second century B.C. to make strong the security of the old walled city. A few distinct phrases are inscribed on the obverse. It reads “Jerusalem” in Hebrew, Israeli, and English, with the face value of “20 New Sheqalim” and “1 Oz. Fine Gold.9999.” Here The Star of David featured is Israel’s mint mark.

Israel Tower of David Coins Design

The “reverse” of a coin is its back side. The reverse of these coins remains the same throughout the series. The back side of the coin represents The Lion of Megiddo, with its abstracted curved tail, which is based on an 8th century BCE seal found in Megiddo (Armageddon) in the Jordan Valley.

The seal is classified as belonging to Shema, a servant of Israel’s King Jeroboam II. The lion is a symbol of the Tribe of Judah and Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital. The same Lion of Megiddo has appeared on the Israeli 5 Lira Banknote (1958), 5 Lira Coin (1978), and also Half Sheqel Coin in the past (1980). The State of Israel Emblem appears above the lion figure, and the word “Israel” appears below it in English, Hebrew, as well as Arabic.

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Issuing yearMaterialFinenessMassDiameterThicknessDesign
2010Gold99991 troy ounce32 mm3 mmMeir Eshel

Pricing of Israel Tower of David Coins 

As mentioned above Israeli Tower of David gold coins are legal tender in Israel. 20 New Sheqalim is the face value of each coin. This face value provided by the coins has minimum guaranteed value, it does not include the total intrinsic value of the beautiful pieces. The actual value of the coins is determined by the price of gold, market demand, and supply dynamics.

The Israel Tower of David coins determines their market value and prices. The market value of these coins determines their worth in a retirement or investment portfolio. It has higher prices in comparison to spot gold prices. Their collectable nature, combined with their small mintage, adds to their value for collectors and investors alike. Manufacturing and shipping costs help to justify the significant premium over spot gold.


Therefore, If you want to protect your retirement savings, you must invest in Israel Tower of David coins. However, the market value of these coins determines their worth in a retirement or investment portfolio.

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