French 20 Franc Gold Coins – Prices, Design & History (Updated 2023)

French 20 franc gold coins are a mainstay of the global collection of gold coins. From 1898 until 1914, they were created. These smaller gold pieces have long been a favourite among investors who buy fractional gold ounce products, and they continue to rank among the most common gold world coins today.

Background and History of French 20 Franc Gold Coins

The renowned Paris Mint, often known as the “Monnaie de Paris” in French, produced the French 20 franc gold coins. This department of the French government was in charge of creating and minting coins, medals, and other commemorative items. It is the oldest surviving institution in all of France today and has roots that go back to 864.

French 20 Franc Gold Coins

The Rooster gold coin was the most well-liked of the different French 20 franc gold coins series. They were produced from 1898 to 1914. Coins from the first year are very uncommon. The Paris Mint reissued the coins, with dates ranging from 1907 to 1914, first in 1921 and then from 1951 to 1960. Later, the French Monnaie de Paris intermittently produced golden francs for circulation up until the country’s 2002 adoption of the euro.

Physical Features of French 20 Franc Gold Coins

Coin Design

French 20 Franc Gold Coins Design

Technically speaking, the word used to describe the front of coins is called the obverse. French 20 Franc Rooster Gold Coins, designed by J.C. Chaplain, feature the Marianne flag, which represents the Third Republic. The words “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE” are surrounded by her picture. The unfortunate Franco-Prussian War of 1870 was the cause of the Third Republic’s emergence following the downfall of Napoleon III. The Third Republic remained in existence after World War Two.

The reverse side of coins is always referred to as such by coin experts and aficionados. The erect and proud rooster, popularly referred to by the French as “le coq gaulois,” the 20 Fcs denomination, the date of mintage, and the French national motto, “LIBERTE” “EGALITE” “FRATERNITE,” are all depicted on the back of French 20 Gold Coins. The words “Freedom, Equality, and Fraternity” are translated. It gained widespread acceptance during the horrific French Revolution of the 1780s, which saw the overthrow and beheading of Austrian Queen Marie Antoinette and French King Louis XVI.


At.1867 ounces, the assortment of French 20 Franc Gold Coins is approximately one-fifth of an ounce of pure gold. These are their requirements:

6.4516 g21 mm1.3 mm90.0% gold0.1867 troy oz

Pricing of French 20 Franc Gold Coins

French 20 Franc Gold Coins were recognised as legal tender throughout the French Republic up until 2002 when France transitioned from utilising the franc as its principal currency to the euro. The face value has lost all of its purchasing power in the nation. In reality, the French would not part with these precious diamonds for 20 francs.

These pieces of gold have an intrinsic value that is worth more than $200 when sold. The value is nearly entirely taken from the spot price of gold on the international markets. These coins do command a higher price than gold market values since they are popular and collectible.

Its intrinsic value determines the actual market worth of French 20 Gold Coins in the real world. Such a market price is crucial since it determines the value of the portfolios that contain these coins. These coins have a lower premium over spots than some other gold bullion offerings. As gold prices fluctuate on the global precious metal’s exchanges, so does the actual market value of these items.

Can French 20 franc gold coins be held in IRA accounts?

Anybody thinking about accumulating French 20 Franc Gold Coins in their retirement savings will want to know the legal restrictions on these coins. It is entirely up to the US tax authorities, the Internal Revenue Service, to decide which precious metal bullion is permitted within these retirement vehicles. The IRS evaluates each candidate using two criteria: extraordinarily high gold purity and low collectible value.

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This form of self-directed IRA account requires a minimum initial investment of $5,000 in acceptable gold, silver, platinum, and/or palladium bullion before you can open it. The low requirement for subsequent purchases is just $1,000 more in precious metals per buy.

You may decide to convert your existing standard IRA vehicle into a precious metals IRA account if you already hold one. You can get help from your new IRA account administrator during this procedure. After the administrator places the order for your new bullion and gets it, they will ship it to the authorized third-party vault of your choice for upkeep and security until you decide to sell the coins and bars or take them physically as a distribution from your IRA.

The minimum required. is a 995 gold purity level the IRS is seeking with their only 900 gold fineness. is not present in French 20 Franc Gold Coins.


They fall short of other standards as well. They are considered too collectible to be included in such an account. The IRS would never let you store these 20 franc gold coins inside of your precious metals IRA account as a result of these two criteria failures.

This does not alter the fact that they are still stunning, intriguing, and historically significant parts of French and modern European history, deserving of your attention and money when it comes to retirement or other forms of investment portfolios. 

These treasures are available for purchase from a wide range of international bullion and coin dealers in Europe and elsewhere.

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