Soviet and Russian Silver Coins: Price, Design & Specs (Updated 2023)

The Soviet and Russian Silver Coins are highly popular among coin collectors around the world. A huge reason behind their popularity is their historical significance.

These coins were minted during different eras of Russian history. They range in size, weight, and design, and have been used for both circulation and commemorative purposes.

The production of these Coins was initiated by the Soviet Mint. Subsequently, it was carried out by the Russian Mint. The minting occurred after the downfall of the ill-fated Soviet Union. By 1991, the Russians had regained sovereignty over their territory and began minting one-ounce silver pieces featuring the Yuri Gagarin Monument. The coin had a face value of 3 rubles, in both proof and brilliant uncirculated conditions.

Historical background and significance:

Soviet and Russian silver coins reflect the rich history and culture of Russia, from the Tsarist era to the Soviet Union and beyond. They were used for trade, commerce, and personal wealth, and many have been associated with important historical events and figures. The designs on these coins often feature prominent leaders, symbols of national pride, or important cultural icons. The coins also reflect the economic and political changes that Russia has undergone throughout its history, such as the transition from Tsarist Russia to Soviet communism.

Today, these coins are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity and historical significance. They are also popular for their precious metal content. Many collectors invest in silver coins as a way to diversify their portfolios. In recent years, interest in these coins has grown, with many collectors seeking to add these coins to their collections.

The 1980 Olympic Games held in the Soviet Union marked a significant period for the communist nation. Despite several nations, such as the United States, boycotting the international event, the games saw more than 200 world records being broken. The exquisite Soviet Russian silver coins commemorate the grandeur of the games, serving as a timeless tribute to a fascinating chapter in recent world history.

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Physical Characteristics of The Soviet and Russian Silver Coins:

Soviet and Russian silver coins were issued in various denominations with different silver contents. Some of the most common denominations include:

  1. Kopeks: Small silver coins worth 1/100th of a ruble
  2. Rubles: Larger silver coins worth 100 kopeks

The silver content of Soviet and Russian silver coins varied over time due to changes in the silver market and economic conditions. Some of the silver content ranges of these coins include:

  1. Pre-Soviet Russian silver coins (pre-1917): 72-90% silver
  2. Soviet silver coins (1921-1991): 50-90% silver
  3. Post-Soviet Russian silver coins (1992-present): 92.5% silver

Specifications of The Soviet and Russian Silver Coins:

Soviet and Russian Silver Coins come in three most common denominations of 10, 5, and 3 Roubles. The dimensions of the popular 5 ruble silver coins are as follows:

Mass13.7 grams
Diameter33 mm
Thickness2.3 mm
Silver Content.4824 troy oz silver
Purity90.0 % Silver 

Numismatists refer to the front side of coins as the “obverse,” which is where the Soviet and Russian Silver Coins feature the Russian coat of arms. Also, it has a globe beneath the Soviet star, and a prominent rising sun surrounded by ears of barley. The face value of the coin is also displayed alongside the Soviet National Arms.

On the other hand, the “reverse” is the back side of the coin, which in these Coins varied based on the Olympic event being commemorated. The reverse side displayed various Olympic events surrounded by a motto, with the date appearing below the striking imagery.


In conclusion, these coins can be an excellent addition to a numismatist’s collection or an investor’s portfolio. These coins hold significant historical value, representing a unique period in world history. Additionally, they offer diversification to an investment portfolio and have the potential for appreciation in value over time. However, it is important to research thoroughly before investing and consult with a trusted financial advisor.

Collectors should also be wary of counterfeit coins and purchase from reputable sources.  Overall, these coins can provide a tangible and rewarding investment opportunity for those interested in history, culture, and finance.

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