San Diego Coin And Bullion Reviews

San Diego Coin And Bullion Reviews
San Diego Coin & Bullion
San Diego Coin and Bullion is a precious metals dealer with an impressive product catalog. However, they are not the best option for you. Check out our top recommendations to see what that industry leaders have to offer.
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What are San Diego Coin And Bullion?San Diego Coin And Bullion Locations, Timings, Email, Phone, Services

San Diego Coin & Bullion is a coin merchant based in San Diego, offering a unique advantage over many other stores in the area: they have a physical retail storefront accessible to individuals living in San Diego. Additionally, they have a strong online presence, providing interested customers with a comprehensive website for buying and selling a wide variety of coins.

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Unlike some other websites in the same industry, San Diego Coin & Bullion does not have an “about” section on its website. Nevertheless, a brief exploration of their website showcases an extensive selection of coins and precious metals, indicating their substantial expertise and experience in this field.

Remarkably, San Diego Coin & Bullion has been in business for an impressive 28 years, as noted on the Better Business Bureau website. This longevity is a testament to their reliability and credibility as a reputable coin merchant in the region.

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  • Address: 7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #113 San Diego, CA 92111
  • Phone: 800-700-2646 and 858-569-5222
  • Email: and
  • Website:
  • Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9 am-5 pm and on Saturday 9 am-2 pm

People Behind San Diego Coin and Bullion: CEO, Owner, Co-Founders & MoreWho owns San Diego Coin and Bullion? What is the management team behind San Diego Coin and Bullion?

Mr. Michael McConnell (President) at San Diego Coin and Bullion:

Mr. Michael McConnell is serving as the President of San Diego Coin and Bullion. He has been in the coin business for over 30 years and is a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA). He is also a certified coin dealer (CCD) by the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG).

McConnell opened San Diego Coin & Bullion in 1995 in San Diego. The store originally specialized in rare coins, but it has since expanded to offer a wide variety of coins, bullion, and currency. The store also offers appraisals, grading, and authentication services.

McConnell is a well-respected member of the coin community. He has been featured in several publications, including Coin World and Numismatic News. He is also a frequent speaker at coin shows and conventions. Mr. Michael is always committed to providing his customers with the best possible service. He is knowledgeable about coins and bullion, and he is always willing to help his customers find the right coins for their needs.

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Mr. Samiento Diago (Branch Manager) at San Diego Coin And Bullion:

Samiento Diago serves as a bank manager at San Diego Coin and Bullion. He is an accomplished banking professional with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. He has a strong background in banking operations, customer service, and financial management. Throughout his career, Samiento has developed a reputation for his leadership skills, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring a positive banking experience for clients.

Samiento Diago’s leadership and dedication have made a positive impact on the growth and success of San Diego Coin and Bullion. Under his guidance, the branch continues to thrive as a trusted financial institution serving the local community’s banking needs.

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There is no more publicly available information about its management and team members. If you want to know more about them you can choose to contact them.

San Diego Coin and Bullion Products: Bullion Coins, Bars, And Rare CoinsAll products offered by San Diego Coin and Bullion

Buying from San Diego Coin and Bullion:

1. Precious Metals: The company offers an extensive selection of gold and silver coins and bullion available for direct purchase on its website. From rare coins to various features, buyers can explore a wide range of options. Additionally, the site provides gold, silver, and platinum bars for those interested in precious metal investments.

2. Rare Coins: Setting themselves apart from the competition, they boast a vast inventory of rare U.S. coins for purchase. This includes minted collections and rare misprints, appealing to collectors and investors seeking unique pieces.

3. World Coins: This company stands out in this category, offering a diverse collection of ancient gold, silver, and world coins. The website features coins from ancient Rome, Greece, and more, allowing enthusiasts to find and purchase coins of historical significance.

4. Extensive Selection: The website showcases an impressive array of coins and bullion, ranging from ancient coins and commemorative pieces to various forms of currency, foreign coins, and U.S. coins. While each category is detailed on the website, some coins can only be purchased by contacting the dealer directly.

