Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins

Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins were first approved by Imperial Czarist Russia. After which revived by the Soviet Union, and later brought back under the patronage of the Bank of Russia.

The Bank of Russia has issued new marketing of these coins since its inception in 1992. Until now, expenditure, and special edition coins were issued by the Soviet Union’s State Bank from 1965 to 1991. And by the Czars previous to that since 1701. As they are non-native global gold coins with a tumultuous history. They are a fascinating choice for both gold investors and chronological world gold coin collectors.

Physical characteristics of Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins

The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic State Emblem appears in the center of the USSR Chervonets Gold Coins of the Soviet series. The shield is surrounded by an ear crown with the image of the hammer and sickle set against a background of sunbeams. A circle of dots separates the classical communist chant from the rim. The year of silver coinage can be discovered near the bottom, to the left.

Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins

Design of Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins

Coin collectors around the world refer to the front side of coins as the “obverse.” The obverse of modern Bank of Russia-approved Russian Chervonets Gold Coins attributes the Bank of Russia Emblem in the form of a two-headed eagle with its wings down. In a semi-circular inscription beneath that, it says in Russian BANK OF RUSSIA.

This is structured by a ring of pixels as well as other writings around the rim.

The top states Fifty Roubles on George the Victorious Coins or 10 Roubles on Chervonets Coins, and the bottom states the year of mintmarks. The letters portray the periodic table of the components on the left and the fineness on the right with the pertinent mint mark.

Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins

The back side of a coin is referred to as its “reverse.” Russian Chervonets Gold Coins portray St. George the Victorious riding his horse and slaying. Therefore, the notorious dragon of middle ages lore. These St. George the Victorious coins have a higher purity of 99.9 percent precious metals (gold) and appear alike to the opposite sides of British Sovereign coins. They are far purer in 24 Karat gold than both the initial Imperial Russian and older Soviet variants of the Chervonets coins.


Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins are available in two sizes: 10 Rouble Chervonets and 50 Rouble George the Victorious coins. The Chervonets model has the following dimensions:

Mass DiameterThicknessContentPurity
8.603 grams22.6 mm1.7 mm7.742 grams gold90.0% gold

The main distinction between these and George the Victorious coins is the purity of the gold. Superior George variants are 99.9% pure gold. Their size distribution and measurements however are virtually identical to their less pure Chervonets cousins.

Pricing of Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins

Chervonets gold coins from the Soviet Union and Russia have face values of ten Roubles. While this amount is a major legal tender in Russia today, the gold content raises their economic worth considerably.

No one in the Russian Federation would continue wasting these coins at face value when their inherent value exceeds $1,000 per coin.

The inherent value is mostly ascertained by the spot rate of the gold enclosed within. These precious metal pieces, like all bullion coin issues, carry a small premium to cover the mints’ costs of making and disseminating the coins.

However, the intrinsic value of Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins determines their fair market value. The market value of a coin determines how much it is worth when it is part of an investment or retirement portfolio, or when it is part of a coin collection. The market price of these coins fluctuates with the daily range of gold prices in international precious metals trading.


Therefore, if you want to invest in Soviet and Russian Chervonets Gold Coins to protect your retirement savings in case of any systemic collapse. However, the market value of these coins determines their worth in a retirement or investment portfolio.

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