Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins

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The gold one guinea coins stand as the height of Saudi Arabia’s gold coin achievement. These are the Middle Eastern nod to the then-dominant British sovereigns, struck in the two years 1950 and 1957. Gold coin investors and collectors continue to adore these coins because of their lovely calligraphy-based designs. Even 60 years after their last production, they were still in demand.

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Minted by the Saudi Arabian Royal Mint, this trading guinea has the same dimensions and gold content as the British Royal. For investors interested in purchasing gold bullion coins with aesthetic and numismatic interest, this is an alluring alternative. These coins have a date of 1370 according to the Islamic Hejira calendar. This date corresponds to October 13th, 1950, to October 1st, 1951 according to the Gregorian calendar used by Christians.

History of Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been coveted for its vast and seemingly unending oil wealth as the proprietor of the second biggest proven oil reserves on earth (just behind Venezuela). The Kingdom has been a significant producer of gold for more than 3,000 years, something many people are unaware of.

According to mythology, King Solomon got his fortune from a gold mine in the Arabian Peninsula. This gold mine continues to provide spectacular gold yields year in and year out to this day.

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Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins reflect the peak of Saudi gold coin designs. Since they were cleverly designed after the British Gold Sovereigns, these coins served as the gold standard for the Middle East’s emerging market in the 1950s.

These quickly developed into a useful way of conducting regional trade settlement because their weight and gold purity were the same as their sister gold coins from the U.K. The Kingdom has only ever created five different gold coins. These gold guineas have been struck only in two years in honour of the Hejira 1370 year. The 1370 year corresponds to 1950.

The Saudi Royal Mint manufactured these in the second year, 1957. Mecca, the most sacred city in the kingdom, was home to the Saudi Royal Mint. The face value of these coins is 40 Riyals and an actual gold weight of .2354 ounces in 22 Karats purity.

Physical Features of Gold One Guinea Coins from Saudi Arabia

Design of the Coin

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The “front side” of coins is referred to as the “obverse” in official terminology. One Guinean Gold from Saudi Arabia has a lovely calligraphic design. This design includes a bordered beaded circle with crossed swords and palm trees at the bottom of the coin. “One Guinea” and “1” are written in Arabic at the top and center of the coin, respectively. The bottom of the coin displays the coin’s mintage date.

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“Reverse” is known as the back of the coin. There are several different phrases on the reverse side of the coin. The top of the coin features the phrase “King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” Crossed swords and a date tree are in the center. At the bottom, the coin gives a declaration that “Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud,” was the reigning Saudi Arabian monarch of the day.

Detailing of Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coin

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Pricing for Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coin 

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As Legal tender in the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins have a face value of 40 Riyals. Although it would be possible to use these relatively uncommon bullion gems to purchase goods and services for daily needs. Yet only a fool could engage in this behaviour. This is so because the intrinsic value of the coins includes a true gold component worth more than $250. This worth comes from the daily spot gold price. Due to their widespread use as global gold coins and their relatively small mintages of under two million pieces for the combined years of 1950 and 1957, the coins also have some collector’s value premium over the trading daily world gold prices.

These unique gold coins derive their true market value from this intrinsic gold value. Market value is superb when it comes down to valuing the coins contained inside these investment or retirement portfolios. See-sawing gold prices give the actual market value.  The market value fluctuates during trading on weekdays and Sundays.

Is Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins eligible for IRA investment?

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Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins stand out for their exoticness and historical worth for investors. These investors are the people who are interested in possessing a piece of the opulent wealth produced by the Kingdom. The IRS follows a sole jurisdiction in finding out which competitors may and may not comprise precious metals IRAs. All coins go through the strict difficult dual standard of very high gold purity and low collectability premium.

Any coins that are to be included in such an IRA must be handled directly through an IRA account administrator that has been approved by the IRS, according to their requirements. These agents will actually place all orders directly with the coin dealers and arrange for transportation to the IRS-approved third-party vault business for storage, upkeep, and security. In order to open one of these accounts, one must first make a minimum purchase of precious metals that have been authorized by the IRS for $5,000.

Later, one may opt to purchase further quantities of precious metals in minimums of merely $1,000 in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion coins or bars if one wishes. You can easily convert an existing IRA retirement account into a gold IRA.

There are plenty of experts that can help you with investing into precious metals IRAs.


The majority of gold coins/ bullion coins are for investors and commemorative coins are for collectors. Even though modern gold coins are still recognized as legal currency, their use in regular financial transactions is rarely common. This is because the metal value typically exceeds the nominal value.

Regarding the approved status of these coins in IRA accounts, with a measly .9167 gold purity, the Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins do not match the minimum gold level for purity which the IRS has put at a high .995.

The IRS similarly considers that the pieces are more collectors’ global gold coins than direct bullion issues because of their considerable premium over spot gold prices. Due to the coins’ failure to meet both requirements, the strict IRS won’t permit you to use these intriguing representations of genuine wealth in your self-directed IRAs.

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