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Selling to San Diego Coin & Bullion:

Individuals looking to part with their coins can sell them here as well. While the website offers less information on the selling process compared to buying, the company assures potential sellers of a guided process. They provide price offers, coin grading, and transparent explanations for the offered price, ensuring a fair and informed transaction for both parties involved.

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How to Invest in San Diego Coin and Bullion IRA?Step-by-step guide for investing in San Diego Coin and Bullion IRA

San Diego Coin & Bullion does not provide services for gold and silver investing or precious metals IRAs, their unparalleled selection compensates for this. Their expertise lies in the purchase and sale of rare coins, with a narrower focus on bullion, particularly gold, silver, and platinum.

This could be the notable drawback of dealing with this company, that they do not offer IRA (Individual Retirement Account) services. For individuals looking to invest in precious metals as part of their retirement planning, this limitation could be a significant inconvenience.

Many other reputable gold and silver merchants provide assistance in setting up and managing precious metals IRAs, which offer tax advantages and a secure way to diversify retirement portfolios. Unfortunately, San Diego Coin & Bullion’s focus is primarily on buying and selling rare coins, with limited expertise in IRA-related services.

While their extensive selection of coins and bullion may attract collectors and investors, those seeking a seamless integration of precious metals into their retirement strategies may have to explore alternative options, potentially leading to a less streamlined and comprehensive investment experience.

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There are plenty of options available for you. San Diego Coin and Bullion does not offer IRA Services.

Opening a precious metals IRA is a major decision. That’s why I suggest checking out our top gold IRA providers list. You can find the best precious metals dealer in your state and choose accordingly.

Also, the list will help you understand what the industry best has to offer and what you might miss out on. On the other hand, you can get a free guide on gold IRAs below. It will help you understand the process.


San Diego Coin and Bullion Fees and Charges: Do they overcharge?What are their fees? Do they have hidden fees?

The absence of clear and transparent fees and charges information can be a limitation for this company. They simply insist that potential customers contact them directly for more information. This lack of upfront pricing details may be frustrating for potential buyers who prefer to have a clear understanding of the total expenses involved before making a purchase decision. Without readily available fee information, customers may be left in the dark about any additional costs that could be incurred during the buying process.

The inability to compare prices or evaluate the overall cost of transactions upfront may deter some buyers from proceeding with their purchases.

Moreover, requiring customers to initiate direct contact for fee-related inquiries might be seen as a time-consuming and inconvenient process, especially for those who prefer to research and evaluate options independently before engaging with a seller.

For potential customers seeking a straightforward and hassle-free purchasing experience, the lack of clear fee and charge information could be a significant drawback. While San Diego Coin & Bullion’s selection and expertise might attract buyers, the absence of transparent pricing on their website may hinder their ability to fully assess the total cost of their desired purchases, leading some customers to explore alternative dealers who offer more accessible and upfront fee disclosure.

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Companies like Augusta charge ZERO fees for up to 10 years, allowing you to choose your gold & silver. San Diego Coin and Bullion on the other hand provide fewer options.

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Social Media Presence of San Diego Coin and Bullion:Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram

Their Twitter Page:

The company has an account on Twitter. They have 772 followers and are following 1083 accounts. San Diego Coin and Bullion joined Twitter in June 2011.

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Their Facebook Page:

San Diego Coin and Bullion has 571 followers with 554 likes on its Facebook account. On Facebook, the company has 4.8-star ratings with 14 reviews.

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Their Instagram Page:

San Diego Coin and Bullion has an Instagram profile with 81 followers. Only 9 posts have been shared till now. Their company size is 11-50 employees. They are following 121 accounts.

San Diego Coin and Bullion Instagram

San Diego Coin and Bullion Reviews and Complaints: BBB, Trustpilot, SitejabberRead all the San Diego Coin and Bullion reviews & complaints

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

On the Better Business Bureau website, San Diego Coin and Bullion have 3 stars out of 5-star ratings. The business has only 2 customer reviews. They are since 28 years in the industry. No complaints have been filed and closed against the company.

