Michaiah Hanks

Michaiah Hanks comes from a family of famous actors. Despite her celebrity grandparents’, the world was not informed of her arrival until her father, Chet Hanks, was ready for the big reveal.

Tom Hanks, the legendary actor, became a grandfather in 2011 when his firstborn had a child. Two years later, another child was born to the same son. However, the next time Tom heard about the new addition to the tribe, it was via his second son, Chet Hanks.

Being born in 2016, Michaiah has had an amazing childhood. Tom Hanks was already a grandfather in 2011. The father of Michaiah Hanks is Chet Hanks, a professional actor, and musician. He has worked in various movies and TV shows. He learned the craft from his parents and just like Tom, he also prioritizes family over everything else.

Michaiah Hanks’ birth was kept a secret from everyone.

Usually, young parents love to share the news about their newborns, however, Chet Hanks & Tiffany Miles were not enthusiastic about sharing. Chet did not post about Michaiah Hanks’ birth on Instagram or Twitter. He waited a few months before he felt ready to share. This news with his fans on social media. He claims he witnessed a major change in his life ever since Michaiah Hanks’ came into his life.

More Details:

He shared the news when he felt it was the right time and the moment, he did not want unsolicited rumors to be spread around the internet.

Some fans questioned him for keeping such a major part of his life a secret from them. To them, Chet explained that he respected the privacy of his newborn daughter and did not want to expose her to the world this soon.

”No disrespect to people that post their kids, I just I never wanted her to be dragged into the negativity surrounding my past.”

Chet also didn’t like how some media outlets were targeting the mother of his child.

”It’s really frustrating that the media can just lie and say whatever they want about people that don’t have a voice to defend themselves.


After Chet made the announcement, the whole family started sharing posts showing their love for the little one. Photos of Tom Hanks’ granddaughter started flooding the internet and garnered reactions from several celebrities.

Tiffany Miles: Michaiah Hanks’ Mother

Chet Hanks and his parents are popular figures in the Western world, however the same cannot be said for Tiffany Miles, the mother of Michaiah Hanks. She is a resident of Indio, California, and was seen with her daughter in 2016.

Chet made statements about Tiffany back in 2016, however, for reasons unknown, the couple broke up recently.

Even though people on the internet did not say nice things about Tiffany, her knight in shining armor came to her rescue and said that he is thankful that his daughter has such a great mom.

Helping Her Dad Fight Addiction

Chet wanted to be free from substances in his fatherhood. The 31-year-old musician boldly admitted that his daughter played a major role in helping him quit his addictions.

He has not been using any substances ever since Michaiah’s arrival.

Chet took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of his 12 steps program, displaying that he has been sober for a year straight.

It will be an understatement to say that Chet Hanks has turned his life around ever since little Michaiah arrived. He has succeeded in all aspects of life and used her as motivation to thrive in life.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson’s Relationship With Michaiah

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson have always prioritized family over work. This is a trait they passed down to their offspring as well. Before welcoming Michaiah to the world, Chet pledged to turn his life around for the better and become a better person.

Chet has told the media that Tom and Rita have been thoroughly involved in raising Michaiah and giving her a lot of love.

He also revealed that they never get tired of babysitting little Michaiah.