SD Bullion Lawsuit

SD Bullion is among the best bullion dealers in the US.

Is there any evidence that they have been the target of a SD Bullion lawsuit or complaints?

You’ll find out the answer to this question and more in this review below:

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SD Bullion Lawsuit: Everything You Need to Know

When I was looking for a SD Bullion Lawsuit, I found several cases.

However, none of those cases were major.

Hence, there’s no need for concern.


The case that Sanchez filed against SD Bullion, Inc. on March 2, 2021 was filed under the category of Civil Right – Other Disability Discrimination. A petition for this SD Bullion lawsuit was submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

SD Bullion lawsuit 1


Bechler initiated legal action against SD Bullion Lawsuit, Inc. on May 11th, 2020, alleging violations of intellectual property and copyright laws. In the United States District Courts for the District of Colorado, this lawsuit was initially brought. R. Brooke Jackson is the judge that is in charge of this SD Bullion Lawsuit.

SD Bullion lawsuit 2

It’s important to note that SD Bullion has resolved all of these lawsuits.

They have proven themselves to be a reliable and trusted name in the precious metals industry for decades.

Hence, when you’re wondering about a SD Bullion lawsuit, you shouldn’t be worried about anything.

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About SD Bullion: 

SD Bullion sells valuable metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium online. They provide a range of bullion goods from various mints and refineries, including coins, bars, and rounds.

The business was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Michigan, USA. Apart from selling precious metals, SD Bullion also helps customers open Precious Metals IRAs and offers instructional materials on investing in precious metals and market analysis via their podcast and blog.

They are renowned for providing reasonable rates united with an easy-to-use website that enables clients to explore and buy things.

In addition, SD Bullion helps customers open a Precious Metals IRA with New Direction Trust Company, their affiliated custodian. To assist clients in making knowledgeable judgments on their investments in precious metals, they offer educational materials.

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Unique Highlights of SD Bullion Lawsuit:

SD Bullion Lawsuit – Fees and Pricing

Some of SD Bullion’s services are fee-based, such as the following:

  • Fees for PayPal and credit cards: 

A processing fee equal to 3.5% of the order total will be imposed on customers who pay with a credit card or PayPal.

  • Fees for bank wire transfers: 

Your bank may impose a fee for the transfer if you decide to pay for an order by a bank wire.

  • Charges for International Shipping: 

Delivery costs for orders sent outside of the United States are determined by the country of destination, package weight, and delivery method chosen.

  • Returns and Abrupt Closures:

There might be a restocking fee of up to 5% of the purchase amount if you return a product for a refund or cancel an order before it arrives.

SD Bullion Lawsuit – Customer Reviews

  • Business Consumer Alliance (BCA):

Based on a single customer review, SD Bullion has a 5-star rating on BCA, out of a possible 5. The evaluation is favorable. The client gave the business’s services high marks. On the BCA website, they have a CC corporate rating. 

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The BCA website rates products with a CC grade, which stands for “Concern – Conditionally Satisfactory.” This grade shows that although BCA is concerned about the firm’s policies or offerings, the company has taken action to resolve the problems.

The company’s rating is “below satisfactory” and is just one notch higher than “unsatisfactory.” Due to this CC rating, customers should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging in any business dealings with them.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB):

SD Bullion holds an A+ rating and 4.77 out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau website, based on 818 customer reviews. Reviews are mixed, with both positive and negative feedback. The company has 12 years of experience in the industry and has resolved 118 complaints in the past three years. According to the Better Business Bureau website, SD Bullion is BBB accredited.

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  • Trustpilot:

Based on consumer reviews, the business gets 3.6 stars out of 5 stars on the Trustpilot website. The website has 2,201 consumer reviews, and this business has been approved by users. They are receiving a mixed bag of evaluations, both good and bad. These kinds of evaluations indicate that they are in an average state.

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  • Sitejabber:

After analyzing 580 customer reviews and complaints, SD Bullion has received a 4.22-star rating out of 5 on Sitejabber. The majority of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with customers expressing satisfaction with the company’s delivery, customer service, and industry expertise.

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  • ShopperApproved:

With 114,131 customer ratings and reviews on ShopperApproved, the firm has achieved a 4.8-star rating out of 5. Customers have largely praised the company’s customer service, expertise, and on-time delivery in their reviews.

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SD Bullion Lawsuit – Few Positive Reviews –

  • Over the course of the previous five years, Mike Larochelle has placed over forty orders with SD Bullion, and he has never experienced any problems of any kind. According to him, it is not worthwhile to check out another dealer because he is content with the service that they provide.
sd b review
  • In addition to fulfilling his order of actual silver coins in a timely way, Manuel expresses his gratitude to SD Bullion for sending coins that have been sealed by the United States Mint. He gives gratitude to the YouTuber Jeremiah Babe for being the one who motivated him to make this buy.
sd bullion review 2

SD Bullion Lawsuit – Website and Social Media

SD Bullion is a top-rated company. Its website is excellent. You can check out various details about the company on its website.

Apart from that SD  Bullion does have its page on Facebook which also carries the the required information a person needs to know. On the page, SD Bullion has 11k likes and 12k followers.

SD Bullion Lawsuit: Conclusion

There have been some complaints about SD Bullion. However, when you consider the numerous positive reviews they have received, you will notice that the number of complaints is relatively low.

SD Bullion is a reputable gold and silver trader that provides a simple gold individual retirement account (IRA). They are commended for their good inventory of platinum and palladium items, which is rare in the industry. They also offer a wide selection of physical precious metals and investment coins, as well as high ratings and positive customer complaint response rates.

Although they are not experts in precious metal individual retirement accounts (IRAs), they do provide the option and make it quite simple to establish one with them. SD Bullion is the company that we suggest for your investments in precious metals coins and genuine gold. 

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