Washington Post Gold IRA

Debunking The Washington Post Gold IRA Allegations

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of Gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) as investors seek to diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth. However, not all news surrounding Gold IRAs has been positive.

In a recent publication, left-leaning news outlet Washington Post accused Gold IRA companies like Lear Capital, Safeguard Metals, and Goldline, of being fraudulent. But are they accurate? Let’s examine some of their claims.

Is Washington Post A Left-Wing Shill?

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Source: AllSides.com

AllSides.com analyzes and reveals biases of media outlets. Although AllSides.com claims Washington Post is “Left-Leaning”, we have to take this rating with a grain of salt. As it’s the same website that also calls CNN “left-leaning”:

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I will let you be the judge here. By the way, they are still calling Fox News “Alt. Right”. Funny ain’t it?

The article by Washington Post constantly talks about how Gold IRA companies have been funding news channels and podcasts such as Ben Shapiro & Fox News. Do I smell jealousy?

The Very Strong Biases Of the Washington Post

Many people don’t know, that Washington Post is actually owned by none other than Jeffrey Preston Bezos aka Jeff Bezos.

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Yes, the one and only Jeff Bezos who defends gay marriage, and donates millions to Democrats every election, Alex Jones even says that Jeff might’ve been spying on President Trump back in 2018.

Jeff Bezos has been actively avoiding paying corporate tax, and President Trump exposed a lot of the unethical practices which led to Jeff spending millions to take out Trump from the White House.

Jeff’s sexual life has been very controversial, to say the least, he invited Jeffery Epstine to his retreat in 2018.

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Frustrations Of Failing News Publications

Throughout their slander post against the precious metals industry, the writers exclaim how gold companies have been providing financial assistance to (often censored) media outlets and podcasts which cater to those who are right-leaning.

I smell jealousy and envy in their words. The Washington Post is not a very profitable or even likable media outlet. They have been doing layoffs and claiming it is “part of their strategy”.

Employees have tried to raise their voice against this publication, only to be censored. Fred Ryan from TWP denied to take questions from staff after announcing the Q1 layoffs in the town hall:

This incident was even covered by other news outlets, only to be “left alone” by leftist media groups as it did not fit their narrative.

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Only If They Told The Truth

The lack of honest journalism has led Washington Post to publish pathetic slander pieces in order to garner attention and mock conservative investors while ignoring the truth. The value of gold is directly tied to the value of the US dollar, which is plummeting to hell. If the Biden administration was working for the people, and inflation wasn’t a major issue, gold would’ve never reached an all-time high.

While the Biden Administration keeps funding the war, wasting money on useless propaganda and parties, the taxpayers will keep suffering. This is the reason why people are shifting their wealth from big banks to gold and crypto.