Kady Allen

Kady Allen is a well-known American celebrity child who gained so much popularity as the daughter of Tim Allen, an American actor, and comedian. Kady is widely recognized despite the fact that she is neither an actress nor else related to the entertainment business.

Tim Allen is best known for his roles as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on ABC’s Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on ABC/Fox’s Last Man Standing. Please keep reading to learn more about Kady Allen, as this concise article covers everything you need to know about her, including her net worth, age, education, family, and more.

What is the identity of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen?

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is the oldest offspring of Home Improvement star, Tim Allen, and his first wife, Laura Diebel. She is a single daughter from the union.

Tim Allen, the father of Katherine, is well-known for his role in the ABC/Fox sitcom Last Man Standing, playing the part of Mike Baxter. Additionally, Laura Diebel, who was their first wife, was married to him for 19 years.

Katherine Kady Allen is renowned in the entertainment industry, even though her time in it was brief. Her father’s influence is responsible for her celebrity. She is the voice actor of Buzz Lightyear.

Kady Allen

This is an examination of the life and career of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen.

The Beginning of the Journey

The beginning of the journey can be traced back to early life.

A picture of Katherine Kady Allen with her family can be seen in the image below.

 Kady Allen

In December 1989, Tim and Laura Deibel welcomed their daughter, Katherine Allen, into the world in Los Angeles, California. The couple affectionately gave her the nickname of Kady.

Kady Allen was born with dark locks and hazel eyes. As the only daughter of two college sweethearts, she was their beloved.

Tim’s demanding career and drug addiction left little room for Kady, while her mother, a sales manager in the interior landscaping industry, had a great deal of responsibility.

When she was young, Laura had to witness her father arguing, which was very upsetting. As Home Improvement, the show starring Allen, had wrapped up production, he found himself with no occupation. He was obviously discontented, and Laura was the one enduring it.

Following the divorce, Katherine’s mother was granted custody. Thus, her father was never able to spend time with his daughter, who was nine at the time, as he was busy chasing his dreams of becoming an actor in Hollywood. As a result, his family was left behind.

Kady often gazed at her dad. She wished to gain a foothold in the field. Her dad, Tim, being a famous celebrity, granted her leverage through his contact list. This enabled her to have a chance to make it to Hollywood.

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen’s Father – Tim Allen

Kady and Tim Allen
Kady Allen is pictured here with her dad, Tim Allen.

Timothy Alan Dick, known as Tim, was born in the United States in 1953. Growing up, he lived in the city of Denver, Colorado. On the 13th of June, he celebrates his birthday.

At a young age, Tim Allen was passionate about pursuing a career in acting. He was fortunate to have a large family of six. While growing up, he attended Seahld High School, taking music courses and becoming enamored with classical piano.

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In 1974, after having completed his studies, he graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Laura Diebel is the mother of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen.

Before becoming a celebrity, Tim Allen and Laura Diebel developed a romantic relationship and decided to tie the knot on April 7, 1984. This loving couple is the parents of Katherine.

Picture of Tim Allen and Laura Deibel: Tim Allen and Laura Deibel

The former couple is depicted in the image – Tim Allen and Laura Deibel.

Though they were content in their life, they made the decision to go their separate ways. Therefore, their separation was made legal in 1999 and they were officially divorced in 2003.

Katherine’s mother is not involved in any acting career, instead living a life of an average individual.

An image of a person speaking can be seen in the illustration. This image is of someone giving a presentation or speech.

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen’s stepmother is Jane Hajduk

Tim and Laura’s divorce was followed by his romantic involvement with actress Jane Hajduk. It was three years after their split that the couple began their relationship.

Portrait of Jane Hajduk, the step-mother of Katherine AllenTom Allen and his step-mother, Jane Hajduk

In the end, they took the plunge and tied the knot on October 7, 2006, following a relationship of over 5 years. The ceremony took place in Grand Lake, Colorado, and was attended by only a few people.

Up to this point, Jane has been involved in the making and performing of Zoom, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Mind Masters. Jane and Kady maintain a positive bond with one another, Kady being Jane’s stepmother.


Siblings are those who are related by blood, making them a brother or sisters.

Kady was not born with a natural brother or sister. But when her father married Jane, they were presented with a gift in the form of a child.

Katherine’s sister, Elizabeth, was born in the month of March in the year 2009. She is now at the age of 13.

Katherine Kady Allen with her father, step-mother, and sisterThe picture of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen along with her dad, step-mom, and sibling

The Net worth of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen

Kady Allen’s financial worth is something that is of note. Her accumulated assets have been estimated to be quite substantial. It is reported that her net worth is quite impressive.

Kady has maintained her silence regarding her profession, and her professional life has remained unblemished. Instead, Katherine chooses to lead an ordinary life, free from scandal, gossip, and presumptions.

It is not known how much Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is worth, however, her father is amongst the wealthiest actors in Hollywood.

The financial status of Tim Allen

The actor’s net worth and salary make up his overall wealth.

No one can deny that Tim has been featured in big-name films over the years, providing him with a considerable income that allows him to support his family.

At the moment, Tim Allen has achieved a net worth of a staggering USD 100 million. While he was working on Home Improvement, he earned a fee of more than USD 1.25 million for each episode.

Katherine Allen's Father
Tim Allen is the father of Katherine Allen.

In the present day, the total compensation amounts to USD 1.9 million, which is the fifth-highest ever paid to a television actor.

In addition, he was rewarded USD 235,000 for each episode of Last Man Standing. Also, initially, for Tory Story, Tim earned about USD 50,000, which escalated to USD 5 million in Toy Story 2.

In Galaxy Quest, a high amount of USD 2 million was granted to Fallen, and USD 12 million was given to Joe Somebody.

Utilizing the World Wide Web for Communication

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Katherine, who is 32, has abandoned any use of social media, whereas her father continues to be a frequent user.

Since 2009, 58-year-old Tim Allen has been a presence on Twitter, and he has earned over 764.1k followers on the platform.

Tim has acquired a grand total of 1.2 million fans on Facebook and 8,618 followers on his Instagram profile.

Questions Frequently Asked

What is the age of Katherine Allen?

Kady Allen celebrated her 33rd birthday in December of 1989.

What is the name of Tim Allen’s daughter?

Tim Allen is the father of Katherine “Kady” and Elizabeth Allen.

Does the actor Tim Allen have any grandchildren?

As far as we know, Tim has no grandchildren since there is no word of Katherine being wed. Thus, there is very little that can be discussed on the topic.