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My Digital Money is a crypto IRA company based in Pasadena, California. They are the cryptocurrency arm of notable gold IRA firm, Noble Gold. The company has partnered with Equity Trust and Genesis Custody to offer advanced security, $100 million insurance coverage and specialized storage for digital assets. They offer many of the popular digital assets. However, the company’s fees are higher than the market and their asset selection is very limited.
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My Digital Money Review – A Quick Overview

My Digital Money is a crypto IRA company based in Pasadena, California. They are the cryptocurrency arm of notable gold IRA firm, Noble Gold. The company has partnered with Equity Trust and Genesis Custody to offer advanced security, $100 million insurance coverage and specialized storage for digital assets.

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They offer many popular digital assets. However, the company’s fees are higher than the market and their asset selection is very limited. 


Experienced leadership
Plethora of free resources
Provide a demo account


Very high fees
Limited asset selection

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What is My Digital Money? 

My Digital Money is a crypto IRA provider based in Pasadena, California. Their office is located at 1 S Fair Oaks Ave Suite 200-B, Pasadena, CA 91105. 

Similarly, their contact number is 833-636-2008. 

They are the cryptocurrency arm of the highly reputed gold IRA firm, Noble Gold. Previously known as Noble Bitcoin, Noble Gold’s cryptocurrency branch went under rehaul and relaunched in 2021 under this name. 

My Digital Money website

My Digital Money has the same experienced and qualified leadership of Noble Gold Investments managing its growth. It focuses on providing companies with a transparent, secure and reliable crypto IRA platform. 

Also, they have partnered with Equity Trust, an industry leader in the IRA sector. The company uses top-grade security measures and has a decent selection of cryptocurrencies to offer. Their online reviews indicate that they focus heavily on providing good customer support. 

Although the company has reputed leadership, it is still quite young. Hence, it has a lot to prove in the market. 

People Behind My Digital Money:

Unfortunately, My Digital Money doesn’t share any details about its leadership team on its website. This was disappointing because most modern businesses focus on maintaining transparency in this regard. 

Furthermore, many of their top competitors including iTrustCapital and Bitcoin IRA share details about their leadership teams on their websites. 

A 2016 study revealed that 94% of consumers prefer transparent businesses over others.

Hence, it doesn’t help MDM’s case to hide such information.

Still, I was able to find out about the executive leadership of this firm:

Collin Plume (CEO)

My Digital Money CEO Collin Plume

Collin Plume is the CEO and co-founder of My Digital Money. He has more than 16 years of industry experience in alternative investments. 

Apart from running MDM, he is also the CEO of Noble Gold since 2016. Collin is a thought leader in the investing sector and has been featured in several publications including Barron’s, MarketWatch and Forbes

On top of that, he has thousands of followers on the professional social platform, LinkedIn. 

Guy Gotslak (Co-founder and President)

My Digital Money Co-Founder Guy Gotslak

Guy Gotslak is the co-founder and President of My Digital Money. He has been running the firm since its inception and along with that, he has been the President & Chief Solution Advisor of Technion Solutions since May 2020.

Gotslak has a lot of leadership and management experience. Prior to Techlion Solutions, he was the Vice President of Global Solutions at NGDATA. 

Guy Gotslak has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. Also, he has an EMBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management.

My Digital Money YouTube channel

How to Invest with My Digital Money:

The signup process at My Digital Money is quite simple. You just have to follow these 3 steps and you’ll be good to go:

Step #1: Opening an Account

First, you would need to go to their website and click on the Open an Account button. 

There, you would need to enter your personal contact information and some sensitive information such as your SSN. 

Step #2: Adding Funds

Once you have created an account, you can begin adding funds to it. You have three options in this regard. 

First, you can transfer funds from an existing IRA (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA or SEP). The transfer can be an in-kind transfer or direct distribution without creating a taxable event. This process may take 3 weeks to complete.

