Somalia Gold Elephant Coins – History & Disgn (Updated 2023)

Somalia Gold Elephant Coins is a beautiful tribute to the world’s largest land mammal and its majesty. This Coin is one of the most intriguing coins in the African Wildlife Coin Series, which honours Africa’s unique fauna. The Das Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt Mint in Munich, Germany, produced these coins. Coin collectors across the world draw German-made gold coins.

Somalia Gold Elephant Coins

These bullion gold coins from the African Wildlife series have a gold purity of 99.99%. They were first produced by Zambia in 1999, but Somalia took over the series in 2004. These coins are now available in a variety of sizes and in protestant churches in both gold and silver.

Somalia Gold Elephant Coins Evolution

The Somalian Gold Elephant coin is the most captivating and has made the mystery surrounding their progression. It all begins with the name of the series from which the coin is derived, the African Wildlife Series. While the title suggests a robust series of coins commemorating multiple species typically occurring on the African continent, the elephant is the only animal to seem to be on a coin branded with the African Wildlife Series title.

The coin’s entire production as a coin for the nation of Zambia added to its allure. Although the Somalian Gold Elephants coins date back to 2004, the elephant first appeared on African Wildlife Series coins in 1999. The Bavarian State Mint struck these coins with the same attributes and branding from that year until 2003, with Zambia as the country of issue.

Physical Characteristics of Somalia Gold Elephant Coins

Somalia Gold Elephant Coin guarantees pureness and content by the widely respected, German-based Bavarian State Mint, which has been the money-generating authoritative figure for the entirely independent Principality of Bavaria for centuries. This mint is still one of Germany’s four main mints. Also, It is owned by the Free State of Bavaria, as has the Bavarian local princes ruling in Munich formed it in the 12th century, over 800 years ago. 

Design of Somalia Gold Elephant Coins

The Front Side  Somalia Gold Elephant Coins – “OBVERSE”

The front side of a coin is referred to as its “obverse.” The obverse design of these coins changes each year. In 2017, the obverse of Somalia Gold Elephant Coins depicts an enormous elephant standing in knee-length grass on the African Serengeti savanna. The striking image shows it in the process of radiating a deep and powerful bellow. However, The background features a traditional Somalian hut surrounded by a small cluster of coconut palm trees. The sun is setting at the top of the image. The inscriptions on the coin are “AFRICAN WILDLIFE” at the top and “ELEPHANT” and “1 oz Au 999.9” at the bottom half of the obverse.

The Backside of Somalia Gold Elephant Coins – “REVERSE”

Coin collectors all over the world refer to the back side of coins as the “reverse.” The reverse of the Somalia Gold Elephant Coins depicts the country’s distinct national coat of arms. This emblem consists of a single star present on a background with horizontal lines from the nation’s heraldic shield.

Leopards flank and support the shield. Also, the leopards themselves stand on two crossed lances that point outward and are framed by two crossing palm frond leaves. The mintmarks year is split in half on the outside of each leopard’s flank. The much-debated face value is adorning the bottom of the coin in an arc shape. Moreover, the inscription “SOMALI REPUBLIC” is in an upward-facing arc on the top of the coin.


These coins are available in a variety of sizes. Below are the measurements of their most common variants:

31.1 grams39 mm1.9 mm1 troy oz. gold99.99% gold
Somalia Gold Elephant Coins


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