A-Mark Silver Bars: Design, Prices & Specs (Updated 2023)

Among other bullion goods, A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. manufactures and sells a significant amount of silver and gold bars as well as platinum and palladium. 90 million ounces of silver are used annually in their refining, minting, and reselling processes. 

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They acquire this directly from miners, other refiners, and merchants in order to manufacture enough silver bullion to satisfy their customers on all six continents. 

One of their most popular in-house produced silver bullion bars is the A-Mark 10-ounce silver bar. They additionally manufacture one-ounce Liberty Silver Rounds.

History and Background of A-Mark Company

The start of A-history Mark’s history begins in 1965. The company has grown over the years to become a full-service precious metals trading organization providing diverse products and offers. 

They offer bullion in the forms of bars, coins, wafers, and grain in the following metals: silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. These precious metals are available from them for storage or client delivery. 

They provide a range of related services in addition to carrying a complete selection of silver and other precious metals bullion. Hedging, consignment, leasing, financing, and a variety of specially designed financial programs are some of them.

A-Mark takes great pride in its status as an authorized distributor for several government mints located all over the world. These are Certified Purchasers for the Royal Canadian Mint, the Perth Mint of Australia, the South African Mint, and the United States Mint. 

A-Mark has two offices, one each in Santa Monica, California, and Vienna, Austria, both in the United States and in Europe. Due to this, they are able to offer a bullion market for their products Monday through Friday for 17 hours. Even though many of the significant commodity centres worldwide have closed, customers can still buy from and sell to them.

Additionally, A-Mark is an honoured distributor for several government mints located all over the world. Included in this are 

  • The Perth Mint of Australia 
  • The South African Mint
  • The Royal Canadian Mint
  • The U.S. Mint

In Santa Monica, California, and Vienna, Austria, respectively, A-Mark has two offices. 

They can now offer a buyer and seller market for their bullion items from Monday through Friday for 17 hours each day thanks to this. 

Even though a large number of the crucial commodity hubs for the world have shut down, customers can still buy from and sell to them.

Bar Design

A-Mark manufactures only one size of silver bullion bar. Their silver bar weighs 10 ounces. This A-Mark 10 oz. silver bars rank among the most widely available 10 oz. silver bullion items are available right now. The front of the bar has components for identifying the bullion.

These bars have the A-Mark name and emblem at the top. They specify the purity level as “.999+ Pure Silver” in the middle of the bar. At the bottom of the front, it says “10 Ounces Troy” next to the size.


Above all, three properties of the bullion are there repeatedly in a diagonal orientation on the back of the bar. “.999+ Pure Silver,” “10 Oz. Troy,” and “A-Mark” are written here. A bullet point separates each of these assertions, which are in the same order a total of five times.


A-Mark manufactures the 10-ounce silver bar for its international clients. The following are its specifications:

Mass311 grams
Size 10 troy ounces
Dimensions88.9 mm x 50.8 mm
Silver Content.999 fine silver

A-Mark Silver Bar Pricing

Silver bars and the majority of bullion coins differ from one another. Most bullion coins have a legal tender face value, but silver bars do not. Silver bars continue to have advantages over silver coins. 

A-Mark Silver Bars are one example of a bullion bar with a significantly lower mintage because they are not collectible objects.

The market price of these bars is much more in line with the spot price of silver as a result of their low collectibility. Silver bars are now the most economical way to buy silver.

The value of the assets in any retirement or investment portfolio is actually determined by the market price. Each trading day sees a fluctuation in silver prices. This implies that prices for A-Mark Silver Bars also change on trading days, rising and falling.

Using an IRA to Purchase A-Mark Silver Bars

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The IRS acknowledges the worth of genuine precious metal bullion, such as A-Mark Silver Bars, for retirement purposes. This is permitted in some self-directed IRAs, often known as precious metals IRAs

Silver bars must meet minimal purity standards in order for them to be included in the account. 

The IRS has given permission for the storage of all A-Mark Silver Bars in these IRA retirement vehicles. 

These silver bars have long been a preferred alternative to gold bullion due to silver’s significantly lower spot price than gold. This implies that silver is a more cost-effective kind of investment insurance.

A-Mark Silver Bars fulfill the minimum .999 silver purity requirements, which the IRS specifies in the section of code 408(b). First purchases of these or other silver must be at least $5,000 in qualified silver bullion

Subsequent purchases must only be $1,000 minimum. The IRS requires that you keep all of your bullion bars in third-party depositories which they approve. 

These vaults protect and maintain your bullion assets. You are able to move over other IRA accounts to a self-directed IRA for keeping precious physical metals by rolling it over.

A good feature of the A-Mark Silver Bars is that they are very liquid. They can be easily bought or sold through coin and precious metals dealers throughout the world. 

These bars are not serial numbered so they are not registered with the precious metals exchanges like LBMA, COMEX, or APMEX. Your IRA administrator is able to easily acquire them on your behalf by placing an order with A-Mark directly.


Since we have a thorough understanding of the A-Mark Silver Bars, we can conclude that they are pure and that the company takes great satisfaction in being an authorized distributor for a number of government mints throughout the globe. We can also add these characteristics to account for its collectivity.

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