Rhonda Worthey

The marriage of Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman was the first time Rhonda, now known as Rhonda Aikman, was noticed by the media. Before then, she was not known to the public.

The ex-QB of the Cowboys tied the knot with Rhonda in her late twenties. He was part of the Triplets, the Dallas Cowboys trio. They share parental duties for their children, Ashley Marie and Alexa Aikman, as well as Rachel, who Rhonda had from a previous relationship.

After 11 years, their marriage came to an end in January 2011.

A Biography of Rhonda Worthey

rhonda worthey

Rhonda Worthey came into this on the 2nd of May in 1970, even though some news outlets stated that the year of her birth was 1969. Thanks to her training in public relations, she was able to acquire a job as a spokesperson for the Dallas Cowboys organization. She has a degree in the same field.

In the past, Rhonda Worthey didn’t receive much recognition. But now she is a significant figure in today’s culture.

It was in 1998 when Rhonda first attracted the public’s attention due to her romance with Troy Aikman. Also, she was a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys. So, she had the chance to get familiar with the three-time Super Bowl champion.

The Marriage of Rhonda Worthey

Rhonda Worthey’s marriage has been the subject of much discussion. People have examined the intricacies of her marriage with great interest.

On April 8, 2000, Rhonda and Troy officially became husband and wife. They had been together for 18 months. The nuptials took place in Plano, Texas. Also, the two chose to set up a home in Dallas afterward.

On August 24, 2001, Jordan Ashley Aikman was born to Rhonda and Troy. Also, Alexa Marie Aikman was born to the couple on July 30, 2002. Rachel, whose father’s identity is unknown, is also the daughter of Rhonda. Following 11 years of marriage, Rhonda and Troy mutually ended their marriage on January 25, 2011. Subsequently, they finalized the divorce on April 21, 2011.

Rhonda Worthey

Troy spoke of the breakdown of his marriage, despite the consoling efforts of the many A-list Hollywood stars, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and other celebrities.

The couple announced that, after a decade of being married, they had decided it would be best to go their separate ways.

Rhonda is the one who has been charged with raising the children. Since the conclusion of their relationship, Rhonda has remained unmarried, while on June 2, 2017, the well-known Dallas Cowboys quarterback became engaged to the fashion retailer Catherine “Capa” Mooty.

In the end, she was granted a $1.5 million house and $1.75 million in alimony as part of the divorce settlement, enabling her to close the divorce and carry on with her life.

Speculations and Controversies Surrounding Rhonda Worthey

In August 2012, Rhonda was taken into custody and accused of disrupting public safety due to her inebriation in a high school in Murphy, Texas. This happened not long after her divorce had been finalized the year prior and shortly after high school ended.

Law enforcement investigators examining the occurrence revealed two containers filled with a substance bearing the odor and visual aspect of an alcoholic beverage, according to TMZ.

Larry Friedman, the legal counsel for Rhonda, provided the information.

Rhonda was merely waiting for a friend who was to show her the way when the incident happened. She had not broken any laws and is remorseful for all that has taken place. She remains committed to helping those in need in North Texas. You could say, “As is true for most of us, Rhonda has been lost and had less-than-accurate directions at some point.”

He further went on to tell TMZ:

It is a beneficial outcome for all, and this finally resolves the issue definitively.

An image can be seen of a person looking at their cell phone with a thoughtful expression on their face. Their hands are crossed in front of them and they appear to be deep in thought.

In March 2012, Reality Tea spread speculation that Rhonda Worthey might be a cast member of the upcoming Real Housewives of Dallas. However, the show was not aired until four years later in 2016. Unfortunately, Rhonda was not included, which caused much dismay. She was not present.

What is the Financial Worth of Rhonda Worthey?

It has been reported that Rhonda has acquired an impressive $10 million despite her current unemployment and the recent divorce. She was awarded the house in the settlement and is assumed to have taken risks with the money earned from the proceedings.

She has cut off her communication with the press, so there is no way to tell where she is now. Even on the internet, it is challenging to locate her presence.

Troy Aikman’s Stance on Homosexuality

Troy, the most acclaimed commentator on Fox Sports, has faced persistent speculations and gossip claiming he is homosexual.

After Skip Bayless caused a rumor to gain widespread traction, it was eventually cleared up when Rhonda and he got married. As they had two children showing they were not of the same sexual orientation, it was hard to make any assumptions about their sexual orientation.

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