Crown Bullion Complaints

Are there any Crown Bullion complaints? Find out here:

Crown Bullion presents itself as a competitive option when it comes to precious metal investments. To meet the needs of both seasoned investors and those who are just starting, the organization offers a wide range of product and service options.

In the course of this investigation, we will look into the main factors that support Crown Bullion’s standing as a trustworthy precious metals dealer. We will specifically look into their product selection, ordering process, customer support, level of experience, and overall standing.

This in-depth guide will give you insightful knowledge about Crown Bullion’s products and assist you in making well-informed selections regarding your precious metals investment endeavors.

First of all, you should be aware that investing your savings is a difficult task. How can you decide which trading companies to trust when it comes to diversifying your precious metals holdings?

Due to this reason, we have carried out research on every company that operates within the sector, and we have selected the very few that have the highest standards for providing excellent customer service.

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Crown Bullion Complaints: Everything You Need to Know

Are there any Crown Bullion complaints on BBB? Yes, a few.

Crown Bullion is a firm that works in Dallas, Texas and was created in 2011. It is a business that offers sales of precious metals both in-person and over the phone. A rating of 4.27 on the company’s website and an A+ rating with its certification were both awarded to the business by the Better Business Bureau in the year 2022.

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In addition, they have a wide range of coins, bullion, and bars that are permitted for usage in IRAs, as well as products for creating a precious individual retirement account (IRA).

Numerous satisfied customers have left glowing evaluations of the business on Google and the Better Business Bureau website, praising it for its outstanding customer service.

On Trustpilot, though, Crown Bullion has a rating of 3.5.

Some Crown Bullion Complaints I Found:

Compared to the sheer number of positive reviews, I found a few Crown Bullion complaints online:

Crown Bullion complaints on Trustpilot 1

The person has been reaching out to Joseph Rickard, Michael Gavyn, Mia Thompson, and two other members of their group for more than two weeks, expressing concern. Emails and phone calls have been made, but there has been no response.

The person advises others to exercise caution because they are afraid that their lack of communication could be a sign of anything wrong. The warning suggests that there might be an issue for current customers and conjectures about a bad experience for those who are new to the service. 

Crown Bullion complaints on Trustpilot

The person warns against doing business with a particular corporation, citing a bad experience. They claim that the business took their money without getting in touch. After that, they found they couldn’t get into their account, which caused their money to vanish. The person felt frustrated and lost money when the corporation allegedly altered their name and turned down their phones. 

It’s worth noting that most of the reviews praise the company and these Crown Bullion complaints are extremely few.

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About Crown Bullion: 

When it comes to the services they provide, the amount of time they have been in business, and who they are, any vendor of precious metals or any financial dealer, in general, ought to be extremely straightforward about who they are.

Providing you with this fundamental information allows a vendor to quickly ensure that individuals are kept updated about their business and qualifications. This is feasible since the vendor has provided you with this information.  Regrettably, the website of Crown Bullion does not offer any information of this nature to its visitors.

Crown Bullion complaints and logo

Only a brief line on their homepage refers to the fact that their headquarters are located in the central business district of Dallas; nevertheless, this is the only mention of the fact that they have. Clicking on the hyperlink that says “learn more” will allow you to gain access to additional information; however, clicking on this button will not result in any new information being gained.

Because of this, prospective consumers are unable to gain a grasp of who Crown Bullion Complaints is and what their qualifications are. This is both frustrating and depressing. Because of this, they can’t make a decision. 

Although Crown Bullion Complaints does not disclose any information regarding its business, it does discuss the potential advantages of investing in precious metals and making sure that at least a portion of your retirement account (IRA) is covered in this manner.

Unique Highlights of Crown Bullion Complaints:

Crown Bullion Complaints – Fees and Pricing

While I wasn’t able to find many Crown Bullion complaints, I also wasn’t able to find any fee or pricing related information on their website.

Many gold IRA companies don’t disclose their fees and pricing on the website. To find out such

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Crown Bullion Complaints – Website and Social Media

The company Crown Bullion is highly regarded. It has a very good webpage. On its website, you can review several corporate details.

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Apart from that Crown Bullion Complaints does have its page on Facebook which also carries the the necessary details a person needs to know. The Crown Bullion Complaints page has 3 followers and 2 likes.


Crown Bullion Complaints – Conclusion: 

Crown Bullion Complaints stands as a worthwhile option for investors because it provides a variety of advantages that are customized to meet the demands of a wide range of investment choices. The ability to purchase back precious metals offers investors greater flexibility and liquidity in their investment portfolio, which is one of the most notable advantages. 

Gold individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are another way that the company appeals to investors by allowing them to include precious metals in their retirement plans. 

The fact that Crown Bullion gets a great deal of positive feedback from its customers is one of the positive signs of its commitment to making sure that they are satisfied. 

The certification from the Better Business Bureau adds another level of credibility since it shows that the company follows moral business conduct. The availability of both in-person and online precious metal purchases can meet a wide range of interests and situations. As a result, a wider range of investors can now purchase precious metals. 

Customer testimonials highlighting great service provide even more evidence of the company’s commitment to creating enjoyable, personalized experiences.

 In conclusion, it seems that Crown Bullion Complaints offers a thorough and client-centered approach to precious metal investments. Excellent ratings and industry accreditation are in favor of this approach.

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