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Great Southern Coins
Great Southern Coins is a highly experienced gold dealer. However, it has faced a lawsuit in the past and has a limited online presence.
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Honesty & Transparency
Customer Service
A+ rating on BBB
Over 18 years of industry experience
Lack of transparency
No gold IRA services available
Limited customer reviews
Faced a lawsuit in the past
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What is Great Southern Coins?Great Southern Coins Locations, Timings, Email, Phone, Services

Great Southern Coins is a coin dealer based in Boerne, Texas. This company is one of the leading sites to buy rare U.S. coins online, with auctions closing daily throughout the week. They are since 2005 in the precious metals industry. The company offers a wide variety of certified and uncertified rare U.S. coins, including Morgan Dollars, Gold Eagle coins, Lincoln Cents, Walking Liberty half dollars, and many more.

Great Southern Coins claims to be a trusted source for rare coins, and they have a team of experienced numismatists who can help you find the perfect cash for your collection or investment. They also offer a wide variety of services, including appraisals, grading, and consignment. They are certified dealers by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Let’s learn more about their services, products, lawsuits, fees, and charges.

  • Address: P.O. Box 456 • Boerne, TX 78006
  • Phone: (830) 331 9117
  • Email:
  • Fax: (210) 745 0358
  • Website:

People Behind Great Southern Coins: CEO, Owner, Co-Founders & MoreWho owns Great Southern Coins? What is the management team behind Great Southern Coins?

Mr. Jacob Chandler: President & CEO at Great Southern Coins

Based on information available on LinkedIn, Jacob Chandler holds prominent positions in two different organizations. He is currently serving as the Co-founder and CEO at RevoGen Biologics, a company located in Boerne, Texas, United States. In addition to this role, he also holds the position of President and CEO at Great Southern Coins.

Jacob Chandler’s educational background includes studies at Louisiana State University and the University of New Orleans, where he pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering. These institutions have provided him with a strong foundation in the field, equipping him with the knowledge and skills necessary for his current leadership roles.

RevoGen Biologics, under Jacob Chandler’s guidance as CEO, is involved in cutting-edge biotechnology and research. The company’s location in Boerne, Texas, United States signifies its presence in a region known for its advancements in the biotech industry. With Jacob Chandler at the helm, RevoGen Biologics is likely focused on pioneering innovations, advancements, and breakthroughs in the field of biologics.

Jacob Chandler: CEO and President at Great Southern Coins.

Furthermore, Jacob Chandler’s role as President and CEO at Great Southern Coins showcases his versatility and leadership abilities. This organization’s specific industry or sector is not mentioned, but it can be inferred that it operates in the coin-related domain. With his diverse range of responsibilities across both RevoGen Biologics and Great Southern Coins, Jacob Chandler exhibits a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a capacity for successfully leading multiple ventures simultaneously.

Jacob Chandler’s educational background in Mechanical Engineering, combined with his roles as CEO at RevoGen Biologics and Great Southern Coins. This highlights his expertise in various fields and his ability to make significant contributions to both the biotech and coin-related industries.

Great Southern Coins Products: Bullion Coins, Bars, And Rare CoinsAll products offered by Great Southern Coins

Bullion Coins and Bars:

Great Southern Coins offers a wide variety of bullion coins, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They offer both certified and uncertified bullion coins, and they have a wide selection of sizes and denominations to choose from.

  1. Gold: Great Southern Coins offers a wide variety of gold bullion coins, including American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, and more.
  2. Silver: They offer a wide variety of silver bullion coins, including American Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Mexican Libertads, and more.
  3. Platinum: Great Southern Coins offers a smaller selection of platinum bullion coins, but they do offer some of the most popular coins, such as the American Platinum Eagle and the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf.
  4. Palladium: The company also offers a small selection of palladium bullion coins, but they do offer some of the most popular coins, such as the American Palladium Eagle and the Canadian Palladium Maple Leafs.

Rare coins:

They provided a wide variety of rare coins, including Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Commemoratives, and more. They have a team of experienced numismatists who can help you find the perfect rare cash for your collection or investments.


The company claims itself as a trusted source of precious metals, jewelry collections, and rare coins. They have a wide selection of products to choose from, and their team of experts can help you find the perfect product for your needs.

Great Southern Land coins: A Common Cause of ConfusionCollection of Australian coins

While GSC is a bullion dealer, Great Southern Land coins is a coin series. Many people feel confused because of the similarities in their names.

This section will help you figure out the difference better.

The Great Southern Land coin series is a collection of Australian coins issued by the Perth Mint. The coins feature a map-shaped insert made from a natural material, such as opal, lepidolite, or malachite. The map depicts the Australian continent, and the coins are available in both gold and silver.

