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Lexi Capital
Lexi Capital
Lexi Capital is a gold IRA provider based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Founded in 2010, the company offers a unique Gold Assurance Plan which protects your investment from brief market fluctuations. They have partnered with STRATA Trust for custodial services.
Fees & Charges
Honesty & Transparency
Customer Service
Product Selection
Low investment threshold ($1500)
Experienced CEO
Trusted custodial partner
Secure storage options (Delaware Depository)
No information related to products or pricing available
Lack of transparency about leadership and operations
Expert Score

In the world of precious metals investment, Lexi Capital emerges as a well-known player, offering a range of services tailored to investors’ needs. Established in 2010, the company prides itself on providing market insights and access to recession-proof assets for all.

Backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company boasts a Gold Assurance Plan, offering protection against short-term market fluctuations.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the offerings, fee structure, and customer feedback of Lexi Capital to determine whether it’s a worthy option for your investment endeavours. Let’s navigate the landscape of precious metals investment with Lexi Capital as our guide.

What is Lexi Capital?

Lexi Capital is a precious metals dealer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Founded in 2010, the company claims to be the product of entrepreneurs who realized that everyone should have access to market insights and recession-proof assets. 

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Their contact number is 1800-473-1213. Moreover, their office is located at 310 S, Harrington Street, Raleigh, NC 27603.

They enable investors to create self-directed IRAs and have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

At Lexi Capital, you can get self-directed IRAs that specialize in gold and silver investments. Furthermore, the company offers a Gold Assurance Plan which protects customers from short-term market fluctuations. 

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People Behind Lexi Capital

The CEO of Lexi Capital is Chris Mitchell. He has been the CEO of the firm since 2020. 

Chris is quite active in the investment sector as he has also founded BitcoinAdvizers, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency IRA company. 

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Before becoming the CEO of Lexi Capital, he was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Lear Capital, where he worked for 11 years. 

Along with that, he was running Search Wire, a mobile marketing and lead generation service for realtors. 

Overall, Chris Mitchell has a lot of experience in sales, marketing and alternative investments. His vast experience has helped him lead Lexi Capital and establish itself as a niche IRA provider. 

He has an Associate of Arts in Business and Psychology from Pierce College. 

However, apart from the CEO, there is no information available on other team members of Lexi Capital. Also, the company shares no information on its founders. 

All I could find was that the founders were two UCLA graduates who wanted to create a retail venture which provided gold and silver investments to consumers with the same security as Wall Street investment firms. 

That’s why they created the unique Gold Assurance Plan, which is an integral part of Lexi Capital’s gold IRA services. 

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How to Invest with Lexi Capital: Step-by-Step Process

To begin investing with Lexi Capital, you just have to follow these 3 steps: 

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Step #1:

First, you would need to contact the company. They will help you open a new self-directed IRA. A self-directed IRA allows you to invest in alternative investments such as real estate and precious metals. 

You would need to gather the necessary documents for this step as well which include your social security number and personal information. 

Lexi Capital says that you should make sure to gather your recent retirement account statements in preparation of setting up your new gold IRA account. 

Step #2:

Once you have set up your new Lexi Capital IRA, all you have to do is add funds. 

Their representatives will guide you through the investment process. 

If you have an existing 401(k) IRA account, the company will help you rollover the funds into your new self-directed IRA. 

An IRA rollover lets you transfer funds from an existing IRA account into your new IRA account. You can rollover funds from a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and other conventional IRA account types to your gold IRA. 

Step #3: 

Once you have added funds to your self-directed IRA, you can begin allocating those funds to your desired assets. 

The team at Lexi Capital will help you decide on which gold and silver products you should invest in. 

And that’s it. 

Setting a gold IRA with this firm only requires following the above 3-steps. 

Lexi Capital Products

Lexi Capital, with its customer-focused approach, encourages direct communication with potential investors to understand their specific needs.

By reaching out directly, investors have the opportunity for a personalized discussion about the range of products available, ensuring that they receive tailored recommendations based on their investment goals.

While the absence of detailed product information on the website might seem like a drawback, this direct engagement allows for a more customized investment experience.

It is important, however, for investors to ensure that any products they consider align with IRS regulations for inclusion in a gold IRA.

This emphasis on individualized service can be viewed positively, as it signifies a commitment to addressing each client’s unique requirements.

Lexi Capital Fees: How Much Do They Charge?

For accounts with investment amounts of $50,000 or less, clients have to pay $285 for the first year and $180 for every subsequent year at Lexi Capital. 

On the other hand, the company doesn’t charge any fees on accounts over $50,000.

The minimum investment you can make with the firm is $1,500. Your storage fee would depend on what kind of storage you pick. Segregated storage costs $150 per year while non-segregated storage costs only $100 per annum.

If you purchase any non-IRA precious metals, they would carry a shipping fee of $14.95. However, the company offers 3% off your shipping order if you pay via cash, wire transfers or check. 

For non-IRA purchases, you can return or exchange the product within 3 days of the order placement. Still, the firm would charge you $45 as a cancellation fee along with any ‘market loss’ the firm incurred in that period. 

The minimum investment requirement is a huge pro for Lexi Capital. That’s because many notable gold IRA providers have way higher minimum investment requirements, making them unsuitable for some investors. 

