Melika Payne

Melika Payne is well-known as Landon Brown’s mother and the wife of Carl Anthony Payne II. Landon Brown is now a well-known American film and television series actor. He is well recognized for his roles in blockbuster films such as “The Nightmare Pill (2018), Bobby Brown: Every Little Step (2022), and PostScript (2011).

Meanwhile, Carl Anthony Payne II is a popular American film and television series actor who has made significant contributions to the American film industry throughout the years. On the sitcom show “Rock Me Baby (TV series),” he played one of the main characters, Carl, alongside other main characters Jimmy Cox, Beth Cox, and Pam Gibson.

On that basis in this article, We have written about Melika Payne and other interesting facts about her that you probably didn’t know.

What can be said about Melika Payne?

Melika Payne is famously known as both the mother of Landon Brown and the wife of Carl Anthony Payne II. Landon Brown is a well-known American film and television actor, having appeared in a number of hit films such as “The Nightmare Pill (2018)”, “Bobby Brown: Every Little Step (2022)”, and “PostScript (2011)”.

Carl Anthony Payne II is a renowned American film and television actor, having been a significant contributor to the American film industry for many years.

He played one of the main characters, Carl, along with Jimmy Cox, Beth Cox, and Pam Gibson, in the sitcom show “Rock Me Baby (TV series)”.

This sitcom was based in Denver, Colorado and produced by Flame Television and Warner Bros, with a total of twenty-two episodes released between September 16, 2003 and May 25, 2004.

Carl has also played Cole Brown on the FOX sitcom “Martin”, Curtis on the sitcom “George Lopez (2002-2003)”, Myles Wilson on Tyler Perry’s “Young Dylan”, and Walter ‘Cockroach’ Bradley on the NBC sitcom “The Cosby Show”.

melika payne
The couple, Melika and Carl Payne, are together.

In order to further explore Melika Payne, I am going to provide some facts about her that you may not be familiar with. Before I go any further, let’s take a quick look at her profile.

Overview of Melika Payne’s Life and Career

This article is a brief overview of the life and career of Melika Payne.

Melika Payne was born Melika Michem Williams on April 10, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Currently, she is 53 years old and is sometimes referred to as Melika Williams or Melika Williams Payne. Her star sign is Aries. Melika is an American by birth and her roots trace back to Africa, making her an Afro-American ethnically. As a native of the United States’ Western region and the state of California, she is part of the Western American population.

Melika Michem Williams has a complexion that is black, along with kinky locks and attractive dark eyes. Although there is not much known about her childhood and educational background, it is known that she spent her formative years in Los Angeles. Her elementary and high school years were spent in schools located in California State that have not been disclosed.

In the period between 1984 and 1987, Melika Payne and Bobby Brown were romantically linked. During this time, their union produced one offspring, Landon Brown, who was born on June 22, 1986, when both Melika and Bobby had just turned seventeen. After the dissolution of the relationship, Melika went on to marry Carl Payne and together they had two children – Malek Payne and Carl Anthony Payne III.

Melika Michem Williams has relatives such as Angie Feisty Williams, the CEO and proprietor of Feisty Boutique, Traci Williams, a worker of Qalayah Creation, and Ea Williams. Reports state that these family members are part of the Williams family.

Melika Payne’s Family:

Soon after the dissolution of Melika Williams Payne’s relationship with Bobby Brown, she and Carl Payne began a romantic relationship. In December 1992, they tied the knot in an American wedding and have now been together for over thirty years. Despite their marriage going through some tough times, the couple are still together and have two children, Malek and Carl Anthony Payne III.

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The husband of Melika Payne is Carl Payne.

In the year 2012, Melika Payne filed for divorce from Carl Anthony Payne II at the Los Angeles County Superior Court due to “irreconcilable differences.” Furthermore, she petitioned that she should have sole physical custody of their two children, Carl Anthony Payne Jr. and Malek Payne.

Melika Payne withdrew her petition and got back together with Carl, resulting in their marriage. Shortly afterwards, Carl legally adopted Melika’s son, Landon Brown, who was five years old. From the age of six, Landon began to refer to Anthony Payne as his “other dad” due to Anthony’s role in raising him.

At the time of Melika and Carl Payne’s divorce, an online News platform published a report that suggested Carl Payne had been displeased with Landon Brown. However, there is no way to determine the truthfulness of this assertion.

More Info on Carl Payne:

A report has mentioned Carl Payne’s dissatisfaction with Landon Brown, his stepson. It was due to Landon disregarding the advice he received in order to emulate Bobby Brown.

Carl Payne II was born on May 24, 1969 in the United States in Trenton, New Jersey. He is now 53 years old, with Gemini being his zodiac sign. Also, he spent his childhood in both Trenton and Clinton, South Carolina, and holds American citizenship by birth. He received his university degree from Howard University and his high school diploma from the renowned Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York. Additionally, Melika Payne’s husband, Carl, studied acting at an off-Broadway repertory theatre company called “the First All Children’s Theater.”

