Why Investing in Gold is More Important Than Ever for Idahoans

In the wake of central banks maintaining their unprecedented purchases of gold since last year, some lawmakers are mulling the idea of utilizing gold and silver in material form to preserve their state’s funds.

On the 3rd of March, 2023, the Idaho State House of Representatives passed House Bill 180, authorizing the Treasurer of the state of Idaho to use precious metals to guard public funds against inflation.

The legislature voted 40 to 29, with one abstention, to pass the bill on its third reading. It has been sent to the House State Affairs committee for further consideration and possible modification. If Governor Brad Little signs the bill into law, it would become effective on July 1, 2023.

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The Implications of Idaho’s Precious Metals Legislation for People of the State

Legislators are acting to safeguard Idaho’s extraordinary $1.4 billion budget surplus, as the February Consumer Price Index reached 6.4%. One of these efforts is HB180, which would revise Section 67-1210 of the Idaho Code to permit the state Treasury to invest “idle moneys” in physical gold and silver.

It has been demonstrated that gold can be used as an inflation hedge, meaning that investing funds (cash, bonds, or other paper instruments) in gold may lessen the negative impacts of monetary depreciation upon Idahoans.

The value of public funds held by a state can be diminished due to inflation. As a result, the benefits of diversifying into gold bars can be reinvested in Idaho’s social programs, schools, infrastructure, or used to reduce taxes.

Rob Kientz, a Twitter user (@goldsilver_pros), stated that the best way to accumulate wealth is to save and invest regularly, instead of spending recklessly.

Rob Kientz, among other observers, deems HB180 to be an advantageous economic development for the state. The Idaho Freedom Foundation also concurred, noting that the bill will guard the state’s assets from the unsteadiness of the bond market and the detriment of inflation.

Could HB180 Be Enacted?

The odds are against it, but it’s not impossible for HB180 to become law. This type of law has not been passed in modern American history, although there have been several legislative attempts in the state since 2019. All of these efforts have been in vain.

In Idaho, the Republican Party hold the majority in both legislative chambers, as well as the governor’s office, meaning that the bill, HB180, is unlikely to be blocked by any political roadblocks. This political trifecta has been in place for nearly 30 years, so there is no expected partisan resistance to the bill.

The bill, termed HB180, has received overwhelming backing with its passage on third reading, making it the most promising piece of legislation in favor of state gold buying since 2019.

The following is a snippet from the draft bill HB180, as found on the website of the Idaho Legislature:

Idaho Legislature.

A pertinent query: Will governments follow the example of central banks and purchase gold?

Central banks around the world have continued to invest in gold bullion, with over 1,136 metric tons added to their reserves in the past year. This trend has persisted into the new year, with 77 tons purchased in January 2023. The Monetary Authority of Singapore made the biggest contribution, acquiring 44.6 tons of the precious metal.

Central banks have been increasing their gold reserves due to worries about the reliability of global financial markets. With the US dollar experiencing volatility, many institutions are bolstering their resources with tangible assets.

Rumors have arisen on modifications to the global financial system, accompanied by a heightened enthusiasm for de-dollarization, particularly in central bank gold purchases.

Central banks and state governments may have different reasons for acquiring gold, however, this just goes to show how gold can provide appealing and various advantages due to its steadiness.

Shield Yourself with Assorted Assets: Start Diversifying Now

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