The new Great Southern Land coins are released each year. The coins are popular among collectors and investors, and they are often sold out quickly. The Great Southern Land coin series likely features designs and themes inspired by the natural beauty, landmarks, or cultural aspects of the southern regions. The limited availability and collectible nature of these coins contribute to their desirability among collectors, while investors may also see them as a potential store of value or a way to diversify their portfolios.

Here are some of the coins in the Great Southern Land series:

  • 2022 2oz Gold Proof Opal Coin
  • 2022 1oz Silver Proof Blue Lepidolite Coin

The Great Southern Land coin series is a beautiful and unique collection of Australian coins. The coins are made from high-quality materials, and they feature stunning map-shaped inserts. If you are looking for a unique and collectible coin, the Great Southern Land coin series is a great option.

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How to Invest in Great Southern Coins IRA?Step-by-step guide for investing in Great Southern Coins IRA

No, you cannot invest with them. Because they do not offer IRA Services for investment.

One limitation of Great Southern Coins is the absence of IRA (Individual Retirement Account) services. This means that individuals who are interested in investing in precious metals within the framework of an IRA, which offers specific tax advantages for retirement savings, will need to explore alternative providers. Unfortunately, GSC does not cater to individuals who specifically aim to incorporate precious metals into their retirement investment strategy through an IRA.

The lack of IRA services at Great Southern Coins narrows down the options for those who desire to include precious metals as part of their long-term retirement planning. It is important for individuals with such investment goals to consider alternative companies that offer IRA services to ensure they can take advantage of the tax benefits and flexibility that an IRA can provide for their precious metal investments.

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Auctions: Great Southern Coins eBayA feature of Great Southern Coins

Great Southern Coins offers an Auctions feature on its website, utilizing the power of eBay to facilitate online auctions. With a remarkable track record, the company has successfully sold over 584,000 items and boasts an impressive 99.9% positive feedback from satisfied customers. Additionally, Great Southern Coins has amassed a substantial following of 14,000 dedicated followers.

Setting itself apart from other precious metal dealers, Great Southern Coins takes pride in its highly active and comprehensive auction page. This platform provides a more extensive range of options compared to competitors in the industry who also offer auctions.

For investors specifically interested in acquiring rare coins, Great Southern Coins presents itself as an excellent choice to fulfill your needs.

Great Southern Coins Fees and Charges: Do they overcharge?What are their fees? Do they have hidden fees?

One drawback of Great Southern Coins is that their website lacks sufficient information. While they offer consumer-friendly shipping and handling policies, there is limited transparency regarding other aspects of their services.

On a positive note, Great Southern Coins provides free shipping for rare coins and bullion purchases, which is advantageous for customers. However, for shipments of coin books and supplies, the shipping rate is calculated per product for orders totaling up to $100. This means that customers may face uncertainty about the final shipping cost until they reach the checkout process. Orders exceeding $100 are eligible for free shipping, but the specific details of this policy are not clearly outlined on the website.

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Great Southern Coins also includes shipping insurance at no extra cost, which is a beneficial feature. All orders are delivered by trusted carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS, ensuring reliable transportation. Additionally, a customer signature is required upon delivery, adding an extra layer of security. The fact that all packages are transported with insurance coverage further protects the interests of both the customer and the company.

Companies like Augusta charge ZERO fees for up to 10 years, allowing you to choose your gold & silver. Great Southern Coins on the other hand provide fewer options.

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Social Media Presence of Great Southern Coins:Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram

Twitter Handle of Great Southern Coins:

The company has an account on Twitter. They have 320 followers and are following 201 accounts. Great Southern Coins joined Twitter in April 2011.

Facebook Page of Great Southern Coins:

Great Southern Coins has 7.3K followers on its Facebook account. They have 7.1K likes with 4.8-star ratings from 183 reviews.

LinkedIn Page of Great Southern Coins:

The company has a LinkedIn profile with 81 followers. They also have 5 profiles of its employees on LinkedIn. Their company size is 11-50 employees.


Great Southern Coins Reviews and Complaints: BBB, Trustpilot, SitejabberRead all the Great Southern Coins reviews & complaints

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

On the Better Business Bureau website, Great Southern Coins has an A+ rating, which is the highest possible rating. With only 1 customer review. They are since 18 years in the industry. The company has 5 stars out of 5 stars ratings. No complaints have been filed and closed. This business is also BBB accredited on Better Business Bureau website.

It is important to note that only one customer has reviewed the company, so it is difficult to say how representative this is of the overall customer experience.

It is possible that the company is very good, and that the one customer who reviewed them simply had a very positive experience. However, it is also possible that the company is not as good as their rating and reviews suggest, and that the one customer who reviewed them was simply very satisfied.

