Tre Tre Thornton

Tre Tre Thornton is an American who is the only son of the late American rapper Young Dolph, who was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee.

He is from a family of four children: Tre Tre, Young Dolph, Aria Ella, and also Mai Jaye, Tre Tre Thornton’s mother.

Tre Thornton is located in Memphis, where he resides with his mother and another family member. Additionally, Apple Martin’s Wiki page contains interesting information.

Born in the United States of America on June 20th, 2014, Thornton is renowned for being the offspring of the prominent late American rapper Adolph Robert Thornton Jr (Young Dolph).

Tre Thornton is a Memphis, Tennessee native of the United States. It has been uncovered that he was brought up in the U.S. in the company of his sister, Aria Ella.

He is an African American and has been an American citizen since birth.

This article will discuss Tre Tre Thornton’s net worth, age, father, mother, and more.

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tre tre thornton

The Father of Young Dolph Tre Tre Thorntons

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. was famously known by his stage name Young Dolph. He was a highly successful American hip-hop artist.

He was the owner of Paper Route Empire, his own record label, which he managed without help. His cousin, Key Glock, was the only artist that was signed to the label. Additionally, he and the late rapper Juice Wrld were distantly related.

On the 17th of November, 2021, Tre Tre Thornton’s father, Dolph, was the victim of a shooting in Memphis outside of a bakery, sustaining 22 bullets.

Two people, Justin Johnson aged 23, and also Cornelius Smith aged 32, are suspected to be responsible for the slaying of Young Dolph.

The two individuals have been taken into custody and are currently being prosecuted.

The defense attorney of Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith, the two accused murderers, has entered not-guilty pleas on their behalf.

The court date for the case involving the killing of Young Dolph was adjusted to March 24th.

During his youth, Dolph had a strong standing within the Memphis area. For additional information, see the article Know About Sankara Alafia Yaya DaCosta’s Son.


What is the name of Tre Tre Thorton’s mother?

Mia Jaye the mother of Tre Tre and Alia Ella Thorton, was young Dolph’s girlfriend.

Jaye and Young Dolph were together for a long time, yet they didn’t tie the knot until after his passing.

Jaye is currently the head of the family for Young Dolph.

Mia Jaye, the proprietor of the Shop Memo retail company, holds a bachelor’s degree in real estate finance from the University of Memphis, which she obtained in 2012.

She expresses that for her fashion line, being an exemplary Mom, CEO, as well as a Homemaker is of equal importance to engaging in social causes.

At this time, she is the head of the family for Young Dolph.

Three Sisters of the Thornton Family

The Thornton family consists of four members: Tre Tre, Young Dolph, Aria Ella, and Mai Jaye, who is the mother.

Tennessee’s Memphis is the home of his mother and sister, with whom he resides.