The company’s overall performance and customer interactions have been consistently positive, leading to an A+ rating. The 3 stars could indicate that both reviews were generally positive, but there might have been minor issues or room for improvement.

With only 2 reviews, the rating might not fully represent the company’s performance over its 28-year history. A small number of reviews can result in fluctuations in the overall rating, as a single negative or positive review can have a significant impact on the score. The company’s performance may have been good historically, but the lack of recent reviews might indicate a decline in customer engagement or feedback.

The business is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB accreditation is an indication that a business meets certain standards of trustworthiness and ethical practices. Not having BBB accreditation doesn’t necessarily imply anything negative about the business, but it may lack the formal recognition of meeting BBB’s criteria.

San Diego Coin and Bullion BBB page


On Yelp, San Diego Coin and Bullion have 4.6 stars out of 5-star ratings based on 137 customer reviews. Mostly, all the reviews are positive. The customer praised their services and products. In contrast, there are some complaints too regarding products and their shipping.

San Diego Coin and Bullion yelp page

Yellow Pages:

On Yellow Pages, San Diego Coin and Bullion have only one partially positive review. The customer commended has mixed views about this company.

San Diego Coin and Bullion reviews

Google Reviews:

On Google, the business has 4.4 stars out of 5-star ratings based on various customer reviews. There are 115 customer reviews on Google, and most of them are positive. Customers praise the company’s excellent customer service, professionalism, and expertise.

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Some Positive Reviews:

#1. Barb D highly recommends these brothers, expressing her genuine appreciation for their excellent service. They have consistently gone above and beyond to fulfill his orders, and she has never encountered any issues with them. Their dedication and great service have left a positive impression on Barb, making her eager to endorse them to others.

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#2. Dennis Fuoss attests that this establishment serves as a fair and honest broker for coins and bullion. Regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, these individuals can fulfill your requirements. As a long-time collector who has both bought and sold at SDC&B, Dennis can confidently say that he is always 110% satisfied with their services.

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#3. Eric M. highly recommends this fantastic local establishment! They offer excellent prices on silver bullion, even beating some of the online dealers. One added advantage of purchasing here is the assurance of not having your valuable items stolen from your porch during delivery. It’s a great place to invest in precious metals, especially as we observe the potential instability of the petrodollar.

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#4. Shirley F. highly recommends this place for getting gold and silver. The knowledgeable staff helps you make informed decisions about wealth building and understanding the worth of your money. It’s an enjoyable learning experience, and she suggests bringing children to teach them about money’s significance from a young age.

image 703

#5. Annalisa Beery shares that she has been frequenting this place since her childhood. It’s an excellent destination, especially if you’re interested in unique silver coins, particularly those featuring animals. They offer very competitive prices for those one-of-a-kind specialty coins.

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Some Negative Reviews:

#1. Karl B expresses frustration, stating that the company wasted his time. He attempted to purchase a significant amount of coins, repeatedly entering his bank information, only to be told that they couldn’t fulfill the order due to insufficient stock. He finds the situation disappointing and not very pleasant.

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#2. According to Michael M., the lady working at the place is extremely rude. He strongly advises against going there as she has a tendency to make customers feel horrible and degrade them. Michael had a negative experience with their business and customer service, as she didn’t even bother to look at the coins he had, offering only a spot price. He perceives the establishment as a rip-off scam place.

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Is San Diego Coin and Bullion Legit? Should You Invest With Them?Is San Diego Coin and Bullion a scam or legit? Are they worth it?

No, I don’t think you should invest with them.


  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Decent product selection


  • Not a BBB-accredited business
  • Received mixed reviews

I believe there are plenty of better options available for you.

San Diego Coin and Bullion is a precious metals dealer that has been in business since 1995. They have an A+ rating with 3 stars on the Better Business Bureau. However, they are not accredited by BBB. The company also has a 4.6 rating on Yelp and a 4.4-star rating on Google Reviews.

Whether or not this company is legitimate is a matter of opinion there was no publicly available information about its founder and owner.

Before you make any final decision, I recommend checking out our top gold IRA providers.

There, you will find out what the industry’s best has to offer. Also, it will ensure you make an informed decision.

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