Without more information, it is impossible to say for sure. However, the fact that the company has an A+ rating with the BBB and 5-star reviews is a good sign. It suggests that the company is generally well-regarded by customers and that they are likely to provide a good level of service.

BBB Reviews of Great Southern Coins


On Yelp, Great Southern Coins has only 1 star out of 5-star ratings based on only 14 customer reviews. Reviews that are presented are mostly negative. The customer criticized their services and products. While there are some more complaints too regarding their shipping.

Yelp Reviews of Great Southern Coins

Google Reviews:

On Google, Great Southern Coins has 4.7 stars out of 5-star ratings based on customer reviews. There are 282 customer reviews on Google, and most of them are positive, with customers praising the company’s excellent customer service, professionalism, and expertise.

Google Reviews of Great Southern Coins


On the Trustpilot website, Great Southern Coins has 3.3 stars out of 5-star ratings. Only 1 customer reviewed them on Trustpilot too. The business has an average rating on Trustpilot. The average rating on Trustpilot with only one customer review is not very meaningful. This is because the average rating is calculated by averaging the star ratings of all reviews, and with only one review, there is no meaningful average to be calculated.

For example, if one review is a 5-star review, the average rating will be 5 stars. However, if the one review is a 1-star review, the average rating will be 1 star. With only one review, it is impossible to say whether the average rating is an accurate reflection of the overall customer experience.

If you are considering doing business with a company that has only one review on Trustpilot, it is important to do your own research and gather as much information as possible before making a decision.

Trustpilot Reviews of Great Southern Coins

Ripoff Reports:

This gold dealer has one customer review and complaint on Ripoff Reports. The review provided is negative. You can find it below.

Ripoff Reports of Great Southern Coins
Great Southern Coins has received several complaints on (Ripoff Reports, Yelp and Trustpilot)

Great Southern Coins has received several unresolved complaints from customers. There are also several unresolved negative reviews on different platforms. Our #1 rated gold IRA company has ZERO unanswered complaints on BBB.

Some Positive Customer Reviews from trusted business rating websites:

#1. David highly recommends them for their spot-on grading, prompt and secure delivery, as well as their courteous customer service. He suggests that anyone seeking coins should consider them as their first choice. However, David jokingly advises against sharing this recommendation with others, as he doesn’t want the competition to snatch up all the coins before he has a chance to purchase them himself.

Positive Review of Great Souther Coins

#2. Jay expresses his satisfaction with the great selection of coins available at this company. After making purchases, he found that the coins were truly amazing, meeting or even exceeding the expectations set by their representations. Jay concludes by expressing his gratitude for the positive experience.

Positive Review of Great Souther Coins

#3. Bradley, a first-time silver bullion buyer, shares his positive experience with Great Southern Coins. He commends the staff for their professionalism and informative assistance throughout the buying process. Bradley highlights the pleasant and secure environment of the building, further enhancing his satisfaction with the company. He mentions that purchasing from Great Southern Coins proved to be more cost-effective compared to buying silver bullion online.

Positive Review of Great Souther Coins

#4. Jonathan Tabor highly praises Great Southern Coins for their exceptional communication and describes the company as “awesome” in this regard. He emphasizes that the items he received were as beautiful as depicted in the pictures, further highlighting the accuracy of their representations. Jonathan also expresses his satisfaction with the speedy and secure delivery of his items. Finally, he extends his gratitude to Great Southern Coins for their assistance in helping him rebuild his collection.

Positive Review of Great Souther Coins

#5. Brian Murphy expresses his satisfaction with Great Southern Coins, stating that he successfully located and acquired several exceptional coins through their auctions. He extends his gratitude for the positive experience.

Some Customer Complaints on trusted business rating platforms:

#1. Dave M. strongly advises against dealing with this company, suggesting that others should avoid them. He shares his personal experience of having a review removed and offers a recommendation for those who have faced a similar situation. Dave advises keeping a copy of the review and encouraging individuals to post it again, asserting that it is more likely to remain visible and relevant during the second attempt.

Negative Review of Great Souther Coins

#2. Robert S. strongly denounces the company, labeling them as “thieves.” He accuses them of selling cleaned or counterfeit coins, damaging the reputation of both the company and honest sellers. He urges the business to feel ashamed of their actions and warns potential customers to avoid their deceitful practices, referring to the individuals involved as “cowards.”

Negative Review of Great Souther Coins

#3. Windfall Dragon expresses their negative experience with a seller, describing them as “very rude and childish.” They further accuse the seller of engaging in bullying behavior and harassing customers of other sellers. He concludes by admonishing the seller, stating that they should feel ashamed of their actions.

