JM Bullion Lawsuit

When its comes to investing in precious metals, JM Bullion is a frequently mentioned name in discussions among collectors and investors.

Over the years, JM Bullion has gained significant attention for its reputation as a reputable dealer of precious metals.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will examine if there is any JM Bullion lawsuit and should you be concerned.

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JM Bullion Lawsuit: Everything You Need to Know

JM Bullion Lawsuit #1 – Suk v. JM Bullion, Inc.

In his complaint against JM Bullion Lawsuit, Inc., Samuel Suk alleged that the company breached their contract by failing to deliver purchased gold bars. However, the precious metals trader disputes this claim.

JM Bullion filed a case arguing that Samuel Suk’s allegations, even if true, do not amount to a valid breach of contract claim. The lawsuit requests that the court dismiss the complaint.

The parties in this JM Bullion Lawsuit are from separate states, and the amount of damages that are being asked gives the court the authority to hear and decide this matter. In addition, the parties reached an agreement to have the matter decided by a magistrate judge rather than a judge from the district court. 

Based on the explanations provided in the complete verdict, JM Bullion’s Lawsuit request for dismissal of the case is not approved by the court.

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JM Bullion Lawsuit #2 – Old Republic Nat’l Title Ins. Co. v. JM Bullion, Inc.

In early 2013, two individuals stole the identities of Mehrdad Saghian and Stephanie Jarin and reached out to 1st Point Lending regarding the refinancing of property owned by Saghian and Jarin in Beverly Hills. 1st Point then contacted the lending company OK LLC, which agreed to provide a cash-out refinancing loan of $2 million. Greater LA Escrow and Title 365, both escrow organizations, facilitated the loan process.

An amount of two million dollars was deposited into the Title 365 escrow account by OK LLC on February 5, 2013. A total of about $1.98 million was then deposited from Title 365 to the account of Greater LA Escrow. When OK LLC requested title insurance coverage, Title 365 delivered it to them on February 6th. Significantly more than $1.87 million in net loan proceeds were sent by Greater LA Escrow to a Comerica Bank account that was fraudulently formed in Saghian’s name.

An imposter, posing as Saghian, bought over $345,000 worth of gold coins from Apmex on February 12-13. The money for the purchase was transferred from the fake Saghian Comerica account. Apmex sent the coins to a mailbox in San Marino. At the same time, someone pretending to be Saghian made a purchase from JMB of gold coins and bullion worth over $773,000, also sending money from the fake account. This was also delivered to the same mailbox as JMB.

Saghian and Jarin claimed in a JM Bullion Lawsuit on March 8 that their identities were stolen and their signatures were forged on fraudulent documents. On March 26, OK LLC submitted a claim to ORIC insurance.

In August of 2015, ORIC filed a lawsuit for recovery against JM Bullion lawsuit, Apmex, and 1st Point; however, the escrow businesses were not included in the lawsuit. Conversion, constructive trust, and restitution claims were brought forward by ORIC against JMB and Apmex (the defendants). A summary judgment was issued in favor of JMB and Apmex in September 2017.

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It’s important to note that JM Bullion has resolved all of these lawsuits.

They have proven themselves to be a reliable and trusted name in the precious metals industry for decades.

Hence, when you’re wondering about a JM Bullion lawsuit, you shouldn’t be worried about anything.

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About JM Bullion: 

One of the most successful precious metals investment companies in the United States is JM Bullion, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. As an online investment service provider, JM Bullion can win over clients because of its core values, which include honesty, integrity, and a commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Having been established as a trustworthy online precious metals dealer since its founding in 2011, JM Bullion has continued to grow. A significant number of customers have been attracted to JM Bullion as a result of the company’s dedication to delivering bullion and numismatic items of superior quality. However, to get a more in-depth comprehension of the services that JM Bullion provides, let’s investigate JM Bullion lawsuit evaluations in further detail.

One can tell that they have a loyal client base by looking at the various positive reviews and ratings that the firm has gotten over the years, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

On the other hand, this is hardly the end of their list of significant achievements. Instead, the firm has positioned itself as one of the most successful web retailers in North America, achieving a position of #96 among the Top 500 online businesses according to the 2019 Internet Retailer rankings.

Unique Highlights of JM Bullion Lawsuit:

JM Bullion Lawsuit – Fees and Pricing

Based on my comprehensive analysis and significant track record, I found that the fees charged by JM Bullion are equal to those charged by its competitors.

In addition, the firm does not impose any additional costs or commissions on its customers. Instead, they generate revenue by adding a little spread on the rate that is already being offered.

The transparency of JM Bullion’s pricing was the most enticing feature of carrying out an analysis of those prices. When I looked at their product listing on their website, I was able to immediately find out what their current pricing was for precious metals.

As if that weren’t enough, I found out that the firm provides free delivery on orders that are greater than $199. The cost of shipping for items that are less than $9.95 is applicable.

JM Bullion Lawsuit – Customer Reviews

JM Bullion is not any kind of fraud. The gold investing firm in question is a real option. Because JM Bullion is a legitimate business, there are no more lawsuits filed against them.

In addition to this, they enjoy consistently high ratings on well-known consumer advocacy websites.

  • BBB- 4.54/5;
  • Trustpilot- 4/5;
  • Sitejabber- 4.79/5.

Take a look at the following.

JM Bullion Lawsuit & complaints BBB
JM Bullion Trustpilot reviews
JM Bullion reviews and lawsuit info
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JM Bullion Lawsuit – Website and Social Media

JM Bullion is a top-rated company. Its website is excellent. You can check out various details about the company on its website.

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Apart from that JM Bullion does have its page on Facebook which also carries the the required information a person needs to know. On the page, JM Bullion has 45k likes and 46k followers.

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And on its Instagram pages JM Bullion has 420 posts and 12.7k followers.

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JM Bullion Lawsuit – Conclusion: 

JM Bullion has established itself as a top precious metals dealer in the US market, reflecting a range of consumer sentiments. The firm has received thousands of positive ratings on reputable consumer watchdog websites, indicating overall customer satisfaction.

The general image of JM Bullion, on the other hand, continues to be mainly favorable, with one feature that is particularly noticeable being the comparatively low amount of lawsuits that have been brought against them. The lack of any serious JM Bullion lawsuit shows higher levels of customer satisfaction, this indicates that the legal track record is generally smooth and that the connection with consumers is pleasant.

JM Bullion is widely recognized as a dependable company that offers unique products and services. The firm provides investors with a diverse range of options, including gold and silver loans, DIY selling services, the AutoBuy tool, and detailed price research charts. With its commitment to transparency, JM Bullion offers customers transparent pricing, ensuring a positive experience for clients.

The reviewer’s recommendation highlights the fact that JM Bullion has gained the loyalty of hundreds of customers by providing a wide variety of products and services, in addition to a platform that is simple to operate. An extra layer of confidence for prospective investors is provided by the fact that the firm has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which further strengthens its reputation.

JM Bullion is positioned as a credible and respected participant in the precious metals market, earning confidence from a considerable customer base, thanks to its favorable reputation, which, when combined with its extensive variety of services, user-friendly platform, and minimum legal difficulties, places it as a position of prominence.

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