Second, you can rollover funds from your employer-sponsored plan. This process might take up to 4 weeks to complete.

Third, you can make direct contributions from your bank account. 

You can choose the funding process depending on your financial requirements. 

Step #3: Begin Trading

Once you have added funds to your My Digital Money IRA, you can begin trading the cryptocurrencies available in your selection. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use your IRA funds to trade digital assets, you can sign up for a cash account and begin trading right away. 

My Digital Money Products

With a My Digital Money IRA, you can invest in 20 cryptocurrencies. The company has a dedicated team of experts who research and review every coin before adding it to their asset selection. 

This way, you only get access to the industry’s very best digital assets. 

Some of the notable cryptocurrencies you can find in their selection include:

  • Bitcoin: The first and the most well-recognized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer transaction currency based on a digital ledger called a blockchain. It is produced by a computing process called mining.
  • Ethereum: Ethereum acts as a digital infrastructure for the creation and execution of smart contracts. Smart contracts allow users to conduct decentralized and automated transactions of goods and services.
  • Litecoin: Litecoin is a faster and cheaper alternative to Bitcoin. As its name suggests, it is lighter than its predecessor with a 4x faster processing speed. 
  • Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Cash came into existence as a result of a “hard fork” when a large section of miners disagreed with others. It has now become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. 

Apart from the ones I mentioned above, you can find the following digital currencies in their selection: 

  • Chainlink 
  • Uniswap
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Zcash
  • Decentraland
  • Aave
  • Basic Attention Token
  • The Graph
  • Solana
  • Compound

And several others.

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While this selection is certainly impressive, it’s relatively smaller than some of their main competitors. For example, Bitcoin IRA has over 60 cryptocurrencies in its collection. 

Investors who prefer investing in smaller digital currencies might not prefer My Digital Money coins. 

My Digital Money Fees and Pricing:

With this crypto IRA firm, you would only need to pay a 0.9% to 1.9% transaction fee on trades. 

Also, My Digital Money charges a one-time setup fee of $50 for IRA accounts. There are no monthly charges for any additional services. 

Your transaction fee would depend on the size of your investment:

Tier LevelTransaction FeeInvestment
11.90%Below $25,000
21.75%$25,000 to $50,000
31.50%$50,000 to $100,000
41.25%$100,000 to $250,000
51.00%$250,000 to $500,000
60.90%$500,000 and above

According to the company, your transaction fees would cover:

  • Customer service
  • Web service
  • Storage
  • Maintenance

Also, you would need to pay custodian liquidity costs going up to 1% per transaction. 

My Digital Money fees might be a bit high for some investors. Their transaction fee is certainly on the upper end of the industry standard, especially for those who make large trades. 

For example, Alto Crypto IRA charges a fixed rate of 1% per transaction.  

My Digital Money fees & charges

While cash accounts have no minimum deposit requirement, opening a My Digital Money IRA would require a minimum investment of $1,000.

Initial Set Up Fee$50 (only for IRA)
Transaction Fee0.9% to 1.9%
Custody ChargesUp to 1% per transaction
Minimum Investment$1,000 (only for IRA)

Additional Highlights of My Digital Money:

Apart from being a subsidiary of one of the largest precious metals dealers, there are plenty of qualities in My Digital Money which set them apart:

Tax-Free Crypto Investing:

One of the biggest advantages of crypto IRAs is they let you buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies while enjoying tax benefits. This is a benefit you wouldn’t get with conventional crypto exchanges. 

These tax benefits can help you save a lot of money and increase your gains. 

Furthermore, My Digital Money stores your assets in a trust, so the platform can’t borrow, lend or leverage against your assets. 

This protects your assets from any kind of collapse. 

Traditional crypto exchanges have the authority to borrow or leverage against your assets. That’s why when they go bankrupt, their clients end up losing their assets as well. 

With My Digital Money Noble Gold, you wouldn’t have any platform liquidity concerns. 

