McAlvany ICA Reviews – Worth Your Money? (Updated 2023)

McAlvany ICA
McAlvany ICA
McAlvany ICA is a precious metals dealer based in Durango, Colorado. The company has been in business for over 50 years and offers gold, silver and platinum products to consumers. Their collection has both IRA-eligible and numismatic products. However, they don’t share any pricing details on their website and haven’t received any positive reviews online.
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What is McAlvany ICA?

McAlvany ICA is a bullion dealer based in Durango, Colorado. The company has been in business since 1972. They offer customers both IRA-eligible and non-IRA products of various precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. 

Their office is located at 166 Turner Dr, Durango, CO 81303-7975. Additionally, their contact number is 800-525-9556.

mcalvany ica

The bullion dealer focuses heavily on providing customers with information and guidance on precious metals investing. They have multiple free guides available on their website for beginners. 

The following McAlvany ICA review will give you a detailed overview of their products, cost, services and more:

People Behind McAlvany ICA:

The founder of McAlvany ICA is Don S. McAlvany. He founded the precious metals firm in 1972. He is one of the founders of the INdustry Council for Tangible Assets and has extensive background in undercover intelligence work.

Don is the editor of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, a financial and geopolitical intelligence newsletter. 

The CEO of this bullion dealership is Don’s son, David McAlvany. He is a featured speaker on several prominent news channels including Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox News. 

McAlvany ICA is surely a family-run enterprise. 

Can You Open a Precious Metals IRA with McAlvany ICA?

Yes, it is possible to open a precious metals IRA with this bullion dealer. Although they don’t share any information on their custodian and storage provider, they have a dedicated page for customers who are interested in opening a gold IRA.

mcalvany ica ira

According to McAlvany ICA, you would need to contact them first, then their advisor will help you open a self-directed IRA which you can rollover funds to. Afterwards, you can begin adding precious metals to it from their collection. 

However, the lack of transparency regarding the custodian and storage can be a huge red flag for many investors. Your custodian and storage provider determine how much fees you would have to pay. 

McAlvany ICA Products:

Here, you will find a decent collection of gold, silver and platinum products. Although the selection is quite limited, it offers both IRA approved and non-IRA products to consumers. 

However, a big red flag in their product selection is the severe lack of pricing details. To learn about the prices of any of their precious metals, you would need to get in touch with the company directly. 

This makes price comparison quite difficult and can deter many investors. 

Gold Products:

In the gold collection of McAlvany ICA, you will find the following IRA-eligible coins:

  • American Gold Eagle
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
mcalvany ica gold

Similarly, you will find find many numismatic (non-IRA) coins in this selection: 

  • Netherlands 10 Guilders
  • British Sovereigns
  • $20 Liberty
gold numismatic coins
Gold Krugerrand

They also offer 1 oz and 1 kg gold bars to consumers. 

mcalvany ica gold

Silver Products:

Their selection of silver products is much smaller than their gold collection. Here, you will find the following IRA-eligible silver coins:

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
mcalvany ica silver

Similarly, they have the following numismatic coins available in silver:

  • Silver Peace Dollars
  • Silver Rounds
  • Junk Silver
mcalvany ica silver

They offer silver bars of various sizes including 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz and 1000 oz. 

silver bars

Platinum Products:

Their product catalog only features 1 oz Platinum bars. Unfortunately, there aren’t any platinum coins available in this selection. 

mcalvany ica platinum

Also, it might disappoint many investors to see that McAlvany ICA doesn’t offer any palladium products even though it has become an increasingly popular investment. 

McAlvany ICA Fees and Cost:

There is no information available on their website regarding McAlvany ICA fees. Hence, it’s difficult to determine their charges. 

Furthermore, the company doesn’t share any information about its custodian and storage, so there’s no way to estimate their IRA costs. 

The lack of transparency makes it challenging to figure out how much it would cost to use their services. 

Additional Highlights of McAlvany ICA:

There are plenty of qualities which make this bullion dealer stand out from its competition. Here’s a brief overview of them:

Free Guides and Resources:

At McAlvany ICA, the company has put in a lot of effort into facilitating client education. The owners publish new content regularly on the website’s blog to keep the visitors updated on latest events and their impact on precious metals.

Furthermore, there are plenty of free guides which cover the basics of precious metals investing. If you’re new to investing, these resources can be of great help.

Some of these guides are:

  • How to Double Your Ounces
  • How Many Ounces Do You Need to Retire
  • McAlvany 9 Keys to Smart Investing

McAlvany Weekly Commentary:

mcalvany weekly commentary

Apart from the free guides and resources, the owners of McAlvany ICA also run the McAlvany Weekly Commentary podcast. 

There, they cover the latest monetary, economic and geopolitical news and events. 

David McAlvany runs this podcast it covers many topics, some of the recent ones include:

  • Buy the Dip? Not So Fast
  • Xi Whiz – China’s Getting Scary
  • Central Banks Purchase Record 400 Tons of Gold

McAlvany ICA Reviews and Complaints:

Even though the company has been in business for over 40 years, there aren’t many McAlvany ICA reviews available online. 

The company doesn’t have profiles on most consumer platforms as well. 

They only have a profile on BBB as International Collectors Associates LLC. There, they have an A+ rating on the platform but no reviews. 

mcalvany ica reviews

However, there was one complaint which the company had responded to. 

Apart from that, there aren’t any reviews available on the company online. 

Is McAlvany ICA Legit?


  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Offer platinum products


  • No pricing details available on the website
  • No positive reviews available online
  • No palladium products
  • Limited product selection

Yes, McAlvany ICA is a legitimate bullion dealer with 50 years of industry experience. They offer customers gold, silver and platinum products. 

It’s a family-run enterprise and the owners publish weekly content for consumers to keep them updated on the latest events. 

They have many free guides available on their website for beginners as well. 

However, the company doesn’t maintain any transparency when it comes to pricing. Their product is quite limited and there aren’t any reviews on them available online. 

These issues can be problematic for many investors and are one of the main reasons why I find it difficult to recommend them as a suitable bullion dealer. 

Finding the suitable precious metals IRA provider is vital. Their charges, fee structure and product selection, all play a huge role in determining your returns. That’s why I recommend checking out multiple bullion dealers before selecting one. 

You can learn about the best gold IRA providers on our website. 

On the other hand, if you have dealt with this company before, feel free to share your experience below!