Jaya Kelly

Jaya Kelly, born in 2000, is a 23-year-old American singer and rapper who has gained popularity not only for being the child of the famous American RnB singer R. Kelly but also for her courageous journey of embracing her true self. In 2014, Jaya Kelly publicly announced that she is a transgender male. This article delves deep into the life of Jaya Kelly, her family background, her career as a singer, and her transition journey. We will also explore how the people around her, including her famous father and siblings, have reacted to her transition.

Jaya Kelly’s Early Life and Family Background

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Jaya Kelly’s Birth and Childhood

Jaya Kelly was born in 2000 to R. Kelly and his ex-wife Andrea Lee. As a child of an R&B legend, Jaya was thrust into the limelight from a young age. Being born as a female, she grew up with her two siblings, Joann Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr., in the United States. Despite her celebrity status, Jaya’s exact date of birth remains unknown.

Her Siblings: Joann Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr.

Jaya has two siblings: an older sister named Joann Kelly and a younger brother named Robert Kelly Jr. Joann Kelly is a singer who performs under the stage name Buku Abi, while Robert Kelly Jr. is a talented basketball player. The siblings have managed to maintain a close relationship despite the challenges they have faced due to their father’s controversial life.

Jaya Kelly’s Parents: R. Kelly and Andrea Lee

Jaya Kelly’s father, R. Kelly, is a well-known R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer. Over the years, he has sold more than 75 million records, making him one of the world’s best-selling musicians. However, R. Kelly’s life has been marred by numerous legal troubles, including sexual abuse allegations that have led to criminal trials and civil suits.

On the other hand, Jaya’s mother, Andrea Lee, is an accomplished choreographer, actress, and dancer. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 28, 1974, and initially gained fame due to her marriage to R. Kelly. Andrea was R. Kelly’s former backup dancer, and the couple got married in 1996. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2009 after 13 years together.

Jaya Kelly’s Transition Journey

Announcing Her Transgender Identity

In 2014, at the age of 14, Jaya Kelly made headlines when she announced that she is a transgender male in an interview with Paper Magazine. She shared that growing up, she felt different and realized that she was attracted to girls. Jaya believed that the only way to like another girl was if she were a boy, and this led her to embrace her true identity as a transgender male.

Family Reaction and Support

Jaya’s mother, Andrea Lee, and her siblings have been supportive of her transition journey. Andrea has been a constant source of encouragement and love, assuring Jaya that she would always love her regardless of her gender identity. However, R. Kelly has remained silent on the matter, and it is known that Jaya and her sister Joann do not have a close relationship with their father.

Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Others

Jaya Kelly’s decision to embrace her true self has not been without its challenges. She faced bullying at school and even struggled with depression. However, Jaya’s resilience and determination have allowed her to overcome these obstacles and become a role model for many others facing similar struggles with their gender identity.

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Jaya Kelly’s Career: Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

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Developing Her Passion for Music

Jaya Kelly discovered her passion for music during her high school years. She did not further her education at a higher institution but decided to pursue her love for music wholeheartedly. Jaya is a self-taught pianist and producer, which has allowed her to hone her skills and grow as a musician.

Performing as JaahBaby

Jaya Kelly goes by the stage name JaahBaby and has released several singles, including “Reservoir” and “Focus.” She has also performed live at various events, shows, and music concerts, showcasing her talent as a singer and rapper.

Building Her Own Legacy

Despite her celebrity status as R. Kelly’s child, Jaya is determined to make a name for herself in the music industry. She is putting her time and effort into developing her music career, ensuring that she can stand on her own merits and create a sustainable future for herself.

Jaya Kelly’s Personal Life

Relationship Status

As of now, Jaya Kelly’s relationship status remains a topic of curiosity for many. She has not publicly discussed her love life, and it is unknown whether her future partner will be male or female. This is a testament to Jaya’s desire to maintain her privacy despite her public persona.

Social Media Presence

Currently, Jaya Kelly is not active on any social media platforms. This decision allows her to focus on her music and personal life without the distractions and pressures that often come with maintaining a social media presence.

Celebrating Jaya Kelly’s Courage and Determination

Despite the challenges she has faced, Jaya Kelly has demonstrated immense courage and determination in embracing her true self and pursuing her dreams. As a transgender individual, Jaya has navigated a difficult path, but her resilience and passion have allowed her to become a role model and inspiration for others who may be struggling with their own gender identity.

A Beacon of Hope for the LGBTQ+ Community

Jaya Kelly’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community. Her story shows that it is possible to overcome challenges and live authentically, regardless of one’s gender identity. By sharing her experiences, Jaya has provided support and encouragement to countless individuals who may be facing similar struggles.

The Importance of Family Support

Jaya Kelly’s story highlights the crucial role that family support plays in the lives of transgender individuals. The love and encouragement she has received from her mother and siblings have been instrumental in her journey, allowing her to persevere and become the person she was meant to be.


Jaya Kelly’s life is a testament to the power of courage, determination, and love. As a transgender male, she has faced numerous challenges, but her resilience and passion have allowed her to overcome these obstacles and become a role model for others. With the support of her family and her undeniable talent, Jaya Kelly continues to thrive as a singer and rapper, creating a legacy that is uniquely her own.

By sharing her journey, Jaya Kelly has not only provided inspiration for others who may be struggling with their gender identity but has also demonstrated the importance of living authentically and embracing one’s true self. The story of Jaya Kelly serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and courage that lies within each of us, and the incredible impact that love and support can have on our lives.