KK Dixon

KK Dixon is an entrepreneur and novelist from the United States. She rose to prominence after it was revealed that she was dating Demetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies. They have been together for around five years and have a daughter named Kaari Jaidyn Morant.

The 2019 Draft saw Ja Morant, a Murray State alumnus, be selected as the 2nd overall pick by the Memphis Grizzlies.

In just four years, his success has been remarkable; the guard has secured a contract worth a potential $231 million and achieved the status of a Nike signature athlete.

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Before arriving in the league, Morant encountered the woman with whom he now has a daughter. During his freshman year at Murray State, he met KK Dixon and they began a relationship.

The Dixon family hails from Antoine, Arkansas where Christal and DeShannon Dixon gave birth to their daughter, Dixon. Her brother, Tyrik, continues the family’s basketball tradition by playing for the Missouri Bears.

Is Ja Morant a Parent?

In August 2019, Ja Morant and his ex-girlfriend, KK Dixon, welcomed their daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant, into the world. Unfortunately, due to the Memphis Grizzlies’ participation in the NBA Bubble in 2020, Morant was unable to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday.

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Kaari has gained a lot of attention among the NBA community in her three-and-a-half-year history. Just like Deuce Tatum, she is regularly found in the stands of Grizzlies matches to support her dad, and when not present she is usually tuned in at home.

No matter what she does, be it cute expressions, cheering for her father, or bumping her hip, it’s almost certain that she will end up in a video that will be shared across social media.

What is the Origin of the Friendship Between Ja Morant and KK Dixon?

Morant had two years of college ball under his belt at Murray State before deciding to enter the NBA Draft in 2019. Dixon, meanwhile, attended Frisk University, where she participated in both basketball and volleyball.

In 2017, when he was still a freshman, Ja met KK Dixon and began dating her. The following year, they decided to go public with their relationship. In 2019, they welcomed their first and only child, Kaari. Sadly, shortly after the birth of their child, the couple broke up. However, they are still dedicated to co-parenting their daughter.

Dixon is a business person, having established ‘Dixon Brands LLC’, and is also an author with a coloring book named ‘Kaari and Kree’s Ultimate Coloring and Activity Book.’ She is the CEO and Founder of her own company.