OPM Silver Bars: History, Design & More (Updated 2023)

Ohio Precious Metals, LLC creates OPM Silver Bars. Because they use production techniques that are environmentally friendly and have little influence on the environment, they stand apart from rival refineries.

Quality silver bars make it simple for investors who are concerned about having a green investing profile to diversify. Each brand-new OPM Silver Bar is delivered in a mint-sealed plastic container.

This airtight container protects the bar from deterioration or oxidation. You can buy sheets of ten of these bars or buy the bars separately.

OPM Silver Bars

History and Background of OPM Silver Bars

More often than not, Ohio Precious Metals is OPM Metals or just OPM. In 1974, they started manufacturing metals out of a garage. Refiners in their group initially focused on recovering any precious metals they could remove from telephone equipment.

Between 1974 and 2003, the corporation underwent many name and ownership changes. Since 2003, their growth has allowed them to grow into the largest refinery capable of producing goods of a high standard in the United States.

As opposed to their rivals’ refineries, which solely have branches in the U.S., their operations are totally domestic. OPM is famous for producing bullion in both silver and gold.

The mint owns for its cutting-edge recycling and refining techniques. Unique Miller Chlorination facility took the place of older Aqua Regia gold refining.

This business takes great satisfaction in its continual attempts to find cleaner, greener ways to produce goods in order to lessen their impact on the environment.

They are also a leader in the industry of recycled bullion. Numerous American jewellery offerings prominently feature their trademarked line of recycled bullion products. Jewellers promote it as a greener alternative to the metals used by their international rivals.

Bar Design

One-ounce, ten-ounce, one-kilogram, and one-hundred-ounce OPM Silver Bars are available. Their refinery has the capacity to purify scrap metals to 99.9% silver purity. All of their bars are now this. 999+ fine.

Each OPM silver bar shows the simple yet distinctive design for which the company is famous. On the front of the bars, there is an imprint of the OPM company name and logo.

The bars provide information on the weight in troy ounces, the purity of the silver, and the name and logo below them.

The printed term “U.S.A.” on the bars near the bottom to let people know that the complete minting process was in the United States.

OPM Silver Bars

These OPM Silver Bars feature a repeating design of the OPM emblem on their backs. Despite the image’s simplicity, collectors appreciate the texture it offers.

image 323

The sizes of one and ten ounces have a beautiful sheen. A matte surface can be found on larger kilogram and 100-ounce volumes. Each option gives a silver bar a sleek and appealing appearance.

Bar Specifications

OPM Silver Bars come in four different sizes. These weights are one ounce, ten ounces, one hundred ounces, and kilogram. The following characteristics apply to the widely used ten-ounce size:

Mass283.5 grams
Thickness7.58 mm
Dimensions 90 mm x 46 mm
Silver Content 10 ounces of .999 fine silver

OPM Silver Bars Pricing

There are some key differences between silver bars and bullion coins. Several of the coins are “commercial currency,” but the bars are not. This merely means that silver bars have no corresponding face value.

image 322

This does not preclude silver bars from offering you a number of benefits over silver bullion coins. Production of Silver bullion bars, far less frequently than bullion coins. The process of making these coins gives collectors ideas for their collections.

This guarantees that the costs on the silver bar market are substantially closer to the actual silver spot pricing. As a result, buying silver in the form of bars is a really efficient way to get the precious metal without having to pay a high premium.

Whether a portfolio is being used for retirement or investment purposes, the actual asset worth is determined by the market price. Every weekday, the price of silver fluctuates. Due to this, the price of OPM Silver Bars fluctuates every trading day.

Using an IRA to Purchase OPM Silver Bars

The premise that precious metals bullion has a place in retirement savings is accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. They specifically let you own silver bullion in self-directed IRAs referred to as precious metals IRAs.

Bars need to be a certain purity level in order to be included in this account. These IRA accounts allow for the purchase and storage of all OPM Silver Bars.

Due to the fact that silver’s spot price is consistently substantially lower than that of gold, silver proves to be popular. Silver bars become a very cost-effective solution to protect and hedge your other investments as a result.

OPM Silver Bars satisfy the IRS 408(b) part of the code’s requirement for a minimum level of.999 silver purity. Silver bullion that qualifies for the program must cost at least $5,000 to be the first precious metals purchase.

Subsequent purchases can be made in increments as small as $1,000. Bars and coins for IRA accounts must be kept at depositories that the IRS has authorized. Your bullion will be stored and kept safe in these vaults, which are owned and maintained by third parties.

It’s possible that you already have an IRA account that you want to add silver to. This can be rather easily rolled over to a precious metals IRA.

OPM Silver Bars are readily available for sale and purchase online and at coin shops all throughout the world. They don’t serial-number or register their bars with the big exchanges, giving you more ownership discretion.


Above all, the detailed knowledge of the OPM Silver Bars tells us that they are at bars are with .999+ fine. silver purity. Furthermore, we can say about its purity and fineness makes it suitable for collectivity.

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