Annual Maintenance Fee$285 for the first year & $180 for subsequent years (<$50,000 investment) / $0 (>$50,000 investment)
Annual Storage Fee$150 (segregated storage) / $100 (non-segregated storage)
Shipping Fee (for non-IRA)$14.95
Minimum Investment$1,500
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Additional Highlights of Lexi Capital

There are plenty of qualities which set Lexi Capital apart from the rest of the industry. Here are the top qualities of this gold IRA company:

Reliable Custodian:

Although Lexi Capital is a relatively new company, the one thing that helps boost its credibility is its custodial partner, STRATA Trust. 

The IRS rules state that your precious metals IRA must have a custodian. The custodian ensures that your gold IRA complies with all the rules and regulations. 

STRATA Trust has been operating in the industry since 2008 and is a venture of Horizon Bank. They have over $3 billion in assets under management. 

Based in Austin, Texas, STRATA Trust is among the most trusted and reputed IRA custodians in the market. 

IRA Storage Partners:

You can only store the precious metals of your gold IRA in an IRS-approved vault. To offer storage to its clients, Lexi Capital has partnered with Delaware Depository. 

Delaware Depository has two locations: 

  • Boulder City, Nevada
  • Wilmington, Delaware

Furthermore, Delaware Depository is among the most reputed storage providers. They offer a Class III vault storage which is insured by Lloyd’s of London for up to $1 billion. 

Both storage locations of the Delaware Depository have approvals from the IRS. 

Also, you get to choose between segregated storage and non-segregated storage with the Delaware Depository. 

With segregated storage, the company will keep your metal separate from other investors. In non-segregated storage, your precious metals will be stored alongside other investors’ possessions. 

It’s worth noting that segregated storage costs more. 

Gold Assurance Plan:

The biggest highlight of Lexi Capital is its Gold Assurance Plan. The Gold Assurance Plan protects you from brief market fluctuations just like large institutions get protection from bullion providers. 

It’s a feature unique to Lexi Capital and is one of their biggest selling points. 

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Their Gold Assurance Plan protects you against falls in the price of gold after your purchase. 

For example, if you buy gold coins when gold is worth $3000 per oz and the price of gold falls to $2500 per oz within a month, you would have lost $500 per oz. The Gold Assurance Plan would protect you from such market fluctuations.

According to Lexi Capital, coins eligible for this facility would get 6 months of protection of up to $500 per ounce. They inform you whether your portfolio is eligible for the Gold Assurance Plan during purchase. 

Free Investor Kit:

When you begin the signup process with Lexi Capital, you can get a free investor kit from them:

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“What’s in the investor kit?” you may ask. Frankly, I don’t know. 

The company doesn’t share much information on what they offers as part of their investor kit. 

Again, it seems like the company doesn’t believe in sharing a lot of details with its prospective clients. 

Here is a snippet of the form you would need to fill out to get this free kit:


Lexi Capital Reviews and Complaints

Interestingly, there is a limited number of Lexi Capital reviews accessible online.

The existing reviews mainly come from financial bloggers who have analyzed different facets of the company. It’s somewhat surprising that, despite being in the industry for 11 years, Lexi Capital has fewer client reviews available.

This scarcity of client feedback might raise questions for potential investors seeking a broader range of opinions and experiences before making investment decisions.

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However, the company’s business practices have helped it attain an A+ rating on BBB, the highest possible for a business.

On TrustLink, there are 3 Lexi Capital reviews and all of them give the company 5/5 stars.

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Reviewers share that the company is extremely professional and explains everything thoroughly to remove any doubts from its customers. Still, there aren’t any recent reviews. The latest review I found on this company is from 2014. 

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Similarly, they received an AAA rating on the Business-Consumer Alliance (BCA).

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Is Lexi Capital Legit? 


  • Low investment threshold ($1500)
  • Experienced CEO
  • Trusted custodial partner
  • Secure storage options (Delaware Depository)


  • No information related to products or pricing is available
  • Lack of transparency about leadership and operations

Yes, Lexi Capital is a legitimate gold IRA company. They have been in business for over a decade and offer the unique Gold Assurance Plan. 

The company has partnered with STRATA Trust for custodial services and the Delaware Depository for storage facilities. Having such reputed partners helps bolster the company’s own reliability. 

Furthermore, they have received an A+ rating on BBB and an AAA rating on BCA. 

The low minimum investment requirement of just $1,500 makes Lexi Capital accessible to almost all precious metals investors.

I am unable to provide insights into the quality of Lexi Capital’s customer service due to the limited number of reviews available.

Additionally, Lexi Capital’s lack of transparency concerning essential details such as the identity of its owners, the products in their catalog, and their prices raises concerns about the overall trustworthiness of the company.

This absence of crucial information can create doubts for potential investors, impacting their confidence in the company’s operations and offerings.

Investing in a gold IRA can help you preserve your wealth in an economic downturn. The past performance of gold is indicative of it. 

However, who you start a gold IRA with would play a big role in determining how much returns you can earn. 

That’s why you should be extremely cautious while picking your precious metals IRA provider. Lexi Capital might be a good company with a unique feature but it does have its flaws. 

You should always check out multiple companies when looking for a gold IRA. This way, you can have a better understanding of what the industry has to offer. 

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Have you dealt with Lexi Capital? How was your experience? Share it below!