Practice Trading Accounts:

If you’re new to crypto trading, My Digital Money has got you covered. 

Their Play Money accounts let you practice crypto trading without risking your funds. Using these accounts doesn’t even require your credit card. 

You can begin trading in minutes and get a hang of things. 

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Alternatively, if you’re an experienced trader but want to test out their trading platform, this feature can be quite useful. 

You can see how their platform functions, what features are present and how it favours your trading style. 

Once you’re comfortable trading with their Play Money accounts, you can open a Standard Trading account. 

Keep in mind there aren’t many crypto IRA providers which offer clients with a demo account. While several crypto IRA firms have proper trading platforms, they don’t offer such a facility. 

Automated Trading:

To make it easier for clients to trade, My Digital Money offers Automatic Trigger Orders. 

They allow you to automate the crypto trades that can help you enhance your profits or avoid potential losses. 

You can use the crypto stop loss feature to minimize any unexpected or unacceptable losses while trading. With this feature, you can set an automatic trigger for a specific price point. 

This way, traders can maximize their potential ROI and avoid any significant losses. 

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For example, suppose you invested in a digital currency when its value was $1 per coin and you don’t want to lose more than 20% on your investment. So, you can set an automatic price trigger which would sell the cryptocurrency if it goes below $0.80. 

MDM’s automatic triggers allow you to exit when your losses are still acceptable. With proper analysis of the market, you can use these triggers to enhance your profits considerably. 

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Automated trading has become quite popular and experienced traders might already be familiar with it. This is another feature you wouldn’t find with most crypto IRA providers in the industry. 

Reputed Custodian:

Another major highlight of My Digital Money is its custodial partner. They have partnered with Equity Trust, an industry leader and one of the most popular custodians among IRA providers. 

Equity Trust has been a state-chartered trust company since 1974. 

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They comply with the regulations of the South Dakota Division of Banking and undergo annual audits by an independent certified public accountant according to AICPA standards. Equity Trust handles more than $30 billion in retirement assets and has a reputation for being a secure and reliable brand.

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The custodian is highly popular among both crypto and gold IRA providers. 

Some of the popular IRA companies that have partnered with Equity Trust include BitIRA, Coin IRA and GoldCo.

Enhanced Security Implementations:

Apart from having a reputed custody partner, MDM has many advanced security implementations in place to secure the digital assets of its clients. 

The company avails the expertise of Genesis Custody to provide digital asset security. Genesis is a partner of the popular crypto IRA firm BitIRA as well. 

Their security features include multi-layer hardware security modules, segregated cold storage and A-rated insurance coverage for cryptocurrencies.

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Cold storage means your digital assets go offline when they are not in use. This way, they remain safe from any hacking or theft attempts. Segregated storage takes their security a step further. 

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To fortify their security, the company stores them in decommissioned nuclear bunkers. It enables the assets to remain safe from any physical harm including accidents, damage or destruction. 

My Digital Money Noble Gold has capped every crypto wallet at $20 in storage. This makes it easier to isolate an attack if it occurs.

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Similarly, they use hardware security modules, and dedicated crypto processes which protect the lifecycle of a crypto key. These devices are used for creating keys, encrypting data and verifying digital signatures. 

Furthermore, the company has two different insurance policies in place. They have digital asset crime insurance covering any internal or external theft of their client’s assets. On top of that, they have vault risk insurance which covers physical loss, damage, destruction or theft.

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The insurance coverage goes up to $100 million and might even rise up to $600 million if required. 

Free Resources for Investors:

My Digital Money has put a lot of effort into client education. The company has an active blog where they publish detailed guides and the latest news regularly. 