Negative Review of Great Souther Coins

#4. Evan Carlson voices his dissatisfaction with a company’s practice of repeatedly emailing and texting individuals to solicit reviews. He finds this behavior to be uncool and expresses confusion as to how the company obtained his phone number in the first place. Evan raises concerns about the company’s approach, indicating that it has left him feeling unsettled and questioning their methods of contact.

Negative Review of Great Souther Coins

#5. Robert Rosendale shares his disappointing experience of purchasing coins worth over $30,000 from the company. Despite blindly trusting them, he later found that seven out of the ten coins he sent to PCGS for evaluation had been cleaned or altered. This revelation left him feeling frustrated and let down by his dealings with the company.

Negative Review of Great Souther Coins

How do People relate Great Southern Coins to Southern Coins and Precious Metals?

There are a few reasons why people sometimes relate Great Southern Coins to Southern Coins.

  • The names are similar. Both companies have the word “Southern” in their name, and they both sell coins and precious metals. This can lead to confusion, especially when people are searching for one company online and they see the other company’s website or ads.
  • Both companies are located in the South. Great Southern Coins is located in Boerne, Texas, and Southern Coins and Precious Metals is located in Metairie, Louisiana. This can also lead to confusion, as people may assume that the two companies are related because they are both located in the same region.
  • Both companies have been in business for a long time. Great Southern Coins was founded in 2005, and Southern Coins and Precious Metals was founded in 1976. This means that both companies have a long history of selling coins and precious metals, which can also lead to confusion.

It is important to note that Great Southern Coins and Southern Coins and Precious Metals are two separate companies. They are not affiliated with each other in any way. If you are looking to buy coins or precious metals, it is important to do your research and make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Here are some tips for avoiding confusion between Great Southern Coins and Southern Coins and Precious Metals:

  • Be aware of the similarities between the two companies. Make sure that you know the difference between the two companies’ names, locations, and histories.
  • Do your research before you buy. Read reviews of both companies and compare their prices and services.
  • Contact the company directly. If you are still unsure about which company to buy from, contact both companies directly and ask questions.
Great Southern Coins vs. Southern Coins Precious Metals

Great Southern Coins Lawsuits: UniCourt, Justia, CasetextHave its customers sued Great Southern Coins?

Douglas Broussard VS Jacob Chandler and Great Southern Coins, L.L.C.

In July 2, 2004, Chandler and Douglas Broussard founded Great Southern Coins, a Louisiana-based limited liability company focused on online coin selling and trading. Chandler and Broussard were the sole members of the company, each holding a 50% ownership stake.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the working relationship between Chandler and Broussard deteriorated. Consequently, on August 19, 2005, Broussard took legal action against both Chandler and Great Southern Coins. The lawsuit accused Chandler of engaging in various forms of misconduct in the operation of the business, which included allegations of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and self-dealing.


Lawsuit on Great Southern Coins

Our top companies have a clean background and aren’t involved in any kind of major legal dispute. You can check out the list here.

Payment Options offered by Great Southern Coins:Bank Wire, Credit Cards, PayPal, Money Orders, Cashier Checks & Personal Checks

Great Southern Coin offers a wide range of investment options, including rare coins, bullion coins, and currency. When it comes to payment options, they provide a diverse selection for their customers. Here is an overview of the payment methods accepted and those that are not accepted at Great Southern Coin:

Accepted Payment Options:

  1. Bank Wire: You can refer to their Purchase Agreement for instructions on making payments through bank wire transfer.
  2. Credit Card: They accept credit card payments.
  3. PayPal: Payments can be made using PayPal.
  4. Money Orders: Customers have the option to pay with money orders.
  5. Cashier’s Checks: Payments can be made using cashier’s checks.

Additional Information:

  • Please note that if you choose to pay with a personal check, it will take 5-7 working days for the check to clear before the items are dispatched.
  • Texas residents are subject to an 8.125 percent sales tax on purchases under $1,000. However, transactions over $1,000 involving rare coins and gold are exempt from Texas sales tax.
  • All transactions related to coin supplies and books within Texas are subject to an 8.125 percent sales tax.

Are Great Southern Coins Legit? Should You Invest With Them?Is Great Southern Coins a scam or legit? Are they worth it?

No, I don’t think you should invest with them.

While they are a legitimate company, I don’t think they are the best.


  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Over 18 years of industry experience


  • Lack of transparency
  • No gold IRA services available
  • Limited customer reviews
  • Faced a lawsuit in the past

Great Southern Coins is a legitimate company that has been in business since long time. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, it is important to note that they only have one review on BBB and Trustpilot.

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