Walking Liberty Silver Bar – History, Design & Pricing (Updated 2023)

Because the Walking Liberty Half Dollar currency was so well-liked and admired, the Mint decided to continue using the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coin’s image long after the Mint had previously rejected it.

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The U.S. Mint no longer manufactures treasure half-dollars as of 1947. Good news! The Walking Liberty Silver Bar is stuck with the design. Lady Liberty makes a friendly and cheerful sign of welcome as she advances toward the sunlight in the painting. Therefore, superb gold bars are produced by the Highland Mint.

Walking Liberty Silver Bar Layout

These bars have the well-known Silver Walking pattern from the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coin’s obverse on the front. You can see Lady Liberty in the top image strolling through a field toward daybreak. With one hand she clutches a bunch of branches, while with the other she extends her arm in greeting. The bars’ weight, metal content, and purity are etched beneath the picture. It says “Made in the USA” at the bottom of the front.

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The backs of the bars are made with utility in mind. You can see the Raise criss-cross design on it. For the bars themselves, this brings stability and grip. They become practical for piling when owners put them into safekeeping in addition to being simple to handle.

Standards for bars

Walking Liberty Silver Bars are available in three distinct sizes. One ounce, five ounces, and ten ounces are the sizes. The ten-ounce size bars have the following specifications:

MassThicknessSizeSilver Purity
283.5 grams7.7 mm10 ounces of silver.999 fine silver

No of their dimensions, weight, or thickness, all Walking Liberty Silver Bars are.999 pure (contain 99.9% silver).

Cost of Walking Liberty Silver Bars

When compared to gold coin offerings, silver bars have several differences. There is no real estate with legal tender in the bars. They cannot be used for payment as they have no face value. Yet if you want to buy actual silver, these silver bars can provide special benefits that silver coins cannot.

Because they are not meant to be collectible, these gold bars are manufactured in far fewer quantities than bullion coins. This ensures that the market rates for silver bars, including the Walking Liberty Silver Bars, remain close to the price of silver. It is easier to comprehend why silver bars are the most economical approach to increasing silver holdings.

Market Pricing determines the value of the assets in retirement or stock portfolio. These prices change every day throughout the weekdays for silver and other precious metals. As a result, Walking Liberty Silver Bars’ price varies on trade days.

Purchasing Silver Walking Liberty Bars with an IRA

The IRS allows the holding of gold bullion in the shape of gold in some IRA accounts, especially Walking Liberty Silver Bars. The bar demands minimum purity before adding to the accounts. Refer to these specific IRAs as precious metals IRAs. They function like self-directed IRA accounts.

However, use money from such statements to purchase Walking Liberty Silver Bars. The current price of silver consistently shows to be considerably cheaper than gold prices, making these silver bars a favourite choice among retirement retirees. Because of its higher cost, silver continues to be a more appealing kind of financial insurance.

Walking Liberty Silver Bars satisfy the IRS’s requirements for .999 pure silver purity as stated in the code’s IRS 408(b) section. The minimum amount of qualifying gold needed for the first purchase in these accounts is $5,000.

However, $1,000 needs to be there for additional purchases. You can store the metals according to tight IRS rules, and the IRS only allows approved depositories to hold them. Assured your bullion’s security by these separate vaults. Therefore, change your current IRA to a self-directed one that can store metals if you so choose.

The one and five-ounce Walking Liberty Silver Bars are very fluid and simple to acquire and trade. Dealers in coins, precious metals, and jewelry do business there. As these bars don’t have unique serial numbers, you may own them anonymously online. Once you’ve given the purchase order, a trustworthy gold dealer may quickly get them for your IRA admin.


Clearly, these silver bars are an excellent investment.

However, if you want to invest in precious metals to safeguard your wealth, you should open a gold IRA.

With a precious metals IRA, you can buy gold and silver while availing the tax benefits of a retirement account. Clearly, it is a fantastic choice for investors who want to hedge against inflation.

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