Minnie Ida Anderson

Minnie Ida Anderson is the daughter of the renowned film producer Paul Thomas Anderson and the well-known actress Maya Rudolph. At only nine years of age, she made her debut in the movie industry, which sparked a great deal of curiosity from fans.

Minnie Ida Anderson's height

Her parents are both well-known and well-liked people in Hollywood and among the general public. Minnie’s mother is an actress and comedian, while her father, Paul Thomas Anderson, is a director and producer.

Following this, her celebrity mother appeared in films such as 50 First Dates, A Prairie Home Companion, and Idiocracy, among others. Her mother has also appeared in films such as Grown Ups, Bridesmaids, Inherent Vice, Sisters, Life of the Party, and Wine Country.

The Anderson family has kept Minnie Ida and her siblings out of the public eye so that they could enjoy an ordinary childhood. However, Minnie has still gotten involved in movies, and here you can find out more about her blossoming career!

Keep reading to discover everything about Minnie Ida Anderson.

Biographical information about Minnie Ida Anderson

A look at the life of Minnie Ida Anderson, including her background and profile.

Name | Minnie Ida Anderson

Alias| Minnie

Place of Birth| Los Angeles, USA

Hometown| Los Angeles, California, USA

Date of Birth| August 1, 2013

Age| 9 (in 2022)

Nationality| American

Hair color| Brown

Eye color| Brown

Religion| Christianity

Ethnicity| African-Ashkenazi Jewish-American

Educational Institution | Primary School

Level of Education| Student

Father’s Name| Paul Thomas Anderson

Mother Name | Maya Rudolph

Number of Siblings| 3 (Pearl, Lucille, and Jack)

Relationship Status| Unmarried

Net Worth| $60 & $25 million for father and mother, respectively

The Childhood of Minnie Ida

Minnie Ida’s life had simple beginnings in her early years.

Minnie Ida Anderson’s ninth birthday will be coming up in the year 2022, as she was born on August 1, 2013, to the renowned Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Minnie, daughter of movie director Paul Thomas Anderson and comedian/actor Maya Rudolph, is following in the footsteps of her parents by appearing in films. Both of her parents are well-known in their respective fields, with her father being a famous screenwriter and her mother being an acclaimed actor.

The offspring of Maya Rudolph

What is the age of Maya Rudolph’s children? Her eldest children are Pearl, Lucille, and Jack with Ida being the youngest.

What is the national origin of Minnie Ida Anderson?

Minnie’s background is a combination of African American and Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, as both of her maternal grandparents were of these two backgrounds.

Ida, a 9-year-old student of primary school, is from an affluent background with a renowned mother and a well-known father – Minnie’s parents.

The folks who raised Minnie Ida Anderson

This fortunate youngster is the offspring of two prominent celebrities: Peter Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph.

What is the name of Maya Rudolph’s spouse?

On June 26, 1970, a renowned producer, screenwriter, and film director, Paul Thomas Anderson (also known as P.T Anderson) was brought into the world. He is the youngest of eight siblings and has made a large imprint on the film industry.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s family includes his siblings Amanda, Stephen, Victoria, Kathryn, Ernest, Richard, Elizabeth, and Michael.

Maya Rudolph, the mother of Minnie, is the sole sibling of Marc Rudolph. In the 1990s, she gained fame when she was a part of the band, The Rentals. Subsequently, she was accepted into the Groundling’s improv troupe.

Back in 2000, Minnie’s mom’s involvement with Saturday Night Live (SNL) kicked off as part of the cast. Since then, her comedic roles have been making people in the entertainment industry laugh.

Who is Maya Rudolph's husband?

What were the means by which Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph were introduced to one another?

In an interview with The Guardian, Maya Rudolph declined to provide any details on how she and Peter Thomas Anderson had come to meet. What is known is that the two started dating in 2001, shortly after Anderson ended his relationship with singer Fiona Apple.

What is the marital status of Paul Thomas Anderson?

Despite being together for 20 years, Paul and Maya have never gotten married. Instead, Maya has always referred to Paul as her husband, a title she bestowed on him shortly after the birth of their first child in 2005.

Motion pictures featuring Minnie Ida Anderson

At the tender age of nine, Minnie Ida’s professional experience is limited and she is currently focused on her studies and simply enjoying childhood.

From a young age, Minnie’s fascination with Hollywood seemed to mirror that of her parents. She had a role in the movie Licorice Pizza (2021) alongside her mother and was part of the cast of Under One Roof.

Paul, the father of the protagonist, helmed the film Licorice Pizza, and the lead had an insignificant role, but she performed it excellently. Her parents have considerably influenced the film industry, and a number of their productions include:

  • Bridesmaids(2011)
  • The Angry Birds Movie 2(2019)
  • The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part(2019)
  • The Life of the Party(2018)
  • Sisters(2015)
  • Grown-Ups(2010)
  • There Will Be Blood(2007)

At the tender age of nine, Minnie Ida Anderson has already made her debut in a movie, though her time on screen was very limited. A picture of her is shown here. The photo was taken from The Playlist’s Facebook page.

The Financial Worth of Minnie Ida Anderson

Minnie’s financial worth is calculated based on the wealth of her parents since she is still a child. Her dad’s current financial value is an incredible $80 million, and her mother’s net worth is $25 million.

Despite her young age, Minnie Ida Anderson is not widely known, as her parents prefer to keep their children away from the public. Yet, it looks like she is going to pursue the same career as her parents by becoming a Hollywood actress.