Cornerstone Bullion Reviews – Safe Or Scam? (Updated 2023)

Cornerstone Bullion
Cornerstone Bullion
A Small But Reliable Firm
Cornerstone Bullion is a precious metals dealer based in Castle Rock, Colorado. They offer gold, silver, platinum and palladium IRA products to customers and have been in the industry since 2009. Their founder, Chad Roach, is a highly experienced entrepreneur. The company has received an A+ rating from BBB and an AAA rating from the BCA. However, the company hasn’t received many customer reviews and it doesn’t share any pricing details on its website.
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What is Cornerstone Bullion?

Cornerstone Bullion is a precious metals dealer based in Castle Rock, Colorado. The company entered the industry in 2009 and has received an A+ rating on BBB.

Apart from offering precious metals products to their customers, the company also offers gold IRAs. Their catalog consists of a large variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins band bars. 

Also, the Castle Rock firm has put in a lot of effort into educating consumers with free resources. 

They provide multiple guides and publish articles regularly on their website as a part of their client education efforts. The company has partnered with multiple storage providers including Dakota Depository and Delaware Depository. 

cornerstone bullion

Cornerstone Bullion is a member of the Industry Council on Tangible Assets and is a family-operated company. According to the company, they leverage strong relationships with primary suppliers and their low overhead to offer their customers the best price. 

The company insists on 100% customer satisfaction and assures consumers that it doesn’t ‘hard sell’ its products. 

If you’re wondering if you should invest with them, the following Cornerstone Bullion review should help: 

About the People Behind Cornerstone Bullion:

The owner of Cornerstone Bullion is Chad Roach. He shares that he launched this precious metals firm when he couldn’t find a reliable dealer that would give competitive pricing with top-notch service. 

Chad has a lot of professional experience in tangible assets, real estate and metals. His background has helped him grow Cornerstone and run it since 2009.

cornerstone bullion owner
A picture of Chad Roach

He shares that as a seasoned finance professional, he looks at gold and silver as strategic investments that allow you to hedge against the uncertainty of flat currency. 

Certainly, he is a highly experienced entrepreneur as he is also the founder of Cornerstone Capital, a real estate firm and Navitas Global, a data center facility provider. 

Before founding this bullion firm, Roach ran Integrity Payment Services for 17 years. 

Chad Roach has a CLA in Law from Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy. 

Cornerstone Bullion is a family-owned and family-run company. According to them, it helps them maintain security and privacy by following this model. 

The company promises to treat its clients like a part of their family. 

How to Signup with Cornerstone Bullion: 

The signup process with Cornerstone Bullion is rather simple. With them, the first thing you’d have to do is choose your custodian and storage facility. 

Some of the options available here include Idaho Armored Vaults and Dakota Depository. 

cornerstone bullion website

Once you have chosen your custodian, the representatives at Cornerstone will assist you in funding your IRA. If you have an existing IRA, they can help you rollover funds from it into your new gold IRA. 

After funding your gold IRA, you can add the precious metals you want. Cornerstone Bullion has a significant product selection and you can choose any IRA-eligible products to add to your IRA.

That’s it. 

Now, you have a fully-funded precious metals IRA. 

Cornerstone Bullion Products:

The product selection of Cornerstone Bullion is impressive. They offer IRA-eligible gold, silver and platinum products along with several numismatic coins for non-IRA storage. 

Although the catalog doesn’t feature a large selection of IRA-eligible products, it’s varied enough to help you create a personalized gold IRA. 

One of the biggest pros of Cornerstone Bullion is that it offers investors platinum and palladium products to add to their IRA. Not many gold IRA providers offer these precious metals. 

With platinum and palladium, you can diversify your precious metals portfolio further as both of these metals have shown good performance in the past. 

Gold Products:

At Cornerstone, you can get 4 kinds of gold coins and 6 kinds of gold bars:

  • American Buffalo Gold Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin
  • American Eagle Gold Coin
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
  • 1 oz Sunshine Mint Gold Bar
  • 1 oz Republic Metals Gold Bar
  • 1 oz Perth Mint Bar
  • 1 oz PAMP Suisse Bar
  • 1 oz Elemetal Gold Bar
  • 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar
gold bullion

Popular coins like American Gold Eagle are available in multiple sizes such as 1 oz, 1/10 oz, ½ oz, and ¼ oz. 

cornerstone bullion gold

Apart from these IRA-eligible coins, you can find several numismatic coins in their collection as well. These include British Sovereign coins, Mexican Peso coins and Corona coins. 

gold bullion coins

However, you cannot add numismatic coins to your precious metals IRA. They are only suitable for personal investment. 

Silver Products:

Their selection of silver IRA products is rather small. You will only find the following silver IRA products in their catalog:

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • American Silver Eagles
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic
  • Silver Bars (1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz)
silver bullion

Cornerstone Bullion features a few rare coins in their silver catalog as well. However, the selection is much smaller than their collection of gold coins. 

