United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins – History & Design (Updated 2023)

United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins are adored worldwide for their reliability, elegance, and huge face value. The value and mass have the famous and centuries-old Trial of the Pyx. The British Royal Mint has been minting these lovely Gold Britannia coins since 1987, making the 2017 issue their 30th-anniversary coin. Each year, 150,000 gold bullion pieces are minted. This gives the series a 1% global market share. It also places the ever-popular British coins as one of the most famous bullion issues at present.

United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins

Physical Characteristics of United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins

As the Royal Mint marks the 30th anniversary of the ancient and bold gold Britannia coin layout, creator Philip Nathan stepped forward to reload the image. He enhanced her appearance by adding a mottled radial sunburst next to her. As a result, the anniversary coin is more remarkable than ever before.

Design of the United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins

The front side –  “OBVERSE”

The front side of the coin is known as the “OBVERSE”. The obverse of the coins features the established design of Lady Britannia standing well-built in the face of a strong gale, with her shield, Corinthian-design helmet, and olive branch. The majestic presence of a mottled radial sunburst behind her accomplishes this new anniversary layout.

United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins

The backside –  “REVERSE”

The backside of the coin is known as the “REVERSE”. The back of this coin, like all official British coins, features an elegant portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The coin has an impressive face value of 100 British pounds sterling. The Gold Britannia Coins from the United Kingdom are official British legal tender. Also, they get recognition across the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


The coins are accessible in tenth, quarter, half, and ounce weights. Their divisions range from £10 to £100. The most common one-ounce size has the following dimensions:

31.21 grams32.69 mm1.8 mm1 troy oz. actual gold content99.99% gold  (24 karats)

Pricing of United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins

The United Kingdom Gold Britain Coins in the UK always remain a lawful currency. Their face value might range from ten pounds to one hundred pounds. The most popular one-ounce size comes with a 100-pound sterling denomination. While it’s true that the United Kingdom Gold Britain Coin has a significant cost.

The reason for this is that the inherent value of these stunning bullion options is far greater than their still-important face value suggests. The true value of the coin is ascertained by the spot price of gold in addition to the premium the coin may command over bullion prices.

The truth is that the coin’s inherent value helps determine its market price. The market price calculates the value of portfolio management which includes them. The United Kingdom’s Gold Britannia Coins hold a 3% premium over spot gold prices. This is to cover the high costs of coin minting and allocation. However, the market value of these coins varies throughout the day, mirroring the continuously shifting price of gold on global markets. 


Therefore, if you want to invest in United Kingdom Gold Britannia Coins to protect your retirement savings in case of any systemic collapse. However, the market value of these coins determines their worth in a retirement or investment portfolio.

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