At the tender age of sixteen, he entered the entertainment industry in 1985. His first film and television roles were in “The Last Dragon” where he was cast as the Kid in Pizza Shop. Recently, he appeared in the 2020 film “Insecure” in the Episode: “Lowkey Feelin’ Myself,” the 2020 (still airing) TV series “Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan” where he plays Myles Wilson, and the 2022 film, “Kid’s Crew” as Sandman. He also acted as an FBI agent, later becoming an FCC field agent, on “The Rickey Smiley Show.”

Landon Brown, the Son of Melika Payne

Landon Brown, the son of Melika Payne, was born on June 22, 1986 in the city of Los Angeles, CA located in the United States. He is currently 36 years of age and his astrological sign is Cancer. He was brought up by his mother, father Bobby Brown, and stepfather Carl Payne.

image 118
The pictured individuals are Landon Brown and Melika Payne.

Tommy Brown, Landon Brown’s paternal uncle, and Herbert and Carole Brown, his paternal grandparents, are other family members related to him. Landon is a film and television series actor, singer, and assistant director. He stands five feet six inches tall and weighs 62 kilograms.

Landon has been a part of the American film industry for over 15 years and has been featured in more than 30 films. His username on Instagram is @la_inspire and on Snapchat it’s @Barisford. Here is a list of some of his movies:

  • The Nightmare Pill (2018)
  • Every Little Step, Bobby Brown (2022)
  • Being Bobby Brown (TV series 2005)
  • Rock the Cradle (2008)
  • The Tyra Banks Show (2006)
  • Post Script (2011)

In contrast to her ex-boyfriend Bobby Brown, her husband Carl Payne, and her son Landon Brown who crave fame, Melika Michem Williams does not have the same desire for notoriety. She rose to the public eye due to her relationship to well-known people, yet she has remained out of the limelight.

Despite this, it is documented that she was employed as a regional sales associate for Health Net for close to two decades.

Williams puts emphasis on having a reputable professional portfolio, as well as maintaining an online presence.

Where is Melika Payne Right Now?

Melika Payne, who is barely active on Facebook, posted her last message on July 2nd 2019. And has not made any further posts since then. Her son, Landon, has revealed that Melika is on Instagram as MPagne with username @mmwill10 by tagging her in one of his posts. Her account, which holds 12 posts, is private. Also, she is following 32 accounts and has 41 followers.

The United States of America’s Northridge, California is currently her residence. Sources have shown that when she understood that keeping fit is an important part of a healthy life, she began riding her bike and exercising around her house. Her son, Landon Brown, also made a promise to take good care of her when she gets older. He is continuing to do so as of January 2023. During one of his interviews, Landon revealed his promise to get her a helpful butler when she gets older.

On his Instagram page @la-inspire, Landon Brown expressed his gratitude to his mom in a post with the caption. This account has 12.2k thousand followers, 161 posts, and 522 followings.

In an Instagram post, Landon Brown expressed his gratitude to his mother, Melika Michem Williams.

Examining his Instagram page and posts, it is easy to see how much Landon loves his mom. On May 8, 2022, Landon stated that his “mom will kick your mom’s ass,” and he was serious about it. He also does TikTok and short videos with his mom which can be seen here.

Melika Payne’s Former Partner

Formerly in a romantic relationship, Melika Williams Payne and Bobby Brown (born Robert Barisford Brown on February 5, 1969 in Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.) wed in 1984. Bobby Brown is widely renowned in the American music industry, especially during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He is a R&B singer, dancer and songwriter, credited as one of the pioneers of the fusion of hip-hop and R&B, known as “new jack swing”. His career began with the then-popular R&B and pop group “New Edition”, where he was a member from 1978 until December 1985, when he left the group.

Bobby Brown, who already had seven children, married Kim Ward after he and Melika Payne separated. La’Princia Brown (born 1989; 34 years old) and Bobby Brown Jr. (born 1991; 32 years old) were two of his children from the marriage. Brown then married Whitney Houston in 1992, staying wed until 2007. On March 4, 1993, the couple had a daughter, Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown (American singer and reality television star) in Livingston, New Jersey, United States. Unfortunately, she was found unconscious in a bathtub in her home, slipping into a coma and eventually passing away from Lobar pneumonia six months later on July 26, 2015 in Duluth, Georgia, United States.

In 2012, Bobby Brown married Alicia Etheredge, with whom he remains wed. They have two daughters — 8-year-old Bodhi Brown and 7-year-old Hendrix Brown. Tragically, Bobby Brown Jr. passed away in his apartment in November 2020; he was 28.

Melika Payne Net Worth:

It is possible to ascertain the monetary value of Melika Payne. With her successful career in the public eye, she has accumulated a noteworthy net worth.

It is unknown what Melika Payne’s net worth is. However, some reports suggest it is around $1 million. On the other hand, her husband Carl has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Similarly, her ex-boyfriend Bobby Brown is estimated to be worth $2 million.

Her famous son Landon is thought to have a net worth between $1 million and $5 million.

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