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Guidance Corporation
Guidance Corporation has an impressive product catalog. However, I don't believe they are the best gold dealer in the industry. I recommend browsing our top recommendations instead.
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Honesty & Transparency
Customer Service
A+ rating on BBB
Decent product selection
Lack of transparency regarding the management
Risk of hidden fees and charges
Poor online presence
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What is Guidance Corporation?Guidance Corporation Locations, Timings, Email, Phone, Services

The Guidance Corporation which deals with precious metals is a family-owned full-service hard assets firm located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. They have been in business for over 35 years and are a licensed bullion dealer in Minnesota, the only state in the country that requires coin dealers to be licensed.

Guidance Corporation is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service and the lowest possible prices. They have a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about precious metals and can help you find the right products and services for your needs.

  • Address: 2709 Crestwood Cir # 1500 Minnetonka, MN 55305-2758
  • Phone: 1-800-526-7765
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday: 9 A.M-5 P.M CST

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People Behind Guidance Corporation: CEO, Owner, Co-Founders & MoreWho owns Guidance Corporation? What is the management team behind Guidance Corporation?

Josh Diker (Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner) at Guidance Corporation:

Josh Diker holds the distinguished position of Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner at Guidance Corporation. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he plays a pivotal role in steering the company toward success and growth. In his capacity as COO, Josh is responsible for overseeing and optimizing the day-to-day operations of the organization. His leadership ensures that business processes are streamlined, efficient, and aligned with the company’s strategic goals.

Transparency is Important

All gold IRA companies are NOT the same. We’ve done the hardwork for you and found the most transparent gold IRA company with the highest rating by customers.

As a Managing Partner, Josh assumes a strategic role in shaping the company’s direction. He collaborates closely with fellow partners and executives to set a clear vision and chart the course for the company’s development. By leveraging his keen business acumen, he contributes to critical decision-making processes, helps identify new business opportunities, and devises strategies to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Josh’s dedication to putting customers at the forefront of Guidance Corporation’s operations is evident in the company’s success. His emphasis on exceptional customer experiences has not only solidified the company’s reputation but has also garnered customer loyalty and trust. By fostering a culture of customer-centricity, he exemplifies the values that underpin the business model.

Beyond his roles within the organization, Josh is a visionary leader who drives innovation and continuous improvement. He remains attuned to industry trends and emerging technologies, ensuring that Guidance Corporation remains adaptive and relevant. His commitment to excellence extends to cultivating a cohesive and motivated team, nurturing talent, and fostering a collaborative work environment.

Josh Diker’s multifaceted role as Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner at Guidance Corporation showcases his strategic prowess, operational acumen, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Under his leadership, the company thrives and continues to make significant strides in the business landscape.

Other Staff Members:

The website does not provide any information about the people who own and manage the company. This is a significant omission, as it leaves visitors with no way to learn about the leadership team that is responsible for the company’s operations and strategic direction.

Without this information, visitors are unable to understand the company’s decision-making process or its overarching vision.

Guidance Corporation Products: Bullion Coins, Bars, And Rare CoinsAll products offered by Guidance Corporation

Guidance Corporation is a comprehensive dealer specializing in a wide range of precious metal products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Their collection encompasses a variety of options, allowing customers to tailor their investments to their preferences and objectives.

Product Range and Options:

The company provides an array of choices within its product categories. Customers have the flexibility to purchase individual rounds, bars, and coins, or opt for larger collections like Monster Box sets. Whether buyers are interested in fractional sizes or larger quantities, Guidance Corporation offers a solution to match their needs.

Best Selling Products:

Guidance Corporation highlights its top-performing products, including popular choices like the 2023 American 1oz Silver Eagles, Silver American Eagle Rolls of 20 Coins, 2021 500-Coin Silver Eagle Monster Box-Type 1, 2023 1oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf .9999, 2023 1oz Gold American Eagle Coins, Silver Britannia Sealed Monster Box, Silver Austrian Philharmonic Monster Box – Mint Sealed, among others. These products exemplify their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Gold Bullion Selection:

The company offers a wide selection of gold bullion products from sovereign mints, encompassing options such as Gold American Eagles, American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, South African Krugerrand, Chinese Panda, and Australian Kangaroo. Gold bars, with a minimum purity of .999, come in various sizes from 1 gram to 5 kilograms, appealing to different investment preferences.

image 478

Silver Bullion Diversity:

Silver, a more affordable precious metal option, is available in a multitude of forms through Guidance Corporation. Customers can explore choices ranging from Monster Boxes and the United States Mint Silver to products from the Mexican Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, South African Mint, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, Chinese Mint, and more. The company emphasizes the liquidity and accessibility of silver, making it an attractive choice for both newcomers and experienced investors.

Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium Options:

Guidance Corporation caters to self-directed IRAs with a selection of platinum and palladium products. These offerings include American Platinum Eagle, Austrian Platinum Philharmonic, Royal Mint Platinum, Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf, Perth Mint Platinum, and various platinum bars. The same applies to palladium products, with choices like United States Mint Palladium American Eagles, Russian Mint Palladium Ballerina, Palladium Maple Leaf, Palladium Chinese Products, and Palladium Bars.

World Gold Bullion Selection:

Guidance Corporation showcases a diverse assortment of gold products from around the world, catering to collectors seeking unique pieces. Among the range are Austrian Gold, Belgian Gold, British Gold, Dutch Gold, Finnish Gold, French Gold, German Gold, Hungarian Gold, Italian Gold, Mexican Gold, Russian Gold, South African Gold, Swedish Gold, Swiss Gold, Tunisian Gold, and North American Gold.

Pre-1933 Gold and Coin Grade Options:

For those interested in historical value, the Pre-1933 Gold category offers items like $10 Indian, $5 Indian, $3 Princess, $20 St. Gaudens, $20 Liberty, $10 Liberty, $5 Liberty, and more. Moreover, customers can shop by coin grade, selecting from MS-61, MS-62, MS-63, MS-64, MS-65, BU, AU, XF, and VF grades.

Guidance Corporation’s extensive range, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach make it a reliable choice for individuals looking to invest in precious metals.

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How to Invest in Guidance Corporation IRA?Step-by-step guide for investing in Guidance Corporation IRA

To invest in a precious metals IRA through Guidance Corporation are the general steps:

  1. Open a Self-Directed IRA: Select an IRA company that handles opening precious metals IRA accounts and fill out an application. You can work with Guidance Corporation to recommend an IRA company and provide the necessary paperwork. However, I don’t recommend doing so.
  2. Fund Your IRA: Once you have selected an IRA company, you can move your funds into your new IRA account. You can work with the IRA company representative to transfer or rollover funds into the new account.
  3. Select a Precious Metals Dealer: One of the forms you need to fill out along the way is typically called a Buy Direction Letter. This is where you list the precious metals dealer you have selected, such as Guidance Corporation.
  4. Decide Which Precious Metals to Purchase: You can choose to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium for your IRA. There are some restrictions regarding fineness requirements and allowable coin types, so it’s important to get guidance from Guidance Corporation in this area.
  5. Place Your Order: Once the funds are available in your IRA account, you can call them to place your order for the desired precious metals.

However, I don’t recommend opening an IRA with Guidance Corporation. Why? Because there are plenty of better options available for you.

Opening a precious metals IRA is a major decision. That’s why I suggest checking out our top gold IRA providers list. There, you can find the best precious metals dealer in your state and choose accordingly.

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Also, the list will help you understand what the industry best has to offer and what you might miss out on.

Guidance Corporation Fees and Charges: Do they overcharge?What are their fees? Do they have hidden fees?

The Guidance Corporation charges fees for debit and credit card transactions and returned checks. Contact the Guidance Corporation for fees related to opening and funding a Gold IRA.

Real-Time Precious Metal Price Insights at Guidance Corporation:

Guidance Corporation distinguishes itself by providing an insightful tool on its website: a comprehensive spot price chart detailing the current valuations of gold, platinum, silver, palladium, and rhodium. This invaluable feature offers a historical perspective on the dynamic fluctuations that have characterized the precious metals market over time.

A Window into Historical Price Fluctuations:

The spot price chart serves as a visual representation of the price trajectories that precious metals have undertaken throughout the years. This historical context is invaluable for investors seeking to understand the market’s past behavior, identify patterns, and make informed decisions about their investments. As precious metals are known for their inherent volatility, being equipped with this historical insight empowers investors to navigate the market with enhanced confidence.

A Monthly Glimpse into the Current Landscape:

While the spot price chart is an asset for assessing long-term trends, it’s essential to recognize that the displayed prices might not be the most up-to-date. The current iteration of the spot price chart might lag by almost a month. This consideration is particularly important for individuals who require the most current pricing information for making timely investment choices.

As market conditions can shift rapidly, relying solely on a month-old chart might not suffice for up-to-the-minute decision-making. To mitigate any discrepancies between the historical chart and the present market situation, it’s prudent for investors to cross-reference the data with real-time sources. One such reliable resource is the NASDAQ, which provides timely and accurate updates on precious metal prices.