Platinum Products:

Their platinum collection only features the following products:

  • Australian Platypus Platinum Coin
  • American Platinum Eagle
  • Platinum Maple Leaf
  • 1 oz Platinum Bar
cornerstone bullion ira

Palladium Products;

Here, you get two palladium products to choose from: 

  • Canadian Palladium Eagle
  • 1 oz Palladium Bar
cornerstone bullion review

While this product is good, the company doesn’t share any pricing details on its website. To find out the prices, you would have to contact the company. This is a bit of a disappointment because it makes price comparison difficult and can deter some investors. 

Cornerstone Bullion Fees:

Cornerstone Bullion has partnered with multiple IRA custodians. Hence, their fee structure depends on the custodian you go with.

  1. The Entrust Group: They charge a $50 set up fee and $199 annual maintenance fee.
  2. The Kingdom Trust Co: They charge no setup fee and $120 annual fee.
  3. GoldStar Trust Company: They charge $50 setup fee, $75 minimum annual maintenance fee and $100 annual storage fee.
  4. New Direction IRA: $30 setup fee and $150 account maintenance fee. 

There is no information on their minimum investment requirement. 

CustodianInitial Setup FeeAnnual Charges
The Entrust Group$50$199
The Kingdom Trust Co.$0$120
GoldStar Trust Co.$50$75 (maintenance) + $100 (storage)
New Direction IRA$30$150

Additional Highlights of Cornerstone Bullion:

There are several aspects of this company setting it apart from the competition. Here is a little overview of some of them: 

Multiple Custodians to Choose From

One of the biggest highlights of Cornerstone Bullion is its partnership with multiple IRA custodians. Their preferred IRA custodians include: 

  • Kingdom Trust
  • Entrust Group
  • New Direction IRA
  • GoldStar Trust

The IRS rules state that your precious metals IRA must have a custodian because they ensure that you comply with the necessary regulations. 

You can choose the custodian depending on your preferences and requirements. 

Secure Precious Metals Storage

Just like there are multiple custodians to choose from at Cornerstone Bullion, you get multiple storage facilities to choose from. 

According to the IRS rules, you cannot store your gold IRA metals at home. They must be stored at an IRS-approved vault. 

Cornerstone Bullion lets you choose from the following storage providers: 

  • Idaho Armored Vaults, LLC 
  • Dakota Depository Company
  • Brink’s Global Services
  • CNT Depository
  • Delaware Depository

Idaho Armored Vaults has a vault in Nampa, ID and Dakota Depository Company has one in Fargo, ND. 

Similarly, CNT Depository’s vault is located at Boston, MA and Delaware Depository’s location is Wilmington, DE. On the other hand, Brink’s Global Services has multiple locations: Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Jackson and Springfield Gardens. 

Keep in mind that how much fees you pay would depend on which custodian and storage provider you choose. 

Free Resources for Investors

Another good thing about this bullion dealer is the various free resources it offers to consumers. They have published the Precious Metals Guide 101 which covers the basics of precious metals investing. 

cornerstone bullion website

For new investors, it’s a great resource as it covers many important topics such as, how you can store precious metals, what are the risks involved and what the types of precious metals are.

Apart from this guide, they have several more. Another unique resource is 5 Tips of New Investors. 

cornerstone bullion fees

Surely, the company has put in a lot of work in helping new investors get into precious metals. 

Cornerstone Bullion Reviews and Complaints:

Although this gold IRA company has been operating in the market since 2009, there aren’t many Cornerstone Bullion reviews available online. 

Nonetheless, the company has been able to receive an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, a notable feat.

cornerstone bullion bbb

Moreover, Business-Consumer Alliance has rated Cornerstone Bullion as AAA, the highest possible rating on the platform. 

cornerstone bullion review

I was only able to find 3 reviews on TrustLink for this company. All of them give the firm 5/5 stars. 

cornerstone bullion review
cornerstone bullion

The small number of reviews might deter a few investors. However, there aren’t any complaints against this company available online either. 

Is Cornerstone Bullion Legit? 


  • Multiple partnered custodians
  • Received an A+ rating on BBB
  • Reputed storage partners
  • Offer platinum and palladium products


  • Share no pricing information on the website
  • Very few online reviews available

Cornerstone Bullion is a legitimate bullion dealer. The company has a decent collection of gold and silver IRA products coupled with a few platinum and palladium offerings. Their product selection includes some of the most popular IRA coins including American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf. 

On top of that, the company partners with multiple reputed custodians including New Direction IRA and GoldStar Trust Company. 

Also, you get to choose from multiple storage providers spread with locations all across the country including Salt Lake City as well as Nampa. 

They have an A+ rating on BBB and a highly experienced leader. Their free resources can be pretty useful for many novice investors. 

However, the company doesn’t share any pricing details on its website and hasn’t received many reviews online. This can cause some investors to ignore the firm and find someone else. 

Investing in a gold IRA can protect you from economic downturn and inflation. The past performance of gold and other precious metals are indicative of it. 

However, which IRA provider you choose plays a huge role in determining how much returns you get. That is why it’s vital to find a suitable and reliable precious metals IRA provider. 

You should always check out multiple options before investing in a precious metals IRA. This way, you would have a better understanding of what to expect and what the industry has to offer. 

If you’re interested, you can learn about the best gold IRA companies of 2022 on IRAEmpire.

Are you a client of Cornerstone Bullion? How was your experience with this company? Share it below!