Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer, also known as The Machine, was born on November 3, 1972, and began his career as a comedian by playing in local taverns and nightclubs. He was known as a party animal when he was younger, which helped his reputation over time.

He has hosted numerous comedy specials and has also been in travel reality shows. In 1996, the university was ranked first in “The Princeton Review’s” annual list of “Top Party Schools” in the United States. In the same year, “Rolling Stone” magazine named Kreischer the “Top Partier.” Kreischer began performing stand-up comedy in a Tallahassee, Florida, pub and nightclub.

A film of one of his performances was submitted to a New York talent agent, who invited him to observe and learn from professional stand-up shows. Kreischer appeared alongside four other comedians in “National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2,” which was released in 2004. He has performed on late-night talk shows such as “Late Show with David Letterman,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and “Conan.”

The Worth Of Bert Kreischer: A Look At His TV, Films, Book, Stand-Up, And Salary

An image depicting the net worth of Bert Kreischer can be seen below.

Bert Kreischer is a vibrant source of amusement, daring deeds, guffaws, and shocks. With an estimated value of $5 million, he has accumulated quite a fortune. To learn more about his TV and movie roles, his life story, his finances, his written works, his stand-up comedy, and his appearance on a reality TV show, here is a comprehensive list of information.

Estimated Net Worth: $5 million

Age: 50 years

Date of Birth: November 3, 1972

Gender: Male

Height: 5′ 11 ¾” (1.82 m)

Nationality: American

Source of Income: Stand-Up Comedy, Acting, Speaking Engagements, Book

What is the identity of Bert Kreischer?

Bert Kreischer’s fortune is thought to be about $5 million. He is renowned for being the muse behind the movie Van Wilder from National Lampoon, and additionally for hosting Travel Channel’s shows Bert the Conqueror and The Machine.

Albert Kreischer Jr., the son of Albert and Gege Kreischer, was born in Tampa, Florida. He was educated at Jesuit High School, and then attended Florida State University, majoring in English and becoming a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.

Bert was renowned for his love of partying, laughing, and cracking jokes. The Princeton Review deemed Florida State University the top partying school in the United States, and in 1996 when Bert was 24 years old, he was the focus of a 6-page feature in The Rolling Stone’s article showcasing his status as the top partier at FSU.

Oliver Stone, the Director, was taken by the story and decided to purchase the rights to Bert’s biography.

Bert Kreischer, as seen on Twitter, is a comedian.

Subsequently, Kreischer established a professional life as an entertainer and creative in multiple fields, including stand-up comedy, television presenting, acting, podcasting, production, and writing.

LeeAnn Kreischer, a podcaster and writer, is the wife of this individual. The couple has two children, both daughters.

How much is the estimated value of Bert Kreischer’s assets?

It is estimated that Bert Kreischer is worth $5 million, according to National Today.

What is the annual income of Bert Kreischer?

Wealthy Genius states that the total amount of money Bert Kreischer has earned in his comedy career has exceeded seven million dollars. Furthermore, it is speculated that his yearly earnings are in the region of half a million dollars.

What are the sources of revenue for Bert Kreischer?

A large part of Bert Kreischer’s finances is generated from his speaking engagements. Depending on the event, he charges a fee ranging from $75,000 to $150,000. Additionally, Bert’s books also contribute significantly to his earning potential.

Income is derived from his multiple occupations as an entertainer, such as a host for a television program, producer, and actor.

Stand-up comedians are able to generate income through brand endorsements on social media and other platforms.

What accomplishments of Bert Kreischer stand out?

In 2019, Legendary acquired the rights to transform Bert’s “The Machine” tale, which recounted his journey to Russia and his involvement with the mafia to burglarize a train while inebriated, into a feature movie. This story achieved more than 85 million views on both Facebook and YouTube. Link 1 and Link 2 provide further information.

The 2002 movie Van Wilder, produced by National Lampoon, was drawn from The Rolling Stone’s 6-page piece about the life of Bert.

When the film was released, it opened with $7.3 million and held the sixth spot in the domestic box office, eventually grossing around $38 million. Despite his initial denial of involvement, the actor later admitted that it was based, albeit loosely, on his own biography.

The comedic talents of Bert caught the eye of renowned actor Will Smith, who went on to sign him to a contract for television through his own production company.

In 2000 and 2001, Bert was the co-host of FX’s “The X Show.” Afterwards, he got his own show, Hurt Bert, due to a bit where he had wax used to take off his hair.

Bert has many comedy shows to his credit. In 2009, he presented “Comfortably Dumb” and since then he has featured “The Machine” (2016), with Netflix specials “Secret Time” (2018) and “Hey Big Boy” (2020).

Commonly Asked Questions

How much money does Bert Kreischer have in his possession?

It has been estimated that Bert Kreischer has a net worth of around 5 million dollars.

What is the history of Bert Kreischer?

Bert Kreischer, the eldest of three siblings, had his birth on November 3, 1972 in Tampa, Florida. His father, Albert Kreischer, was a real estate lawyer, and his mother, Gege Kreischer, was successful in the field of child development.

