Marlene Golden Wilkerson

Marlene Wilkerson is well-known for being NBA player Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend, but she is also a successful businesswoman. She had, nevertheless, acquired a considerable fortune as a result of her hard work and dedication.

She is now a social media influencer and blogger as well. In 2020, Marlene launched a new apparel line called PraiseHer. Meanwhile, her partner Kylie was unable to play home games owing to a lack of vaccinations.

There have also been rumors that the couple is engaged since 2019. It got worse further when both of them refused to comment in front of the tabloids after being asked. There were suspicions that the couple had broken up after Marlene stopped following him.

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Last season was a struggle for both Kyrie Irving and the Nets, both on and off the court. This summer, it appeared Kyrie was going to depart the team, yet in the end he remained.

The Brooklyn Nets have seen a dramatic reversal of fortunes and are now 2nd in the East, having won 12 games consecutively.

Irving is currently in a period of joy outside of basketball, due to the birth of his newborn. Supporters of the star player are eager to learn more about Marlene Golden Wilkerson, his wife.

Kyrie is delighted to announce the arrival of a new addition to their family

Recently, the 30-year-old guard became the proud parent of a newborn, which was revealed to the media by the ex-head coach, Steve Nash.

Alex Schiffer, a reporter on the Brooklyn Nets beat, reported that the team was in good condition, yet it remained uncertain whether Kyrie Irving would participate in their upcoming preseason contest.

Marlene Golden Wilkerson is the wife of Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving, the NBA Champion is very private about his personal life, but his wife’s name is Marlene Golden Wilkerson. They first met in December 2018 and got engaged the following September.

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On 18 August 1993, Wilkerson was born in California and has since become a successful blogger and influencer. With more than 783k subscribers, her YouTube channel The Find Guru has experienced great success.

Fame has come to her for producing videos on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

In the previous year, Wilkerson and her partner welcomed a baby boy. She shared a video with highlights from her pregnancy and the home birth.

marlene golden wilkerson

In the summer of 2022, Irving made a heartfelt homage to Wilkerson on Instagram.

In loving dedication to his Mama Bear, the seven-time NBA All-Star proclaimed, “Happy Journey around the UNIVERSE!” He continued by expressing his profound love and gratitude for having her in his life and shared the valuable lessons she has taught him – Balance, Love, Trust, Community, and Forgiveness. With a wish for a lifetime of memories and laughter together.

Get to Know the Family of Kyrie Irving

Azurie Elizabeth Irving, daughter of Kyrie Irving, was born in Dallas, Texas on November 23rd, 2015. She is currently six years of age.

Azurie resides with her mother, Andrea Wilson, in Dallas. Wilson was a former beauty pageant winner. Irving, on the other hand, is based in West Orange, New Jersey where he is a part of the Brooklyn Nets.