The Wisdom of Current Information:

Incorporating the latest data from the NASDAQ alongside the historical insights from Guidance Corporation’s spot price chart offers a holistic approach to precious metal investment. By melding the long-term context with real-time market movements, investors can glean a more accurate picture of the current landscape. This comprehensive perspective enhances decision-making, allowing for agile responses to rapidly evolving market conditions.

While the spot price chart on Guidance Corporation’s website serves as an invaluable tool for comprehending the historical trajectory of precious metal prices, staying apprised of the latest market movements is essential. Leveraging real-time sources such as the NASDAQ alongside the spot price chart equips investors with a well-rounded perspective, enabling them to make well-informed and timely investment choices.

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Companies like Augusta charge ZERO fees for up to 10 years, allowing you to choose your gold & silver. Guidance Corporation on the other hand provides fewer options.

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Social Media Presence of Guidance Corporation:Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram

Twitter Account of Guidance Corporation:

The company has an account on Twitter. They have only 3 followers and are following no accounts. Guidance Corporation joined Twitter in August 2020.

image 470

Facebook Page of Guidance Corporation:

Guidance Corporation has 208 followers with 194 likes on its Facebook account. On Facebook, the company has no star ratings but has 2 reviews.

image 472

Guidance Corporation’s LinkedIn Page:

Guidance Corporation has a LinkedIn profile. Their company size is 2-10 employees. They have only one follower and one employee profile on LinkedIn.

image 474

Guidance Corporation Reviews and Complaints: BBB, Trustpilot, SitejabberRead all the Guidance Corporation reviews & complaints

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

On the Better Business Bureau website, Guidance Corporation has 5 stars out of 5-star ratings. The business has only 11 customer reviews. They have been in the industry for 33 years. No complaints have been filed and closed against the company.

The company’s overall performance and customer interactions have been consistently positive, leading to an A+ rating. The 5 stars could indicate that reviews were positive.

image 452

Shopper Approved:

On Shopper Approved, Guidance Corporation has 4.9 stars out of 5-star ratings based on 1,019 customer reviews. Mostly, all the reviews are positive. The customer praised their services and products.

image 453


On Trustpilot, Guidance Corporation has only one partially positive review. The company got 3.7 stars out of 5-star ratings. The customer commended has mixed views about this company. Based on this such rating they are on an Average state on Trustpilot.

image 454

Google Reviews:

On Google, Guidance Corporation has 4.7 stars out of 5-star ratings based on various customer reviews. There are only 15 customer reviews on Google, and most of them are positive. Customers praise the company’s excellent customer service, professionalism, and expertise.

image 455

Some Customer Reviews Online:

#1. According to Denny Bryce, being a first-time customer, he is exceedingly content with his purchase experience. The journey from navigating the website to engaging through emails and phone conversations unfolded seamlessly, surpassing his initial expectations. He enthusiastically states his intention to make future purchases from your company.

image 456

#2. Tinh expresses his deep admiration for Brooke’s upbeat and compassionate demeanor. He extends congratulations to both Brooke and Josh for embodying an outstanding business model that prioritizes the customer’s needs. Tinh encourages them to continue their remarkable efforts and wishes them the best. Warm regards, Tinh Manh.

image 457

#3. Paul Cervantes expresses that he faced difficulty in obtaining information regarding his acquisition of a silver leaf box with a monster design. The box arrived with loose strapping and lacked the mint imprint on it. Although the price was favorable, and shipping was swift once the item was back in stock, Paul did not receive any clarification regarding these issues.

image 461

#4. According to John, the website indicated ‘Free Delivery On Most Orders’, but it seems that ‘most orders’ are those exceeding 10,000 units. This information would have been beneficial to have upfront. Furthermore, my second order, which turned out to be my final one, took several weeks to be delivered. Regrettably, customer service offered no assistance throughout this ordeal.

image 458

#5. Don Hart states that during the phone conversation with a customer executive from Guidance Corporation, cooperation, and politeness were not fully evident; in fact, the tone was somewhat crabby. However, the overall ordering experience was positive, with all items arriving as expected.

image 462

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Is Guidance Corporation Legit? Should You Invest With Them?Is Guidance Corporation a scam or legit? Are they worth it?

No, I don’t think you should invest with them. Guidance Corporation is a precious metals company with long knowledge and expertise in this field for 30+ years. They are a family-owned business with a long history of providing excellent customer service. I believe there are plenty of better options available for you.

Before you make any final decision, I recommend checking out our top gold IRA providers.

There, you will find out what the industry’s best has to offer. Also, it will ensure you make an informed decision.


  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Decent product selection


  • Lack of transparency regarding the management
  • Risk of hidden fees and charges
  • Poor online presence

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