For six years or more, he studied English as his major at Florida State University.

Bert found newfound courage to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian after Rolling Stone published a 6-page story about him. He was inspired to take the risk and have fun, throwing himself into the party life. Oliver Stone, Producer, and also Director, took an interest in his story and acquired the rights.

One of the authors of the script modified the names of the characters in the narrative and then sold it to National Lampoon. Subsequently, Van Wilder was produced in 2002 without Bert’s participation. His career began to take off in 2004 when he was included in National Lampoon Live: New Faces Volume 2. This served as a major factor in boosting his popularity.

What is the nature of Bert Kreischer’s comedic profession?

Bert’s expertise in the art of entertainment led to a job doing stand-up at the Potbelly’s nightclub in Tallahassee. Jason Steinberg, his agent, then invited him to New York City to develop his craft. He began appearing at the Boston Comedy Club in Greenwich Village. Shortly afterward, he encountered Will Smith who offered him a sitcom deal with Overbrook Entertainment.

In 2001, he was showcased in “Prepare to Meet Thy God”. Four years later, “National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2” was released in DVD form with him featured in it. Comedy Central broadcasted his first comedy show “Comfortably Dumb” in 2009.

The following year, Bert, an adrenaline junkie, started hosting the Travel Central show called Bert the Conqueror. Describing himself, Bert said, as reported by The Futon Critic, “[I’m a] fun seeker [who is] returning for all new heart-pounding thrills in Travel Channel’s Bert the Conqueror.”

Filming Bert the Conqueror has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. As a stand-up comedian, I enjoy adding a humorous twist to my travels, and I’m able to use these wild experiences in my performances. I’m always looking for adrenaline rushes and never shy away from embracing my anxiety attacks.

What type of Television and Film appearances has Bert Kreischer made?

Bert was a frequent guest on Rachael Ray’s programs and was also featured on multiple other celebrated talk programs, such as:

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • David Spade’s Lights Out
  • Conan O’Brien’s Show
  • The Kelly Clarkson Program
  • David Letterman’s Late Show
  • Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen

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Eagerly searching for new experiences, customs, as well as amusement, Bert scouted the area for the Travel Channel. He presented the TV programs, Trip Flip and also Bert the Conqueror, as a travel enthusiast.

In addition, Bert was seen in:

  • Shorties Watchin ‘ Shorties from Comedy Central
  • Hurt Bert from FX
  • The Shield from FX
  • Last Comic Standing from NBC

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In 2001, he was highlighted in Prepare to Meet Thy God, and four years later, in 2004, he had a role in the DVD National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2. Additionally, he was cast as the lead in the CBS/20th Century Fox pilot Life With David J, alongside Elliot Gould.

He hosted a cooking program named Something’s Burning, inviting comedians to join him in the kitchen.

What is the nature of Bert Kreischer’s podcasting work?

Every week, Bert creates as well as records his podcast, Bertcast, in his own private space at home which he likes to call his “man cave”.

Kreischer appears on two podcasts: Bill and Bert (with Bill Burr) and 2 Bears 1 Cave (with Tom Segura).

He has been a guest on other podcast programs, including:

  • Marc Maron’s WTF
  • The Joe Rogan Encounter
  • Doug’s Passion for Films

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What can readers find in Bert Kreischer’s book?

Published in May 2014, Kreischer’s Life Of The Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man Child is a book recounting the wild anecdotes of the self-proclaimed “America’s number one partier”. This memoir details how Kreischer arrived at his profession. It may be found here.

The narrative illuminates his formative years when he was at Florida State University, his transition to a career in stand-up comedy, his marital life, and the challenges of being a young father.

What kind of stand-up comedy does Bert Kreischer present?

Bert is well known for his comedic storytelling. His most well-received joke, The Machine, comes from a misadventure he had in Russia that resulted in him unwittingly becoming part of a gang attempting to rob a train.

What is the experience of watching Bert Kreischer’s reality TV show?

Bert has been a part of multiple reality TV series.

He had a role in the 2008 television show satirical take on “Reality TV,” titled “Reality Bites Back.”

The Travel Channel featured Bert as the host of Bert the Conqueror, in which he explored the US by taking on the wildest of thrills. From amusement parks to intense sports, he experienced it all by riding the most daring of water rides and also roller coasters.

Trip Flip, a series hosted by Bert for approximately 3 years (2012-2015) on the Travel Channel, was an all-expenses-paid surprise for unwitting strangers he encountered on the street. Their destination was unknown to them until they arrived.

Bert Kreischer had a starring role on Netflix’s The Cabin with Bert Kreischer in 2020. This reality show depicted him heading to a cabin with a few friends to “refresh his mind, body, and spirit.”

Does the comedian Bert Kreischer own a mansion?

Bert’s abode may not be a mansion, but he does own a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with 1,400 square feet in Valley Village, Los Angeles. He purchased the residence in 2010 for $529,000 and its current estimated value is around $1 million.

Important Points to Remember

For over two decades, Bert Kreischer has been able to use his passion for making people laugh as a way to make himself a millionaire. His ability to do what he loves has proven to be a successful venture for him.