Mary Marquardt

Mary Marquardt is a former illustrator and cook. She is well known for her marriage to American actor Harrison Ford. She was married to Ford from 1964 until their divorce in 1979. Marquardt is often credited with seeing Harrison Ford through thick and thin throughout his early career.

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Life’s twists and turns can turn even the most delightful stories into nightmares. This was the scenario with Harrison Ford’s first wife, Mary Marquardt. The couple’s 15-year marriage was soon destroyed after suspicions of infidelity emerged against her husband.

Ford married again following his marriage to Mary, although his personal life has been fairly secretive. She has kept herself hidden from the public eye, fueling suspicions about her death.

Nonetheless, Mary Marquardt is still living well. Here in this article, we have covered everything about her.

Her Childhood and Learning

The beginning of her life and her education is what this section focuses on.

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In 1945, Mary Marquardt was born in the USA and there is little known about her early life. Later, she studied at Ripon College in Wisconsin, where she earned a degree in Culinary Arts. It was there that she met her future husband Harrison Ford, who was studying philosophy. It was also reported that Mary was a popular cheerleader during her college days.

Achieving Professional Success

Once she had her college diploma in hand, she turned her attention to becoming a chef. Her enthusiasm for cooking eventually propelled her to become a chef in various restaurants. The precise eateries where she worked remain unknown, but it is known that, with her adult son Benjamin, she held a job at Ford Filling Station at The Marriott, L.A. Live in Los Angeles, which was co-owned by her ex-husband Harrison Ford.

At Ripon College, Mary Marquardt, and Harrison first crossed paths.

The long-standing union between Mary Marquardt and Harrison began with their college days at Ripon College in Wisconsin. Harrison had enrolled in a drama class during his final year of study, aiming to overcome his shyness. However, his involvement with the subject deepened and he eventually starred in Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera, where he met Mary. This is where their story began.

On June 18, 1964, Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford married. At the beginning of his acting career, Ford had difficulty finding good roles. Marquardt backed him up and advised him to go to Los Angeles and audition for a position doing radio voice-overs. Though he was not successful in landing the job, he managed to sign a contract with Columbia Pictures’ new talent program and received $150 per week.

On September 22, 1966, the couple was blessed with their first son, Benjamin Ford. Then, 3 years later, on May 14, 1969, the couple had their second child, Willard Ford. Despite Harrison not obtaining the acting gigs he wanted, Mary worked as a chef to help support her family. Harrison also did carpeting jobs to contribute to the family financially.

The Marriage of Harrison Ford Experienced a Strain Due to His Popularity

After Harrison Ford was cast as Han Solo in the Star Wars movie series, his life changed drastically. The Ford family had finally escaped their struggles, yet fame brought its own set of issues to the household.

Harrison had a reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man, and there were plenty of whispers about him and other women. As time went on, the two of them grew further and further apart, and after 15 years of marriage, they had to face the fact that their relationship was over.

What Nightmares Did Multiple Infidelity Scandals Generate

The year was 1979 and Harrison Ford, who had recently attained celebrity status from Star Wars, was facing the demise of his marriage. Mary Marquardt and her spouse came to the end of their relationship, with reports swirling of the actor’s alleged unfaithfulness.

After Mary discovered her spouse in bed with another person, they divorced. Speculation arose as to the identity of this individual. As the couple parted, many conjectured that it was the celebrated TV personality and writer, Melissa Mathison, who Ford went on to wed two years later. From their marriage, two children were born: Malcolm and Georgia Ford.

It was only after four decades that Mary realized the woman who was with her husband was in fact Carrie Fisher, the iconic Princess Leia from the original Star Wars trilogy. Just before her passing at the age of 60, Fisher’s memoir ‘The Princess Diarist’ was released, which detailed her 3-month affair with Harrison Ford, who was married at the time.

She is Fighting Against Multiple Sclerosis

Mary Marquardt has had a tough journey since her divorce. Not only is she responsible for raising two teenage boys, but she was also diagnosed with an incurable disease, Multiple Sclerosis. An unpredictable disorder, MS affects communication between the brain and body. When news of her condition spread in 2018, rumors of her demise began to circulate, yet she is still fighting and her sons are supporting her.

What is the Marital Status, Mary?

Throughout the years, Mary and her former partner’s connection has gotten better and better. While her ex-husband has married two more times, Mary has stayed single until now. She also avoids the media focus and does not seem to be too keen on social media.

No Steps were Taken in the Entertainment Industry by Either Mary’s Son, Ben, or Williard Ford

Benjamin Ford, Mary’s eldest son, elected to pursue a career in the culinary arts. His mother was a decisive part of his upbringing and his memories of childhood are filled with her cooking delightful meals for him and his sibling. He is now a professional chef and proprietor of ‘Ford’s Filling Station‘, gastropubs located at The Marriott, L.A. Live, Los Angeles, and LAX Terminal 5. Additionally, he is married to Emily Tomerlin and has two children, with his son Ethan being born in the year 2000.

Willard Ford, Mary’s second son, has created a unique path for himself, different from his mother and father. He is the proprietor of Strong Sports Gym, a boxing gym in Los Angeles, and Ludwig Clothing Company. In addition, he co-runs Ford & Ching. Willard’s son Eliel was born in 1993.

Even when he had nothing, she supported him, yet he abandoned her once he had everything.

This really brings a tear to my eye! But this is the unfortunate truth for many couples. Mary wed Ford when he was truly bankrupt. She recognized something in him that no one wanted to accept. She didn’t care in the least whether he was wealthy or not, she simply adored him with all her heart.

During the span of 1964 to 1973, Ford had no noteworthy project. Therefore, he had to work as a carpenter to provide for his family. Nevertheless, Mary never complained and assisted with the chores. She worked hard so that Ford could focus on what he was dreaming of. Mary was his biggest supporter!

In 1973, his role as Bob Falfa in “American Graffiti” was the start of his career. But it was 1977’s Star Wars that truly launched him into the limelight. His newfound fame, though, went to his head, as he neglected his wife’s contributions to his success and moved on with his life.

No one is sure if Mary is still with us, yet we wish that she receives all the love and care that she deserves from her family and those around her.