Their blog covers various topics centred around personal finance, retirement investing, cryptocurrencies and market news. Some of the latest topics they have covered there include:

  • What is the Difference Between Tax-Free Investments & Tax-Deferred Investments?
  • Thinking of Day Trading Crypto? Here are a Few Popular Strategies
  • How to Take Advantage of Crypto Tax-Loss Harvesting When the Market is Down
V0r7QtTThN11 ZyDdub5qrufMvq50l 3y61UY8P6 FFEGorfIs6FhwPuZ9zntRIJ58Oix 6vyo9uyyS9PS49C2r9VWb3wsLgF2K4ZxVOe1jRz73znuA JfyFWlehr dRvN9hzmbEnSSQ999hZ

Whether you are new to crypto trading or a beginner, the MDM blog is an excellent resource. 

That’s not all.

The company offers a free cryptocurrency guide to people who sign up for their free newsletter. Their guide covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrency investing and is quite useful for new investors. Not to mention the free newsletter gives you the latest industry insights. 

My Digital Money free Crypto guides

Also, My Digital Money has a Cryptocurrency Market Data page where they share the live prices of all digital currencies available in their selection. 

Cryptocurrency market data

You will find plenty of articles on crypto 101, NFTs, Bitcoin and other industry-relevant topics in their Insights section as well.

My Digital Money Reviews and Complaints:

As the company has only been in the industry for over a year, it hasn’t received many reviews. However, the My Digital Money reviews I found online were quite positive. 

Apparently, the company puts a lot of effort into customer service. 

My Digital Money Google Reviews:

At the time of writing this My Digital Money review, there are 26 reviews on their Google listing. All of them give the company 5 out of 5 stars. 

My Digital Money google reviews

Most of those reviews praise the company’s customer-friendly approach towards crypto investing. 

The above reviewer points out MDM is a trustworthy platform which has your assets or funds whenever you withdraw. Also, the reviewer thanks their representative for helping them understand the safety measures of MDM. They are happy with how the company can never freeze the funds of its clients.

2BknaPDbrDIbTl83S91P bC5OvHm0fq52wqSZQFMV11h0sNfzU2sosXfnkNXf0zT8ceLMBjRmCUAtiGpVwq

Here, the reviewer points out that My Digital Money is a first-rate outfit with a particular focus on customer service. 

They highlight that the company answers their phones and talks to people. The reviewer got a call back from a My Digital Money representative and they hadn’t even left a message. They are very happy with their service. 

My Digital Money BBB: 

My Digital Money BBB profile

Their BBB listing has an A- rating and no customer reviews. Also, there are no complaints on the company’s Better Business Bureau listing. 

Are There Any My Digital Money Complaints? 

I looked into this company and searched across multiple consumer platforms. However, I didn’t find any complaints against this crypto IRA firm. 

Certainly, they have specialized in customer service and try to ensure that their clients are always satisfied. 

Is My Digital Money Legit?

Yes, My Digital Money is legit. The company is the cryptocurrency arm of reputed gold IRA provider, Noble Gold Investments. 

They were launched in 2021 and have been able to establish a positive reputation among customers. 

The company has partnered with reputed IRA custodian, Equity Trust, and experienced digital assets custodian, Genesis Custody. 

Their asset selection includes all the major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. They have a team of experts who reviews cryptocurrencies before adding it to their asset collection. 

Furthermore, My Digital Money provides consumers with a demo account to test out their platform and practice their trading skills. The company has a plethora of free resources available on its website including articles, investing guides and a live market data page. 

However, the company’s fee structure might be a bit steep for many investors. Another problematic aspect of this firm could be its limited selection of cryptocurrencies. Several crypto IRAs have larger crypto assets to offer to investors. 

Summary: Should You Invest with My Digital Money?

Opening a crypto IRA can help you accelerate the growth of your portfolio. You can make tax-deferred investments in cryptocurrencies and boost your gains considerably. 

However, you should choose your crypto IRA provider very carefully. Their fee structure, asset selection and features would have a huge impact on your returns. 

That’s why I recommend checking out our list of the best crypto IRA companies before making any final decision.